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Dr Steven Greer joins his friend, Carol Rosin on their new radio show, which has been launched to promote Greer’s new full-court-press disclosure-juggernaut: A new movie, a companion “NY Times Bestselling” book and a totally mind-flipping concert/event, revealing an unearthly zero point energy device, all set to take place in 2017. He needs our help.

Greer’s first film, ‘Sirius’, released in 2013 and directed by Armadeep Kaleka was the bestselling Video-on-Demand (VOD) on the now-defunct – and of which I was informed that I was the individual who single-handedly sold more downloads any other person, generating over $200k gross receipts for these guys, before they moved it over to Netflix and it became the #1 download there.                                    

Greer now has plans to “bring it” in 2017 – but he has dire warnings regarding a incoming blast of UFO disinformation coming in, from the likes of Hillary Clinton, who has recently busted a move to get the “UFO believer” vote, with her promises to publicly release all of the UFO information that doesn’t compromise “National Security” (which is the whole reason why this stuff has been lied about from beginning – so what could this mean, coming from the most hawkish Presidential candidate in recent memory?)

Greer also warns of some American-Style Hitler Youth crud going on, of late, having to with this washed-up popstar from the ’90s trying to make a comeback, in the most insidious and prostitutional way.

This would be Tom DeLonge, front man of a 1990s band called Blink 182. He claims that he has some 10 tutors from the Pentagon informing him about the UFO phenomenon.

In this clip, Dr Steven Greer is audibly upset at the antics of a former acolyte of his and he goes onto lambast DeLonge, who “wittingly or unwittingly” is spouting disinfo about how “…the aliens caused all the problems on the Earth”:

Greer is clear that DeLonge is: “a mouthpiece of the Pentagon, providing this absolutely false disinformation to the young people, to try to get them afraid of ETs and to get [young people to] support [the Pentagon], as recruits in this next war…

“It was horrifying for me to see Tom DeLonge go off in that direction.

“We need to have disclosures that are about the truth and do not add kerosene to the fire. This is not going to be done with the entrenched interests of Washington or Moscow or anywhere else. I’m skeptical that this is going to happen except by a movement of the people.”

Then Greer talks about having made a deal with a motion picture distributor who will “really push their film out in a major way; “This is going to be a thousand times bigger [Than his first film, ‘Sirius’. Then, we’re planning to have a book, which will be a NY Times Bestseller, we hope…that will be kicked off with this global celebration and concert event and that point, I hope we can actually present an actual alien or operational zero point energy device.”

Greer has big plans and many choice words, reserved for some entities here, of which I’ve resumed just a sliver…

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  • Thanks, you have emboldened me to speak out also (on my public Facebook page where misunderstanding family reads) even though the folks that might read it will just have their suspicions reinforced, that I am a kook.

  • Hi Roger…
    55 years is a long time to follow…sounds about right. But we all know that deep down you do know…keep following and let Dr Greer do the leading…

  • I’m kinda hoping disclosure will wait until we get Swinggen swings installed around the world.
    Too many people sitting on ass all day long and dont have much fun.
    Riding a big swing can generate enough power for a whole community (100Kw).
    If we all get alien zeropoint power tech before we get Swinggens, everyone will possibly remain couch potatoes for ever until we become big fat blobs like on the movie WALL-E

    Swinggen tech has been open source for several years now.

  • I’m aware of Steven’s past lives and have discussed it briefly with him. Steven is immensely conceited and enclosed in his own bubble. In is talk he doesn’t even understand ISIS, which is run by Israeli Intelligence and with whom John McCain has met. Anything I say here can be easily searched on line. Our taxes fund ISIS. Steven mentions banksters, without understanding the history of Rothschilds. Steven’s most amazing blind spot is his ecologic illiteracy. If 7.4 billion people lived with high consumption, life on earth would be stripped. But there won’t be so many billions soon. He doesn’t understand the depopulation programs already in place, that smart phone wireless will shorten lifespans, that glyphosate in all our food now will kill millions. He doesn’t understand that population is being systematically reduced right now. I doubt the reader has checked the safety warning on her or his smart phone. They are designed to slowly kill you.

