Dr. Dave Janda, MD is an orthopedic surgeon who practices in the extremely Liberal college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan and he has a distinguished career in medicine. In addition, he is appalled by the dereliction of duty of the “Fourth Estate”, aka the news media in the US – so much so, that he started a radio show and YouTube channel called Operation Freedom.

Janda prefaces this report with his statement that the end of the Fake Media will also be the end of the Deep State.

“The lamestream fake media is an important tentacle to the Deep State. [It’s] their propaganda arm and if the propaganda arm dies, it starts to die all the way up to the head of the snake…”

Janda dedicates this broadcast to the lifetime achievement of American firebrand journalist Seymour (“Sy”) Hersh, who Janda quotes here, “When people are comforted by government lies, trafficking the truth becomes hellishly difficult.”

Sy Hersh won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the My Lai massacre of unarmed Vietnamese civilians by US troops in 1968 and decades later, he revealed the obscene torture and abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib, leading to the conviction of US military officers. As a result, Janda says, Hersh became “Ostracized by the Deep State.”

Today, such ostracism is accomplished within the social media environment, under the monstrous power of all the Tech Giants.

Janda continues, “Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper recently threw Brennan under the bus. [He also] a couple weeks ago, threw Barack Obama under the bus. He said, ‘You know, Obama’s behind this Russian hack narrative.’

“Yeah, he was. As we’ve outlined before on Operation Freedom…General Tom McInerney, Obama, Brennan and Clapper hired a guy by the name of Dennis Montgomery to create a platform called ‘The Hammer’ to illegally surveil millions of Americans; phone calls, Internet activity, financial transactions, taxes – a gross violation of your Fourth Amendment rights and privileges – and they utilized The Hammer to target Trump and Flynn and their team, illegally.

“Clapper outlined that and threw Obama under the bus, saying. ‘Yeah, Obama kind of ran that operation.’

“Well, now he’s saying actually, Brennan did, too…What’s happening is, the rats are turning on the rats and that’s because of Trump and his administration.

“[Whether you] love Trump or hate Trump; bottom line: Trump is ripping down and shredding the iron curtain…of dis- and misinformation that the Deep State has constructed over the past number of decades…

“The Deep State and their little puppets, Brennan and Clapper and Obama and Hillary – they created the fake Russian collusion-Trump hoax. They created it for the specific reason: to obliterate Donald Trump in his presidency…

“He has the support of the military; he has the support of other protective services. The [Deep State] realized they would have a difficult time pulling a ‘Kennedy Dallas move,’ so they created this fake Russian hack narrative and collusion narrative to remove him – and it has fallen apart…The rats, Clapper are turning on the other rats; Obama and Hillary and Brennan.

“I made a prediction on Greg Hunter’s show, USA Watchdog…that, as the primaries come to an end, we’re gonna see more and more information start leaking out and we are gonna start to see some indictments come forward.

“We just saw the Chris Collins indictment come out about financial collusion, we just saw 300 pedophile priest indictments, out of Pennsylvania. There are many more. They’re gonna be coming out and I believe one of the top people that are going to come down in all this, early on is John Brennan, former director of the CIA…who has never been indicted.

“I believe it is soon gonna happen…The more educated we are about the facts, the more empowered we become and the more empowered we become, the sooner the Deep State meets its end.”

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  • I just watched this again. What a beautiful man, what a great soul, being a successful surgeon and sticking his neck out. He is brave and he has a lot to lose by doing this.

    Many people doing this are like me and have nothing to lose. There is nothing more that can be taken from me except for my life, at this point.

    People worried about their pensions can’t or won’t. I don’t have a pension or an inheritance or anything to lose. The truth is all I have.

  • Here is the difficulty I’m having: fake media, fake news – the “Alt-Media” is all yelling about poor what’s his name, Alex Jones rights to the second amendment being violated, and not a single one of these “Alt-media” are reporting the huge law suit against Alex Jones, facebook, youtube and we’ll Google collectively. Alex Jones was removed from these platforms because of the law suit by the parents, many, for calling them actors, calling their children child actors, for deliberately placing faces together at at different crisis and calling them crisis actors, these people he has flashed on his channel have all come together in a law suit. So why I ask are the “Alt-Media” not reporting this? It now calls in to question the real validity of Alt-media and “their” Truth or lack of.

    • This is the first I’ve heard of it. A link would be helpful.

      I seriously doubt that Jones would have jeopardized his operation that way.

