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Dr Simone Gold joined Brannon Howse to tell everyone what’s going on with Joey Gilbert and his defamatory statements about her and his attempted hostile takeover of the organization which she founded.

She asks those who appreciate her work to take action and to

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I love you Dr Simone Gold! I will forever defend you and trust you. You are often on my heart and in my prayers.

  • I’d say Front Line Doctors was set up to weed out the Docs who are against the medical tyrants so they know who they are. The medical mafia is as evil as it gets

  • Alexandra –

    Another angle on this brawl…

    Have a look here for an AZ judge’s recent (01/27/2023) findings that Gold’s status is as “a consultant” to AFLDS as of Feb. 2022… also review some of Senum’s backstory on AFLDS
    being run from Israel.

    Judge Rules, Dr. Simone Gold is Not AFLDS President or ChairWatch now (3 min) | AZ judge sets the record straight, Gold AFLDS hired consultant….. court findings, below.
    JAN 30
    Some Backstory here:

    America’s Frontline Doctors: All Roads Point to IsraelBig Money, hidden agendas, obfuscation, and the many disconcerting ties to AFLDS’ Dr. Simone Gold
    DEC 3, 2022

    AFLDS Frontline News Incriminates Itself Through its Own Bait & Deception

    Baiting, misinformation, and deception, the apparent modus operandi of the Israeli Frontline News Team
    Jan 3

    Charisma, donations, and questionable finances.

    Not sure if there are any clean hands involved.

      • Reinette serms like a very direct, straight shooter. I found her substack back in December.

        Some of the wrangling over “control” of AFLDS seems tied to Gold’s entanglement in the JAN6th events, and her fears they
        woukd seek to somehow get at AFLDS funds thru litigation. So she resigns to protect the org, clears some legal hurdles,and then descends into arguments with Gilbert and the board over “control” and funds.

        Dr Gold has a reputation for being charismatic with strong fundraising and orginizational skills…hence tge side-step from “founder” to “consultant”…Gilbert and the board wished to retain her expertise.

        That said, grifting is a major-league 21stC sport.

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