Dr Carrie Madej is radiant on the Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams, as she describes her plane crash in a Piper single engine aircraft, one month ago on June 26th.

The Piper experienced engine trouble and as they crashed into a pine forest, she prayed to Jesus with every fiber of her being and she describes feeling his hands cradling the aircraft as it dropped out of the sky.

In the heat of the moment, she remembered what she describes as a “message from God” that she had received 25 years ago, that she “would not die in a plane crash”.

The pilot was able to somewhat follow a loggers’ trail within the woods and luckily enough, the plane came to a stop before impact with a stand of big trees.

Luckily, the plane did not explode into flames but her foot was turned 120º in the wrong direction, attached only by skin. She says if her skin had been broken, she may have bled to death.

She was able to extricate herself from the plane and call 911 when she realized that help wasn’t coming. Their emergency beacon hadn’t activated and despite having been diverted to a different airport by air traffic control and never having arrived, they were not reported missing by the second airport.

Almost comically, the emergency dispatcher was initially more focused on obtaining her health insurance number and COVID status than in rescuing her and the pilot from their life-threatening injuries. When another 35 minutes elapsed and there was no help, she called them back and they admitted they had no idea where they were.

There were many other problems with the phone not being able to ping their location and finally, she was told to scream as loud as she could, so rescuers could hear her.

They had to cut some trees down and she laughs that the paramedics had never seen trauma like that before and began dry heaving.

She believes she and the pilot survived due to her faith in God and to the prayers of others. She describes feeling a “Supernatural healing on my leg…a sensation I can’t describe. It’s a pleasing, amazing, fiery, icy blue sensation…That started my healing.

She had set up a prayer group Zoom call of 8,000 people to pray for the world a few days before the flight but the prayer meeting ended up being for her and the pilot. She says that if it took a plane crash to experience the benefit of these prayers, then it was worth it.

“Mental fortitude, prayers work. God is real. Miracles happen. That started the healing…People cannot forget the power of that, because we need that, so desperately in our world right now.”

She says, “If we don’t have a revival, here, if we don’t understand this is a spiritual battle, if we can’t understand that we can’t humanly fight what we’re seeing…we need a supernatural intervention. We need God.”

She crushed and lost some bone and was put back together with titanium. She also describes some interesting new healing technologies that she believes helped her a great deal, including something called a Juvent plate, which is a vibratory (technically, a “micro-impact” plate), that matches with your own harmonic resonance and impedance and which she describes in more detail. She also describes EE scalar wave therapy, which she tried at the residence of Centner Academy founder and anti-mask/vaxx activist, Leila Centner, where she describes spending several hours a day for 6 days surrounded by over 30 of these machines, which she describes in greater detail. She also spent 5 days in a hyperbaric chamber.

She says, she only took Alka-Seltzer and Advil in the beginning and she’s not taking any pain medication now but she can stand and she has no pain.

Dr Madej has her insights, as a physician and Mike Adams, of course is the Health Ranger, so he talks about all kinds of nutritional health products that he’s aware of, like orthosilicic acid and they then are then joined Pete Simonson and the podcast ends up being this incredibly inspiring, excellent, high-level conversation about emerging holistic healing technologies.

We see glimmers of the beautiful world after the Globalist collapse.

Dr Madej finishes by saying:

“Enough is enough. This world is beautiful. We are not overpopulated, we have enough resources, we’ve been lied to about everything. We don’t need that much money to live on. These parasites have been drawing things away from us.

“And I’m fearless now. I’m not afraid of death. Not at all! And when you lose that fear…and you finally start living again and you just say, ‘No!’…

“I know those shriveled little people behind the screen will shrivel and run. They are no match for those that are connected with God. They are no match for those that do things out of pure love and truth and justice. And so, every day that I am here, I am more resolute to do that.”

