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    Army China Spy Arrest = Dangle!
    Distract from FBI-CCP Cover-up!
    Will Gascon FBI Yu?
    Musk X vs China!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Personally, I trust no mortal in matters of religion and politics! All men are natural born liars. It’s just in us, that’s all and it is self evident.

      Sometimes righteous men (& wo-men) make mistakes because of faulty facts. For this reason it is good to always test the facts and the spirits and not follow a party spirit that overrides truth for party objectives.

      Like not everything that glitters is gold, so too not everything that sounds like truth, is true.

      People have track records – check them, keeping in mind our common humanity. Not all treachery is intentional, and some do learn from their mistakes and the mistakes of others, but unless that reformation is apparent, they haven’t learned and will repeat past errors.

      Lastly and most importantly test your own beliefs against reliable, time worn empirical evidences. Traditions and our understanding of them are often mistaken.

      When reality and traditions are in conflict, its time to pause and re-evaluate. In my own experience I refer to the “Sermon on the Mount” as a timeless guide. Not to boast that I follow that Way perfectly, I don’t, but it is a worthy objective and measuring rod.

      • been there, done that,
        they were going to dimp me in the N Atlantic to sleep w the sharks, but instead
        I refused to board their little white unmarked DC3 in full view of 2 dozen
        military witnesses.

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