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    Another cheap cure for COVID-19 has been found that I feel is very important to share information about with you. It’s an inexpensive drug that has been used for decades and is now off-patent. Its generic name is Budesonide. It has also been marketed under the trade names of Pulmicort, Rhinocort, Entocort and others.

    Budesonide is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid, administered with a nebulizer, which has been used for decades by millions of asthma and COPD patients, with zero issues of toxicity.

    It is chiefly used for maintenance and prophylactic treatment of asthma and it is an important emergency medicine for patients in the advanced stages of the COVID-19 disease.

    Dr. Richard Bartlett, who’s been both in private practice and a Texas public health official for over 20 years has prescribed Budesonide to patients in acute stages of inflammatory COVID-19 with perfect results. Not one of his patients have died, even though some had extremely serious co-factors, such as multiple cancers and recent open-heart surgery.

    He later discovered that a similar corticosteroid was being administered with much success in Taiwan, Japan and Singapore, where the COVID-19 death tolls are near zero.

    He says, “In the country of Taiwan, there’s over 25 million people there, stacked on top of each other. If they did social distance, they’d be out in the ocean, floating around. There’s not enough room for them to do social distancing.

    “But guess how many people have died, to date during the whole pandemic in Taiwan? Seven. As many people as you can stack in a minivan going down Central Expressway. And so, the next time your viewers see a minivan, think, ‘Oh that’s how many people have died in a country of 25 million people!’

    “I’m gonna tell you why that’s the situation. It’s the situation, also in Japan. 121 million people in Japan. They’ve had less than a thousand people died during the whole pandemic. Singapore, only 12 people have died in the whole country during the whole pandemic…

    “That’s not possible according to what we’re being told in the mainstream media but that’s reality. Anyone can look it up. You can even look at the Johns Hopkins COVID website and you’ll see those numbers. They’re hidden in there but I’m pointing them out because the people in Texas need to hear good news. In Dallas, they need to hear good news and I have good news.”

    We don’t need a COVID-19 vaccine. This multi-billion-dollar vaccine is the most disgusting hustle we have ever been subjected to and it must stop it now!

    Please watch this interview and share it, as far and wide as possible, both to inform yourself and your friends and to resist the hideous encroachments of the Big Pharma Police State that has thrown the global economy into chaos, in their sinister bid to control us all.

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    • This had too be the most valuable information that I could ever imagine concerning the COVID Scare! It should be passed around everywhere … NOW IMnsHO

    • We dont want to move at warp speed towards a vaccine, to force it upon the people fist of all because it is not needed, secondly if it is not fully tested. No vaccine will be effective as this virus mutates too fast.

    • I will certainly keep this in a file. Truth be told, I don’t think the powers that be are looking for a cure unless it is dearly expensive, but they want to push any dodgy vaccine they can make a profit on.

    • And masking? Governors and Mayors who mandate that everyone must wear masks (or be fined) are most likely breaking the law and putting lives at risk. OSHA, a US federal agency requires a minimum of 19.5% oxygen for a safe working environment. Using an OSHA approved IBRID air-quality monitor to test oxygen levels on these so-called “medically-approved” masks sets off the alarm, revealing a sub-par level of oxygen registering a 17.4%.

    • Shared, and thank you, always.
      I also have COPD, 55 years of smoking.
      And will not wear a mask!
      I don’t like the idea of inhaling my own CO2.
      Masks are a control factor, and nothing else.
      When the virus is 0,15 microns in diameter, how can a mask with a 500 micron spaces protect me? I will not trade safety for freedom!

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