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    The Western diet is the #1 killer of Western people. Two thirds of the population of Developed countries is overweight or obese, leading to heart disease, the leading cause of death. We are eating ourselves into an early grave.

    This deadly environment is fertile ground for fad diets. We’ve been hearing a lot lately about the Keto Diet and the Paleo Diet, both of which eschew refined carbohydrates – but that’s pretty much where their good ideas end, from a health perspective, according to biochemist, Dr. Nick Delgado, who joins me in this podcast to dispel the nonsense coming from the current onslaught of fad diets.

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    Bulletproof Diet: May as Well Shoot Yourself in the Heart

    Dr. Nick says nobody waved a magic wand and made chugging coconut oil good for you, as Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof Diet would have you believe. “People are getting it wrong. These oils are toxic. They actually deplete the body’s Essential Fatty Acids. It’s been proven in the literature!” Dr. Nick laughs at the whole idea of Extra ‘Virgin’ Olive Oil, “As if that’s somehow better.”

    Keto & Paleo: Delusional Fad Diets

    While the Keto Diet has been found to help control extreme cases of pediatric epilepsy, it is not a diet adults want to pursue longterm, as it contributes to the ectopic deposition of visceral fat around the organs, leading to disease – and while the Paleo Diet may be preferable to the Western diet, there is evidence that it may lead to inadequate calcium intake, due to its avoidance of legumes and whole grains.

    As for the meat part of the Paleo Diet, the modern-day supply of meat and fish is laden with cancer-causing toxins that are best avoided. Besides, cavemen were lucky to make it into their 30s. What’s to emulate about that? Seriously, the digestive abilities of anatomically-modern humans are different from those of Paleolithic humans – which undermines the Paleo Diet’s core premise.

    As for claims that the Ketogenic Diet helps Alzheimer’s patients,
    Dr. Nick reiterates that the #1 cause of Alzheimer’s is cholesterol-clogged blood vessels in the brain – due to a Western diet high in animal fats, such as the Keto Diet. He goes so far to call Robert Atkins, creator of the eponymous low-carb Atkins Diet “an idiot!”

    Nutritional Health Is Not Rocket Science, Folks

    It’s called the Pritikin Diet. It’s been around for over 30 years. It’s the “rabbit food” that you were always told to eat to be healthy and to maintain optimal bodyweight – until these latter-day fad diets came along to lead you astray by preying upon your food addictions.

    A Word About the Addiction Crisis

    There is mental health component to our heart disease-inducing obesity crisis. A vicious cycle of emotional eating, followed by dopamine reward can lead to obesity, depression and a full-blown dopamine-driven food addiction that is completely unconscious.

    The brain’s dopamine reward system is the same neurochemical cycle involved in all addictions, be they to food, sex, gambling, shopping, drugs, cellphones, etc. The more pleasure you seek, the more unhappy you get, due the oppositional neurochemistry of pleasure (dopamine) vs. happiness (serotonin).

    Ideally, we want to look for ways to boost and sustain serotonin production, or a diet low in fructose (which depletes serotonin), high in L-tryptophan (a serotonin precursor abundantly available in seeds, nuts and legumes) and high in omega-3 to support serotonin transmission.

    Troubleshooting the Pitfalls of the Pritikin Diet

    The problem with the Pritikin Diet, is that it can seem boring and leave you hungry at first, before your dopamine receptors have been re-calibrated. A great way to create satiety with unprocessed whole foods is to eat plenty of those rich in Essential Fatty Acids, like avocados, coconuts, seeds and nuts.

    A healthy balance of omega-3, -6 and -9, would come in a bowl of flax seed, chia, walnuts, almonds, cashew and Brazil nuts soaked in water overnight, drained and mixed with some blueberries the morning. Endless studies show that these foods lower blood pressure, fight Alzheimer’s and provide the Essential Fatty Acids that the brain so desperately needs.

    Ten daily servings of fruits and vegetables, prepared without added oil. “The higher the fiber, the higher the starch-resistant carbs, the less the insulin resistance, diabetes, cancer and heart disease,” says Dr. Nick.

    You Don’t Have to Be a Food Nazi!

    The Pritikin Diet may seem challenging, at first. And, really, how many people out there are prepared to be total diet Nazis like Dr. Nick, with all of those French fries and quesdillas out there? Well, if your care about your loved ones…just go very easy on that stuff! You don’t want to leave them widowed and orphaned…trust me on this.

    The point is, we want to incorporate as much of these Pritikin principles in our diet as possible and to avoid as much of the bad stuff as possible.

    There is Help!

    To help ensure we get more of the organic foods that detoxify and stimulate health without the hassle, Dr. Nick has created easy-to-use whole food supplements, like:

    Slim Blend Pro, an all-natural organic superfood powder and meal replacement with cleansing fiber and nutrition you can use on a regular basis to feel vital. Offering protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, probiotics, greens, fruits and algae, made with vegan, non-GMO, whole raw food ingredients, it supports healthy pH balance and healthy nitric oxide production.

    Beet Vitality, Delicious organic beetroot & amino acid powder and nitric oxide booster for explosive energy, improved athletic performance, heart health, & youthful appearance.

    Beet Vitality is one of the best delivery systems for nitric oxide ever devised. Nitric oxide was named “Molecule of the Year” in 1992 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, due to its importance in neuroscience, physiology and immunology and Louis Ignarro won a Nobel Prize in 1998 for demonstrating the cell signaling properties of nitric oxide.

    Dr. Nick has a wide range of nuritional whole food supplements tailored to your specific needs, which detoxify your body from pollutants, like the xenoestrogens that you absorb from your foods and the environment. These are the highest-quality, most effective products of their type on the market today. You can learn more by listening to our talk at the link below.

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    • Can I please tell you how to fix this? Adele Davis in her book “Let’s Get Well” covered it well. Dr Rinse of the “Rinse breakfast” did also. Heart and artery deposits are due to a magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and Lecithin deficiency. Friends of mine had their carotid surgery cancelled due to the blockages being severely reduced, their “arcus senilus” being eliminated, their Druzes under their retinas eliminated. We had to practically choke them to get them to try it, and their doctors didn’t believe the ultrasounds, and went to running fiber optics up their arteries before they accepted the fact, but not what accomplished it. I am sick of this going on and on.

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