    Above all, Steven’s conceit is that HE will save day with a big rock concert where a device that doesn’t yet exist, will be put on display for a billion people. And what will “WE the people” organized by Steven Greer demand? They will demand a free lunch. He doesn’t understand the celebrities he mentions are owned. He is delusional. I knew him in last life. I respected him, but now I think he has lost it. His pie in the sky candy that people slober over is “prosperity for all.” Steven promises utopia. Come on!

    And what will people eat with all their free energy? Will they know how to grow food, or have a machine do it, and what will the machine be made of? Nature took a billion years to get to the balance point it had 500 years ago. For some odd reason, Steven can’t see that returning to balance and stepping away from high tech. would be humble and wise. Steven doesn’t even understand that the reason there are ET here is that they have lost their home planets and are now homeless voyeurs. They need us, we don’t need them. Earth is being used by these beings. In a former life Greer brought some tech here that was the most destructive invention in history. It was called electricity. Greer is an agent for something he himself does not understand because he is caught up in vanity. Buddha never said we are all one. Greer does not know what awakening is. To understand the globalist one world government mind of Greer, this article I just wrote will do it.

  • Just a couple of points to Morris Sons, dinosaurs came before man. To believe two of every creature and living thing would fit in an ark! Please there are 10’s of thousands. Atoms have been proven in science as have electrons. That said, I believe there is a source of life for the want of another word that doesn’t offend or alienate anyone human. Comments by Morris Sons point to Just one religion clouding the waters of truth. Truth has long been lost to us all and even Dr Steven Greer has found this to be true.
    I believe I have had Alien contact as an abductee. I would agree with Dr Steven Greer they are so far ahead of us that if they so wished they could have this planet already but they don’t! So are they benevolent only time will tell.
    Disclosure is NOT happening! Whoever is controlling is already doing it world wide, it is clear that are NOT going to change their ways. Their greed and belief they have worked for what they have. Why give it away and not have the power? They have no concept of compassion or doing the right thing. They give to charities. I’m not talking about Millionaires, I’m talking mega Billionaires. but Money is fake too. So where do we start?

    If we take it to the streets who gains control! We won’t know! If we push for disclosure will we be suppressed terminally. Disclosure of energy, Disclosure of Aliens, Climate change, (not real by the way) NON of this is going to change. … Until we disclose those that are screwing us over and expose how they have manipulated the world for so long. We will not get change until we stop this!
    So my friends I say, “That is not going to happen!” We shall have or war it will be so disruptive that none can benefit.
    It is then the Aliens will come and rescue what’s left, they will teach us and remind us of the times we were almost extinct. Then.. Once again we will start the hard road back to enlightenment. We’ve been there before..

  • Mr. Greer is telling what I have read in the books written by Dolores Cannon that she gathered from the super consciousness of everyone she hypnotized for 40 years. She say exactly the same thing. We do need a mass consciousness to come about. We do have the power. We need to unite and all be one. If the leaders are not highly spiritual looked for the welfare of humanity and the planet, we the people have to be courageous and in unity oppose the evil all together. Love is the weapon not war. The extra terrestrials are monitoring us and are very sad because we have free will and will not interfere but they want to help only. Mr. Greer has hit the nail on the head.

  • I didn’t put the correct words of GOD right. GOD said a thousand years of man is but one day to GOD. Somehow I missed this and need to proof read better.

