Former NYU professor, Michael Rectenwald, author of ‘Springtime for Snowflakes’ and ‘The Google Archipelago’ joins Steve Bannon to talk about the history of corporate socialism and about his own odyssey, from a full-blown self-described Bolshevik academic to now, a free-enterprise public intellectual.

He tells Steve, “When I came out against the social justice insanity at NYU, not only the faculty but the top administration of the university came down on me like a ton of bricks. So I recognized that I had touched a third rail …and that there was a lot of power behind what I was critiquing.

“And then, I recognized that this is the ideology of the elite – of what I call the ‘Subversive Elites’.

“So, I set off on a path to discover just what was the basis of all of this? Who are these people? What is their goal? What are their goals and how do we stop them?

“Because this is a subversive set of elites that are trying to overthrow the United States and …Western Civilization, in general.

“So, that’s basically, in a nutshell how I got from being a professor, teaching 19th century British secularism and the history of science, to studying the subversive elites.”

Steve Bannon then asks him, “Who are the subversive elites?” to which, Rectenwald responds, “They’re all Globalists. Some of them are stationed in the US; the whole Democratic Party and many Republicans, as well, as you’ve pointed out so often. But we’re looking at the World Economic Forum and all their minions, the United Nations and all of their minions.

“These are the Subversive Elites. They include people like Schwab, of course, Klaus Schwab. They include people like George Soros. But they have a deep history that goes way back to the 1930s.

“I’ll pick it up in the 1970s. You have some people like Maurice Strong, who was pushing Climate Catastrophism as early as 1972. “We’re looking at a group of people who’ve been looking to overthrow Western Civilization for 50-plus years.”

He says they want to promote reduced expectations across the board, across the planet, saying, “They want to get rid of any kind of aspiration for individual, independent wealth and to create a leveling of reduced expectations, across the globe and especially in places like the United States, where there are expectations for upward mobility and entrepreneurial production.”

It’s always exciting for me to see someone like Rectenwald peel away from the oppressive monolithic leftism of academe and to defend basic Western logic. It’s a real treat to hear a true academic with a solid grasp of history and ideology articulating what’s been going on in our culture.

Many of us are beginning to understand how fully our culture has been in the grips of a demoralization campaign, on a scale and on a granularity that truly boggles the mind.

I’ve personally been confronted with the corrosive effect of my former Leftist worldview on my life and I’m grateful that at least, I can see it now. This is why I feel this is so important for me to share about it.

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  • Look, look over there at the ‘at the World Economic Forum and all their minions, the United Nations and all of their minions.’

    Don’t look over here at the plutocrats and the M.I.C., there is nothing to see!

  • Rectenwald has concluded his study of one facet of the gem of “western culture” while Bannnon glibly identified its core, it’s backbone, namely “Judeo-Christian” values that the Green Bolsheviks are rabidly dismantling.

    Rectenwald has recognized only the last big Bolshevik putsch of about 50 years, but the project goes back much further, all the way to the French Revolution which was at its core a horrifying, blood-letting eruption of pent up resentment against church-state injustice and an attack upon the religious establishment which had been murdering dissenters on a scale that 21’st century westerners seem to have not a clue, being we are so history impoverished.

    Pope JP II recognized this egregious error and attempted to correct course with the “Second Vatican Council”, but I doubt if many recognized the moment.

    Pope Francis, the Jesuit Pope has turned the Second Vatican Council into an escape from radical exclusivism into radical “green” inclusivism! But don’t count on it to remain as such after its in place!

    The great mass of media, being trained and controlled by the “ruling elite” have no moral or financial interest in exposing this diabolical plan to again enslave the entire world in a universal one-size-fits-all green (false) Judeo-Christian belief system even more tyrannical than the one that prevailed in western societies after Charlemagne, aka the “dark ages” where dissent was dealt with the deadly force of state!

    Do not be deluded by secular thinking which imagines a separation of church and state, because all states are founded upon some empirically unprovable “belief system” or another.

    The Green Bolshevik system is clearly a pagan polytheistic system, in the ancient “mother earth” belief founded upon a natural world idolatry in which believers are transformed into enforcement missionaries! Are we so blind that we cannot see this already taking place?

    If anyone thinks history will not repeat the murderous dark ages crusades, they better rethink this matter of belief enforcement.

    Lastly, it must be understood that a true Judeo-Christian culture does not practice or condone murder, much less than any lesser transgression such as lying for instance. To practice evil doing while claiming doing justly is prima-facie evidence of hypocrisy.

    • Jon so you recommend just being sheep led to slaughter? I’ll be the hypocrite then and take out many before I go

      • Absolutely not!

        Doc, there are many things we can do, must do if we are true to what we profess. My message as a historian was meant to inform, not command.

        Before rightly commanding, people must first rightly understand the enemy they face.

        Sorry my commentary mislead you.

        • Jon, Apology accepted. I totally agree that one must first know who thy enemy is. Way too many people still don’t have a clue as to what is really going on and when one tries to explain it, it is so unfathomable they just brush it all off as “conspiracy theory”. But I try to inform as many people as I can because humanity is under attack on a global scale like it never has been before

  • In Australia we have a Constitutional prohibition on allegiance to a foreign power, Section 44.
    Some Senators were forced to resign over this Section, as they had dual nationality.
    The “full” Constitutional entry is here:

    Section 44 Disqualification
    Any person who:
    (i) is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power….shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.”

    We have a lot of politicians, community leaders and business people who are WEF Young Global Leaders school.
    What have you got? The Recall system, something you can use against Gavin Newsom?

    • Our problem, not unlike yours Gary, is the ruling elite have a rope around the necks of our judicial system and the media. What few constitutional legislators we have left have not been able to persuade enough fellow legislators to do much of anything about it.

      A glaring example is of course the system of elections which was highjacked by the corporate owners of electronic voting machines wherein votes are held and tallied in secret, and so far no amount of court action has been able or willing to pry open those closely held dark secrets. Even though it has been empirically demonstrated that electronic voting machines can easily be manipulated!

      That on its face is vote fraud without anything being looked into, because the local authorities, the state and federal secretaries of states have a fiduciary responsibility to safe guard votes! Now that they have all in one way or another become culpably guilty of defrauding voters, they circle the wagons and refuse to cooperate fully with investigators.

      The media is no help either.

      The ultimate supreme level of stupidity is to keep doing something when you know it doesn’t work!

      Yeah, well isn’t this what the ruling elite want? A Complete breakdown of the present system!

      This is what a nation living by lies gets as a result of what they believe.


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