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Dr Rashid Buttar, 57, a leader in the truth movement, a licensed physician, a retired Major in the US Army who served in the 5th Special Forces group and the 101st Airborne Division died on Thursday of an apparent heart attack at his home while surrounded by his family.

His family announced that he was “in perfect health” when he died, as we can see in a podcast filmed the day before with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson.

Dr Rashid was very physically fit but last February, he spent 6 days in an Intensive Care Unit, after he had a stroke and his body retained an astounding 50 pounds of water weight.

He initially thought his illness was due to over-exposure to vaxx shedding from his patients, however, Dr Rashid’s colleague, Dr Tau Braun tweeted that while he was hospitalized, his bloodwork showed that “multiple venom sequences were present” and he said Dr Rashid believed he’d been poisoned with venom just after he did an interview on CNN in October 2021 with what amounted to a 200X dose of the Death Shot.

During the CNN interview, host Drew Griffin, who had been force-vaccinated in order to remain employed had asked Dr Rashid if he viewed him as a “time bomb”.

Dr Rashid replied that he hoped to see him in three years but a year later, Griffin was dead of a fast-acting cancer and now both men are no longer with us.

Dr Rashid founded the Advanced Medicine Conference in 2019 and was set to lead the 5th annual event in St Louis this coming weekend, along with other health freedom luminaries, including Dr Judy Mikovits, Dr Lee Merritt, Dr Bryan Ardis and others.

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  • R.I.P., Dr.


    “He initially thought his illness was due to over-exposure to vaxx shedding from his patients”
    And what, his colleague “tweeted” blah blah, OKAY that’s sounding like professional (sarcasm)
    There is nothing more than speculation here other than the fact that he actually passed away (at this moment)

    I’m concerned after many comments here, you folks are about to be triggered in similar way as 9/11

    • So…. where did he get the 200x dose of venom? Of course we would need to see the real reports on it but how amazing he died of the same thing so many other people have died from after the Jab, Myocarditis See the film of 130 world cup soccer players all dying on the field of this same Myocarditis and the were all peak of health and much younger than Dr Buttar

      As far as 911 goes …… see the movie Seven about building seven of the world trade center …never hit by a plane collapsed from fire they say engineeringly impossible! See the website and there is a link to the movie there…. If you honestly see these things and still deny it then you have my blessing to believe what you like

      • Don’t let your “belief” blind you.
        Yes, his death looks suspicious, the only problem is that it’s only a tweet.
        Has to be more detail.
        Therefore, I said “at this moment”
        This is not a religion or cult, right?
        No, I don’t “believe”, I follow valid detail and proof, because if I don’t then how am I different from scammers behind plandemic?
        Think about it.

  • RIP Dr. Battar. An Earth Angel , Shining Light into the dark.

  • The guy that interviewed him also died. Must have been in the water they were given? At least he measured the damage and didn’t mind going back to God. I am sure he tried to counteract what was happening, but that was an extreme amount given to him. He was a great doctor who helped many no one else was helping. Trump was also on CNN and they may have tried to poison him also. Someone said a double of Trump was at a rally. May those hurting others be stopped and held accountable. God bless Trump and his family. It doesn’t bother those who are trying to lower the population by 80% it seems and control the rest. The may think what they are doing is like a video game like Sim earth/Sim life as they play god.

  • Dr. Rashad Buttar is a courageous truth teller and hero and will be sorely missed by all who are walking the talk of truth and sovereignty for all mankind. His legacy mirrors that of Dr King and others who sought to reveal to the world the acts of cruelty, power and greed being led by world leaders, governments and persons with mis-guided interests of power and greed. I am so saddened today to learn of his passing. God Bless you Dr Buttar.

    • This is heartbreaking, and criminal. Investigations need to commence! They can’t just continue to waste our world and nation. This must end by any means necessary! God save our world, people and nation from these criminal demons!

  • I watched Dr Buttar’s earlier videos, excellent scientific evidence of how these damn pharma companies get way with murder. I was shocked to see that he died. There is an ongoing death count of people that had no underlying, serious medical problems but all had been vaxxed. It increases every week.

    I’m concerned for my wife who has diabetes and was told she should get the jab. She’s only had 1 jab and I’ve refused all of them.

    My heart goes out to the Buttar family and friends. And I salute Dr Buttar for his military service. He’s in the afterlife now and I hope he’s greeting the unfortunate souls who also were poisoned by the evil Pharma.

  • They are murdering people with the jab and now this sort of thing, i cannot believe they are so open about it.
    Why does no-one in control fightback, i thought murder was a crime?

  • Dr. BUTTAR, was the first to expose the scamdemic. May he rest in peace. He left this earth a better place.

  • Let’s not get too far.

    This man, while seemingly being brave, he also took part in fearmongering campaign based on “virus”.

    Could be himself or could be that he was going to speak more truthfuly about this plan/scam demic, and got assassinated.

    Nobody knows it certainly.

    • In retrospect, he WAS brave with his early exposure of the Pharma shenanigans. I disagree with your accusation that he was “fearmongering”. That’s usually reserved for those who have no evidence nor background in the subject matter.

    • I dunno man.
      You could be right or wrong.
      I’ve heard of people suspecting him and few other whistleblowers being masonic, making me question about these “accidents” being some kind of karmatic thing similarly to expiration or termination of satanic contract.
      The chance is 50/50; therefore, trust no one, trust in your common sense.

  • We lost a good one! Dr. Rashid touched MILLIONS of lives, while on this planet. And we, and the world, is better off, because of him!

  • I wonder how ‘they’ got the venom into his system? The world is a sadder and more jeopardized place now that this heroic and from the Heart man has left it.

    • In terms of your question, a congressional hearing in the 70s revealed that the murderous US regime had developed a “heart attack gun” using venoms:

      Imagine today, decades later, they probably have even much more sophisticated ways to assassinate anyone who threatens their malicious agendas and interests.

      In terms of your last sentence, it is exactly people of real integrity, like Buttar, the world has always needed but have always been very rare and have become increasingly rare because of humans’ DEvolution on an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level across the planet:

      The psychopaths-in-control have always wanted us to be silent in the face of endless injustices, adapt to their crimes, comply with their orders (crimes), and trust, vote and worship them … and almost all people have always done so dutifully in their “woke” condition. DEvolution is built in in such an equation.

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