This woman who owns chickens says that she believes the reason why the price of eggs has become so high is because hens all over the nation have stopped laying.

In all of her chicken groups on social media, they’re all reporting this problem. Some people who’ve had chickens for 50 years have never seen anything like this, where not a single egg is laid for months.

This woman discovered that one of her hens who’s an exceptional escape artist who always manages to escape the coop started laying again and then she also noticed that her chickens stopped touching the feed she was giving them.

She saw that those hen who were able to range freely and eat insects from the yard started laying eggs again.

So, she’s pretty sure that the feed is the problem and if you stop feeding them this feed, they’ll starting producing eggs again.

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  • In winter months when nothing is done the chicken usually dont lay eggs.
    It is known that giving vitamin C in their feed can make things much better.
    Ten years ago the man who delivered to us organic eggs told me his hens laid less and less and I told him to just give them vitamin C first.
    But he said “if I give them anything that is not in the list of authorized food, I risk to loose my organic certification and my living altogether”…

    I could not believe vitamin C could be prohibited, so he gave me the documents for me to check. There I discovered how the range of authorized food is so restricted that you realize the very people who write the guidelines for organic hens/eggs are the same who are making the hens deliberately and definitely deficient. I would add suicidal… or eager to escape at all cost.

    • Wow.

      Well, they did it again during COVID, taking doctors’ licenses away for recommending Vitamin D, zinc and glutathione.

  • Thanks Alexandra! I definitely wonder if it is something in the commercial chicken feed making the chickens not ‘reproduce’ or create eggs. Someone needs to do a DIY mice reproductive study experimentation with using chicken feed. Could the same food based sterilisation be ubiquitous in our food supply & feed? Could the effects be bio accumulative? We know that the population & birth control has been the grail of population ‘science’. Its funny when people call imperial observation conspiracy theory.

  • Aren’t they just lovely animals?
    This person could be either telling truth or lie, we won’t know for sure, especially when it’s posted on Chinese spy platform Tiktok.
    Chickens can survive on food scraps from humans and additional insects from outside.


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