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There’s an unconfirmed rumor that the Trudeau Foundation owns, through both direct ownership of shares and indirect ownership through shell companies, a 40% stake of the British Columbia-based Acuitas Therapeutics.

Acuitas is the biotech firm contracting with Pfizer BioNTech and with Moderna to provide the Lipid Nanoparticle Delivery System in the death shot that encapsulates the mRNA and allows it to sneak past your innate immune system and to fool your body into manufacturing the spike proteins that give you Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (VAIDS), etc.

Trudeau’s purchase, via the Canadian government of 400 million doses of the vaxx is ten times more doses than there are Canadian people. And I believe that the plan is to buy at least another 600 million doses!

If it’s true, that Trudeau controls 40% of Acuitas shares, then the Canadian prime minister is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud Canadians, using their own tax dollars to kill them off and to enrich himself; becoming a billionaire while he genocides his own people.

One wonders if Trudeau’s “state of emergency” would limit an investigation into his financial gains from Acuitas and other pharma stocks through the Trudeau Foundation?

Dr Robert Malone, Edward Dowd and others have publicly referred to this Trudeau Foundation rumor but David Martin explains here that Acuitas isn’t even allowed to be licensing this technology.

He says Acuitas a few years ago was just one disgruntled guy being sued by his former partners at Arbutus BioPharm over a trade secret and the misappropriation of licenses – but yet, Acuitas went ahead and entered into deals with Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

David says, “There’s a whole lot of things about this that are wrong but the long and short of it is, regardless of how this soap opera plays out…the point doesn’t change: Trudeau is presiding over an illegal monopoly. He is allowing two competitors to price-fix an extortion on the world and that’s an illegal thing to do, no matter who owns what.”

This is the most jaw-dropping, truth bomb-laden David Martin interview I’ve ever seen, by Australian independent journalist, Maria Zeee.

The Canadian government is using the truckers’ protest to invoke emergency laws to seize bank accounts and cryptocurrency wallets, which is exactly the “new normal” that the vaccine passport and the Great Reset are truly all about.

He gets into what he believes is next, which is a massive electronic and communications shutdown from an EMP weapon wielded from a hypersonic drone.

There’s a lot more here, all of it very mind-blowing.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • You cannot come to the table as a rational person and expect to be able to make headway with a bully. bullies understand only one thing . You want results? Beat the shit out of then and, preferably break some bones. That’s the ONLY way to get through. Anything else is a waste of time.

  • The issue is that regardless of how much evidence you collect nothing will happen to any of these people because they’re all protected by the Globalist Crime Syndicate.

  • what great human beings, marvelous information, let’s all get out there and sue these domestic terrorists holding political offices.


  • BTW
    If you follow , Dr Martin closely, you know he has good reason…(documents) to prove Trump is on the big pharma team.
    The good dt is a BIG part of trial testimony on the Reiner FUELLMICH
    Trump will be tried with all globalists leaders for
    Crimes against humanity
    Trump may be a Trojan horse

  • Each time I listen to him, I have high confidence on his words
    With that being said, we must not forget to always have critical thinking, because that’s what mostly keeps us going to the right way

  • extremely important talk! Thank you Dr. Martin:)
    For standing up AGAINST GMO plants once can loose the job as a scientist, for good. To stand up against HUMAN GMO’s goes exponentially worse, one can be trumpeld down by horses! Or pay monthly fees, of stay lock up. When on earth this annihilation of Nature, creation will stop??? I think, only then, when we close ALL THE LABS with the new ‘science gods’ in them which contribute to it all. And of course stopping the MONEY givers is the no 1.

  • Normally when I see words in the intro like “mind blowing” or “bombshell” I think yeh, yeh, blah, blah because I am not really shocked by anything. However in this interview Maria Zeee and Dr David Martin share so much important information that my mind is in fact reeling. I will have to listen to it again. Thank you Alexandra for presenting this to your audience.

  • I’m growing my own vegetables with a Juice Plus tower garden. I live in Canada and I’m picking lettuce, chard, arugula, for my salad in February. Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, brussel sprouts are also growing. I order my seeds from West Coast seeds, GMO free.

