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    Dr McCullough says that the best thing you can do for your health is to avoid vaxxines although he says that many recipients will have come out of this whole ordeal “just fine”, as long as they avoid taking any more of these shots.

    For those experiencing adverse symptoms, he says that although no treatment has been proven to clear the spike proteins, the graphene oxide, hydrogel, self-assembling nanoparticles and whatever other poisons that are contained in and triggered by the jab, he says that the most promising substance against spike proteins is an enzyme called nattokinase.

    Nattokinase is an anticoagulant enzyme that severs protein bonds, cutting through the fibrin mesh of blood clots by inactivating plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (PAI-1). In a pre-clinical trial, nattokinase was found to dissolve the spike protein.


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    • I understand that spike proteins are also in cancer cells. Could this product also inhibit, reduce, or elliminate cancer?

    • Thank you Alex, I hope that helps some people. It sounds like a long shot. How ironic it would be if the alien agenda set out to kill most of us, but ended up with a global scale health and fitness club.

    • Just listen to your grandpa, grandma’s nutrient advice and let your body do its job, and don’t pay too much attention to other craps he says, because when you go too deep into detail based on fraudulent imaginary virus, you’ll likely start to think that you need extra things.
      Why not just do some water fasting and detox based on natural things (definitely not GMO) that are already available around us and the safest?

      Speaking of cancer cure, is Chlorine dioxide or baking soda or alkalization really necessary? Or can fasting alone already cure cancer?
      I’ve heard that many people cured themselves by just doing waster fasting for several days.

      • Forgot to add few things about Natto (fermented form of soybean) is safer for consumption, so do not confuse it with Nattokinase or whatever that’s mentioned here.
        By the way, if you’re in States, it is safer to avoid consumption of Soybean products as most of soybean in USA are GMO (including protein powder, vegan meats and other things), otherwise stories such as men lactating after consumption of soybean (due to stuff similar to estrogen) is rather unproven myth (lack of controlled experiments).

    • Microscopic parasites is what causes cancer. There are many studies on the NIH website showing that anti-parasitics destroy it. Some German scientists proved it way back in the early 1900s but you know how that went. Think of all the trillions and trillions of dollars they have made off the scam and all the lives lost from it. I swear conventional medicine and big pharma is the greatest farce ever perpetrated upon humankind.


      • i really believe Sugar causes Cancer after reading for yrs about The Alkaline Diet, and comments on health from following it. Rick Simpson has also cured his Cancer and others w his CBD .

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