In addition to discussing facts not addressed by the Mainstream Media about the current situation in Greece, Dr Paul Craig Roberts also describes the mechanisms by which the gold market, which has been frozen for the duration of this Greek tribulation, will finally begin to reflect the true value of bullion, as opposed to the imaginary price speculation, based on gold production.

The true value of gold is being held down and will be artificially low until it becomes crystal clear that the putative holders of gold deposits admit that they cannot deliver the bullion that is being requested of them.

On that day, the price of gold will skyrocket.

As for Greece, this is what Dr. Roberts has to say:

“The Greek government have before them the unique opportunity to prevent World War III: all the Greek government needs to do and Greek people will get behind the government is to default on the loans, resign from the EU and from NATO and accept the deal that the Russians offered them. This would begin the unraveling of NATO very quickly.

“Italy and Spain would follow, so southern Europe would desert NATO and so would Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

“NATO, of course is the mechanism that Washington uses to cause conflict with Russia so, as the EU and NATO unravel, the ability of Washington to produce this conflict disappears. Now, the reason that the situation has not been resolved [is]…because the the Greek people lacked the judgment to give the current government enough electoral support that it would be taken seriously by the Germans the EU commissioner, European Central bank and the IMF…

“…when the Greek people say. ‘We want to stay in the EU,’ they destroyed negotiating power other governments [yet,]…the Greek government understands that what is being imposed on Greece is not workable you simply cannot pay debts when austerity is driving down the economy.”

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