  • This sounds like the movie, War Games. “Shall We Play A Game?”
    How about global thermal nuclear war? lol

    I tried to share that short video, showing the bombs going off in Syria, using the Chrome browser, it could not see the video I was trying to copy. I went back to Firefox, no problem finding, and copying.
    The strings are showing themselves, by not being connected.
    I’m rambling …..

  • The good Doc has pushed all the buttons of the deep state expect his demise is imminent or just fear porn to scare you into stupor . His call for action will be answered with martial law the .GOV has already moved underground and implemented COG in response to the planned EMP launched great reset or a solar flare or star wars 5.0 . Go dig a big hole in the backyard and buy replacement items you will need after the event. Everyone and everything above ground is expendable and doomed the graphenated and vaxxed can be EMP fried as well . The UN will be the force to deal with, the US military has repainted half of their shit for the UN peacekeeping invasion the Hessians will resurface once again in the battle to retake the colonies. Make sure you run and tell your local law enforcer so you can get on the waiting list for camp “happy trails”. Thanks to free will they can just shit on us at will, am I right you GODs the great groveling will not help after all you can’t change the rules in the middle of the holographic simulation all the ET spectators would be so disappointed if you did. The greatest show in the history of the universe and we get a front row seat. Let the fireworks begin.

    • Ya Hoo Dan ‘ we all have a front row seat to the biggest show on Earth.
      Spoiler Alert. .!.
      . We already know the ending .
      What freaking trip lt’s been Eh ‘

  • “Canadian prime minister is engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud Canadians, using their own tax dollars to kill them off and to enrich himself; becoming a billionaire while he genocides his own people.”

    Yeah, like what the US regime and its controlled nations around the globe have been doing to their people. What do you think the many TRILLIONS of “missing” [=stolen from the public] dollars the US tyrants have been doing with, etc?

    But it’s important to THINK about the ultimate implication of these fact and that the Covid atrocity has been preplanned.

    What do these facts, in conjunction with similar evidence, mean really? What does it point to? What is the TRUE FINAL implication of all that?

    ACTIVE resistance against the criminal establishments around the world will greatly increase the sooner someone TRULY understands that the ruling cabal and their minions, anywhere around the globe, are PSYCHOPATHS.

    By “TRULY understands” I mean that Hollywood flicks and the entertainment industry at large have presented a deliberately erroneous picture of psychopaths which keeps the public misinformed about what and who psychopaths really are (eg most psychopaths are not overtly violent) but they are ALWAYS exploiters, deceivers, liars, manipulators, and destroyers (the Highly Destructive Fake Covid “Pandemic” is ONE fitting example out of countless others) and therefore they are NOT people to ever respect, listen to, admire, vote for, follow and obey BUT to ACTIVELY fight and jail for life (see cited source above).

  • “There’s an unconfirmed rumor that the Trudeau Foundation owns, through both direct ownership of shares and indirect ownership through shell companies, a 40% stake of the British Columbia-based Acuitas Therapeutics.”

    David, Until you find out it’s something more than “an unconfirmed rumor”, you’re just wasting a lot of people’s time. You’re supposed to be the genius here!

  • Seems Vanguard and Blackrock the biggest shareholders in the Pharma companies, and so so so many more; and very strong in the mandates of the companies where they’re the major shareholders………

    • they mandate the genetically modifying injections in all their companies but they also OWN the retirement contribution of most of them. What’s their plan, once the injected die?

  • I don’t agree that this was a “very well defined, very well announced, very well designed” anything. It was widely telegraphed and ambitious quackery- why it became a successful scam is probably due to the fact that there are so many brain-forcked people in existence today.

    • I agree Rafael, the delivery of the scamdemic was extremely amateur, ridiculously shoddy and so obviously bullshit. I am still suffering from the shock of realising just how how ignorant 95% of the human race is.
      I remember 60 years ago, as a small child in Australia, the programming being forced onto me by the education department. It was attempting to hammer, squash and eliminate my natural intuition. I tried to explain this to my classmates but they actually enjoyed being corralled into conforming, so I was alone.
      As I grew up I realized that alternative information was available in the underground press. Now we have the internet which makes it much easier for people to connect with each other. I’m grateful for that.

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