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  • Amazing interview with Dr Carrie Madej and Peter Simonson. I’ve heard so much about things like this and scalar wave therapy and this just gave me more hope that things like this will be made available to the masses. All of this resonated with me and the research I have been doing on ways we can heal on this level without being put on many toxic pharmaceuticals. Praying for all of humanity and the people who are waking up to a better way to take care of our minds and bodies. Thank you for sharing this interview and amazing knowledge. I know so many who know there is free energy and a vast supply of the things we really need to live. I’m definitely on board with this positive change in consciousness in humanity. Much love and prayers to all💞🙏

  • Thanks Alexandra for putting on Dr. Carrie Madej’s experience. Mike Adams gets overly analytical but he’s on the path nonetheless. The Juvent Plate Mike referred to is relatively expensive at USD$5995 but as he’s used his for 12 years then that makes it cheap and still works is an awesome testament.
    All of those remedies mentioned I got by simply following the Ten Commandments from a good bible, and not all bibles are equal, by the way.
    I found a translated bible from Aramaic directly to English in Theosophical book store, translated by a translator. The Lord’s Prayer in that bible goes like this, “Our Father who art in heaven, Our mother who art on Earth…”

  • I believe that Dr. Madej is correct. I came very close to being killed before. And more than once. I completely stopped my meds back in 2015 after suffering a broken ankle. And I still experience pain, mostly in the winter time. Sharp pain in my ankle and pains in my wrists and my left thumb because of carpal tunnel and Ulner Neropothy in my left arm. I also have nerve damage in both my left arm and left leg. Had two surgeries on my left leg and 1 surgery on my left arm. Never had the carpal tunnel surgery because I was working for BofA at the time I sustained my injury due to my job. The ulner neuropathy surgery was done, but I was released before the other one was ever done. So, I still suffer from carpal tunnel. But, I’m grateful that I didn’t have that surgery because I know of other people that I know that did have it and now they are worse than they were prior to the surgery. So, it was a blessing that BofA got rid of me prior to that.

    My ankle was during my time at another company where I did Security work. And I fell and first it was a tendente and ligament strain, they were near tearing. And when my job kept me working the doctor would put me on light duty but that didn’t stop my manager. She kept making me walk around and in crutches and with a walker at another time and then lastly with a cane. And that was forcing the envelope. Because I was not yet given any surgery and being forced to still act as a regular security officer. People were laughing in disbelief that my bosses were that heartless to make me do that. I went through that for just over 1 year. Finally, they got the hint I wasn’t getting better. In fact I was getting worse. I finally was put on family medical leave from work. By October 4, 2009 I was to be on Family Medical leave.. And not until January of 2010 did I finally have surgery set up. It ended up being the first surgery. Because they would not let me be off to recover, I was further injured during the year they kept me working. The doctor wanted to take me off but he told me if I take you off they won’t pay you workers comp. You will have no income. So, I was forced to continue working with a bad ankle/leg.

    Well, because of that once I was supposedly healed from surgery I was still not able to get around very well. I was still having a great deal of issues with my ankle and leg and now my right leg was giving me problems for compensating by putting my weight on the right leg.

    And by the way, in July 2010 just 4 days after my mother passed away, I received a certified letter very Express mail that my position with the company I was working for. And their reason was that I could no longer perform the duties that I was hired to do. Well, I couldn’t as of October 1, 2008 but, they kept me working for a year and 3 days to make me worse. So, now I was unemployed as well. And damaged no one would hire me and they still won’t hire me. And now I’m in my late 50s. And a female. 3 strikes against me. In August of 2011 because I never healed right, I took a fall down the stairs at home and broke my ankle, and I heard it when it broke. When I fell down the stairs because my ankle gave out on me. My left leg had gone under neath my butt and the cement stair. I felt it and heard it as well. I just belted out a loud yell. And once I got past the shock of it. I slowly moved down to the end of the steps with just my right leg and hands. To see if I could possibly put any weight at all on my left side leg. OUUUUUCH!!! NOPE!! That wasn’t happening. So, I grabbed my cane and used it and hopped on my right leg to get myself to the chair and just had to wait for my then husband to get home from work. Because my phone was upstairs. I wasn’t going back up there. Not anytime soon. That was August 15, 2011 and the next morning August 16, 2011 I had surgery my heal bone is still severed as there was no way they could reattach it and me retain movement of any kind. I had shattered ankle bones and now I have a plate, screws a pin and a wire in my ankle. I never had them removed for some reason it felt more stable to leave it not only that but to open me up again to remove it. Just isn’t something I want to go through again. And the doctor that did the surgery said unless it really bothers me there’s really no need to go through all that. Now, that to me was a good doctor. He wasn’t looking to line his pockets by putting me through more pain.

    But, I’m not on any medications for either. Just an over the counter for arthritis in my wrists and my thumb. And I have lessened the dosage with that even.