      Now his operation has been torpedoed. I hope you’re happy.

  • Thank-you Alexandra for this article:
    Turning around a nation (much less the corruption in all nations) isn’t going to be a quick maneuver. It will take many years…into the next century and beyond. We can work for more transparency in all things….gov’t (at all levels) medicine, journalism, military expenditures, corporations. Not doing anything will be the end of our freedoms…and our society as we have come to know it. One never gets the pipes unplugged without a lot of work…the Deep State isn’t going to go without a battle royale. What they won’t have working for them anymore is the naivety of the masses. We have supplied all the creativity, finance & work….the men & women that fought the wars…built the roads, ships, airplanes…..didn’t see too many of the Rothchilds or Vanderbilts helping out. All nations can be proud of their achievements……they need vigilance and protection.

  • Sure, kill the media, it will kill the Deep State. Problem is, are you sure anything works at all without the Deep State? You reckon they’re powerful by doing nothing? No, they’re powerful because they do everything. Kill the guys that do everything, enjoy the anarchy that comes afterwards. Anarchy isn’t fun in real life, you know.

    Unless you actually have a plan for what takes over instead of the Deep State, I suggest you don’t kill it.

  • I like Janda – CAFitz posted a great interview w/ him last year. And I have also assumed that the death of fake media is at the root of any recovery from this crisis. And I hope his prediction rings true.

    It also sounds highly implausible. Trump has disrupted a lot of this nefarious underworld but in other ways he’s also controlled and has fallen right in line with his predecessors. And few people with platforms talk about the reality of Trump’s limitations. I’m 100% dubious of any Trump-hailing hopeporn, which is as prevalent as the neocon-neolib NWO nonsense.

    Janda’s right about the Deep State’s media. 96% of MSM is owned by only 4-5 conglomerates, as compared to 60-70 in the 70s. This isn’t journalism. It isn’t free press. It’s corporate fascism and it’s dangerous and the masses don’t seem to care.

    It’s taken us a century to get where we are and it won’t be unraveled in Trump’s first or second term. The captured media is much bigger than the Deep State. Study the CFR. Propaganda from Deep State and anti-Deep State (or the appearance of it) will ratchet up until he’s re-elected. We’ve seen this before.

    The ONLY mechanism by which the privatization of our sovereign nation, the corporatization of everything in government, the control over all of media, is disengagement by the masses. That will take at least another generation–or total collapse of our economy. Or not, if they find a way to win in 2020 when HRC runs again or they can put someone else in (but my $ is on seeing HRC again).

    And very few people are talking about that tipping point (should the media be overcome), or what would have to come next. The phenomenon of Trump has at least broken the seal.

    • Glad somebody appreciated this post. I just got a rash of angry unsubscribes, one from someone I’ve known for nearly 20 years…

      • WOW! Are almost all minds lost? Trump is not the greatest, but he making some head way. Can you imagine what would have happened by now if Killary had made it into office? Never mind, too terrible to even think about.

  • WHEN, will this site STOP selling TRUMPISM? …and face the FACT that ALL Governments are hopelessly CORRUPT.
    Only dealing with that fact will we begin to CHANGE things….THEY are the very ones who created the mess we see NOW…and are seeking to RETAIN powers over US God-Men/Wo-Men who NEVER needed it in the first place.
    This country (USA) keeps talking about reforming into a so-called “Republic” yet haven’t even taken the FIRST step by CHANGING the LEGAL system from CANON Law into COMMON Law.
    Canon Law (Vatican Law) doesn’t even recognize the Citizen (SLAVE) as having ANY Rights, and views them as “Property” or more as FOOD for Their survival!
    When Heather Tucci “Tried” to expose this fact…all she got was FOUR year in prison for her efforts…by CANON LAW.
    If these Government Leeches can’t even get the LEGAL system changes, HOW CAN WE EXPECT ANYTHING TO CHANGE FOLKS???

  • Excellent short video gives one hope!

    My patience has been running short and brief videos such as this give me cause to relax and watch this all unfold.

    We are living during the Most Dynamic Time in History! The Babylonian System of Usury and Satanism is dying. The Kingdom of Heaven upon the Earth is beginning!

    • Obviously YOU still Believe that God is SEPARATE from Yourself and are trusting in RELIGION to deliver yourself…Ever after a man called Jesus CLEARLY said the “Kingdom of God is WITHIN You”???

      • Who do you think is making this happen? God? Get real. This is still the human realm, and “people” a few anyway are making this change. And from within.


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