  • It is not hard to get everyone back on track here, see the truth of the matter is that everything of the past has been hidden by the Popes because they don’t want the real truth getting to the world. Enoch, a writer before the great flood warned the world of the return of the fallen angels and how they corrupt our DNA, by mixing human DNA with animals DNA this is where the dinosaurs came from, GOD did not create any animal that is not listed. Now there is some that say Enoch is not a true profit of old, but the dead sea scrolls have proved otherwise. Enoch explained in the latter years that these fallen angels would return to earth as our savior’s and even claiming to be god the creator him self. These fallen angels are not here to help mankind but to destroy mankind and it all started before creation its self. Satan had followers in heaven and had great power and had plans to over throw GOD, but apparently satin was over powered easily and him and his angel friend was cast out of heaven because of this. What GOD wanted was all the angels of heaven to bow down to His creation MAN. Satan said that he would not do as GOD said and so on. Literature is hard to find when the Catholic Church has been destroying as much of this information as possible for thousands of years, but there is some still available to those that dig hard enough. See most people of the world cannot get their little brains around having a Creator but they can believe that Atoms and Electrons exist. How absurd. There is a Creator and He is light not in a physical form like we would think but humans cannot think beyond what they cannot explain. Yes these UFO’s are real this is how advanced GODS Kingdom was when these fallen angels were forced to leave the tenth level of Heaven, we live in the first and second heaven now and for us to try and understand where the tenth heaven may be is more than our little brains. can handle. Now think how much more advanced GODS traveling machines may be in our present day, remember that GOD said that a thousand years of man’s day’s are like a thousand years of GODS days, this should put things a little more in perspective, somewhat. From my childhood to now I have believed that when we see what everyone calls a “falling star” I believe in my mind this is not a falling star but GODS advanced ships flying at light speed from one place to another. My explanation is when I was a teenager I was laying in a clover field at my Great-grand-fathers farm in Southern Indiana when a falling star swished across the night sky and I had noticed something that nobody else had seen that night at looking at this so called star and it was how it lit up the blackness behind it. I thought to myself how can that be. In my mind I see a black painted board with silver specks all over it to simulate stars and to pass a light source across the board would do the same thing and that is what I witnessed that night laying there looking up at this falling star moving extremely fast across the milky way region of the night sky. Yes, for some GOD is hard to understand but for me it is not hard to see His great works that was not done by hand but by simply saying let it be so, and it appears right in front of you. (if you were there of course)
    These UFO’s are not our friends and the governments of this world know this but they are keeping things quite because this is what they have been told to do by people with powers beyond what we understand and it is not by GOD the creator. Remember the reason GOD caused the great flood was because that these fallen angels had corrupted all that GOD had created and He was sorry that He had created man to start with. GOD said He would destroy it all, but he found favor in Noah which had not been corrupted. He instructed Noah to build a boat/Ark and GOD supplied the special trees that were needed to build this Ark. There was a forest of these trees and there was no other trees like it in the world except those for the Ark. Well, anyway Noah’s sons were corrupt and when Noah died they began to do as they had before the great flood. (There’s More) The End for now.

  • Let US Not forget that ONE of the reasons for WHAT happened on 9/11/2001 was to STOP the “Disclosure Project” from exposing THIS Truth to ALL Mankind….and as usual you have people (Jesuits) who always infiltrate ANYTHING that threatens to expose this (As some comments reflected HERE), that are “Negative” about the subject.
    People like THAT are still living in “The Illusion” of 3D world WE are “Passing Through”, and NEED to re-awaken to WHO-WE-ARE!

  • Roger, I have to disagree with you, as well. This 4-hr talk, alone, which Greer gave in London last September has a number of gob-smacking revelations about what the governments of the world know and the lengths to which they go, to manipulate and keep a lid on this information: You can also see dozens of testimonies from military, intelligence, their contractors and high-level scientists on Greer’s YouTube channel:

  • Mr. Watson, you need to do a little research about what you claim, Dr. Greer has put his life in jeopardy to get this truth out where people without *a need to know* can see how “we have been lied to” and abused with fear factors like “911” where the media was used to lie to the world, just to start a series of wars to keep supporting the military industrial complex, witch is our biggest problem, one of their ideas is to lessen the world of people. And if you don’t think I’m right about that, “you” have a problem seeing with your mind, not your eyes. For it’s all a well planed out fear thing, keep the people scared and you can get them to follow you off the end of the Earth, and so far it’s working.

  • Dr Greer has done plenty to get information out about the corruption in government, and secrecy in the UFO movement, Mr Watson. Your comment is totally false. He has not made a ton of money! he has spent alot of his own money, sacrifices his time, health and even friends to get the Truth out! Its people like you that have done nothing- 0 to help the situation. Thank you Dr Greer and Forbiddenknowledge Tv for all you do. I only wish I was rich so i could contribute as much as possible to Dr Greers efforts. I would love to be able to go to one of his lectures or retreats. Keep up the great work much love Jodi a real truth seeker and believer

  • I have been following the UFO information for over 55 years now. Sad to say, this body of knowledge has not progressed one inch. There is no objective data today and there never has been. And there probably never will be anything more than just stories. I am truly disappointed …
    So far Greer has accomplished nothing … zero. He has made a lot of money though, that is for sure.

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