Canadian YouTuber Black Pigeon Speaks (BPS) has made a simple and arresting piece about the crises besetting the European Continent; demographic, banking, currency, migrant, institutional and social that indicate an imminent collapse of the European Union.

The median age in most EU countries is well over 40 and birthrates are below replacement levels. This demographic crisis is ostensibly what drove Angela Merkel in 2015 to invite millions of migrants from Africa and Asia to come to Germany.

Now, with unemployment in the 19-nation Eurozone at nearly 10% and at over 20% in countries such as Greece, it’s becoming clear that the influx of unskilled, illiterate people is only compounding Europe’s myriad problems. Even Merkel has now warned that the migrant crisis could destroy the EU.

BPS argues that the Euro currency “Would never be able to work without monetary union that is also complemented by fiscal union and the mutualization of debt. Without this, the Euro is simply doomed.”

He adds, “Nations don’t even need to withdraw, as the UK is currently attempting – but still might fail to do – as member nations can simply ignore the diktats emanating out of Brussels as several nations, including Austria, Italy, Poland and Hungary have already done…

“The real question is not when will the European Union in its current form collapse but when will the people realize that, for all intents and purposes, it already has?”

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  • As long as the commoner keeps taking in hook line and sinker what the 1% foist upon them the pillaging and murdering of the weak will continue.
    Sadly the commoner only wants to wake up a very little bit when they have too as the same suffering is going to knock on their own doorstep.
    The commoner worldwide rather goes about it’s business without thinking deeply about anything let alone a next door neighbor or not so next door neighbor.
    The 1% don’t care, they like pillaging and murdering the 99%, the question is will the commoner wake up to this fact and unite to do something about it?
    Personally, I doubt it and took precautions. I don’t have any kids and belong to the old but not yet infirm group.
    For all it’s technological might this age is worse then the so called middle ages.

  • Just so we’re all clear here.

    1) First, “we” decide that the world’s population is growing way too fast so we stop having big families.
    2) Next, western women insist on working for a living and we go from the 1 income earner model to two.
    3) We go through a sexual revolution whose end goals are women’s equality, gender neutrality, sex with anyone as long as nobody gets hurt and its by consent, and really its about no rules.
    4) Increasingly, women are held back at work due to pregnancy issues so women start having even fewer kids.
    5) Worldwide abortion, forced or coerced becomes a predominant model, even in India and China.
    6) Depopulation seems to take a turn and vaccines somehow become killers and diseases increasingly get created in the same labs as vaccine.
    7) GMO diseases like Ebola come out of “nowhere” but seem to strike with a demographic slant. Same with AIDS.
    8) After all of this, the UN still cannot measurably lower population growth, so they publish Agenda 21, whose goals are stronger drives to depopulate through warfare, nuclear “accidents” like Fukishima (HAARP), false flags, and possibly EMP strikes.
    9) And the EU wants to know why their demographic has shrunk and they issue open borders to a population that is demographically, religiously and ideologically vastly different from their heritage.

    Where do I send my empathy donation?

  • There is and old saying quote: “What GOES around, COMES around” …Europeans have a HIS-Story of invading Nations all around the world throughout time.
    They STOLE their resources…Tried to destroy their cultures…STILL trying to Change THEIR-Stories…FORCED Their cultures upon them via so-called “Christian” RELIGION.
    Now they are trying to BLAME everything Going on BAD, ON the very People THEY have exploited…When the only thing MOST of those people are doing is trying get AWAY from the VIOLENCE and problems created BY THEM…in THEIR own countries.
    Just LOOK at America (European version)…They came here and STOLE Everything from the “Native” (REAL Americans!)…Brought SLAVES here from Africa to get FREE Labor…LIED about EVERYTHING to their citizens and Natives…and they want to make all this “GREAT AGAIN”?!?
    If I came to ANYBODY’S Home and tried to “Invade” it…WHAT would the European version Fake American’s DO about it???
    If anyone tried to ROB one ot Their BANKS…WHAT would happen to Them??? Yet THEY rob EVERYONE…EVERYDAY using their FAKE currencies.
    Now ALL the CRAP they have created is “Catching-Up” with THEM…and they are trying to fix the blame on the “Migrants” THEY CREATED?!?
    GET REAL!!!


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