    I was in a wheelchair for quite awhile due to my ankle/leg. No more wheelchair, no more walker and no more crutches and no more cane. Praise the Lord. My gant is not a normal one, but I am on my feet walking without assistance except for the assistance of God. So, I give Him all the praise!!!!!

  • so glad you are safe and recovering. i watch your content when i can, you are a Godsend just like many others out there. always stay safe…are med beds coming, sounds like your using some vibration technology? energy, frequency and vibration can cure the world’s aliments brought on these evil demons, we can destroy with natural cures.

    more and more are finally waking up….God Bless you and keep speaking up and out!

  • Thank you for sharing your pain. I totally get you.
    A tsunami of biblical proportions is moving forward and there is no stopping. After the near total devastation God will turn this around into a blessing to everyone who survives.
    Sincerely appreciate your trying to comfort others.

  • Much Love & Prayers for you Sister Carrie. So glad you’re recovering well and with such a connection to God how could it be any different. Such a special soul…thank you for your beautiful healing energy…I’m learning much. God Bless You!

  • Maybe this is dumb.. comment, but, Peter Simonson eyes are the most smiling I saw in my life, totally matching his wonder product! GOD and his people helped Dr. Madej to recover, including her own incredible strength, now this accident will help the people to get a new field of medicine, no MD’s know about! How amazing!!! THANK YOU MIKE!

  • Carrie I am so happy that you survived this horrific plane crash and heading towards a speedy recovery with the help of some new innovative Holistic Naturopathic Technologies. God was looking over you, it was not your time to depart this world. Your mission is not finished, you are needed in this battle to fight this EVIL TYRANNICAL CABAL. You are a GREAT AMERICAN PATRIOT and a BRAVE FEARLESS TRUTH TELLER. My four children believe in Natural Holistic Medicine. My daughter introduced me to your early videos and you kindly personally responded back to me on my comments that were supportive of your message. I got a chance, thanks to Alexandra from Forbidden Knowledge TV, to view the 12 part Zonia Docuseries on IMMUNITY FOR LIFE LIFE. I found it very enlightening to hear about these new Naturopathic Holistic Technologies that the MEDICAL MAFIA is trying to suppress. May you continue your miraculous recovery, because we all need you to help us win this battle against EVIL. Aloha and Mahalo, Marvin

  • She is a wonderful inspiration and testimony for trying to live a God centered life.
    May God continue to bless all His people.

  • First of all, who are the idiots working on the other end of the 911 line? They were completely incompetent. And they were way too many things that went wrong here like it showed that it look like they had landed where they were supposed to. Too many things to be a coincidence. There are no coincidences. Something was definitely wrong here and I’m very suspicious. So grateful that She is ok

  • I love that God loves you and us and the world, using every twist and turn for a greater purpose. It’s not “all good” like people like to think, but creates the revelation of whatever all good that can be harvested from any situation. Everything becomes a contingency plan for good in the greater coordination of the life.

    It’s in you but not of you. It’s big. newmessage.org

  • Wow!!!! Praise the Lord!!! What an amazing testimony in so, so many ways! Thank you for sharing this! I believe you have set a fire burning from this article that can not be put out!!! Yes and amen! I declare now you will fulfill your destiny God has purposed for you! You will not be denied and you will not stop speaking the truth!!! Amen and amen!!!!!

  • Please connect us to Dr. Carrie so that we can send her a box of the most potent C60 products on the market today, “C60 Evo Organic Oils.” We would be honored to assist with her healing and no matter what brand she is taking now, we recommend that she try ours as well and compare the difference because she deserves the very strongest C60! We tested the entire online C60 market in a lab in 2020 and unfortunately the true concentration levels were “woefully low.” That was the honest response from the lab. We’ve been manufacturing carbon fullerenes for 31 years with integrity and delivering to research institutions around the world. Our (additional) goal now is to support the people assisting us to move forward as a species. It’s not about competition here, it’s about REAL healing! We appreciate you Dr. Carrie, Team C60 Evo Hello@C60Evo.com

  • Carrie Madei has done so much good for humanity. Any wonder thousands are praying for her recovery! A woman of faith with a heart of gold. Wish you all the best in your full recovery. You are a walking miracle.
    Sincerely Franco.

  • Thank God she is okay. This is a time when we are losing so many good people like Dr. Zalenski and may others.

  • She was praying to “yashua mashia” what is wrong with the words Jesus Christ? If you are speaking English, that is his name, unless you worship the zionistGod, feel that you must use your overlords Hebrew language.

    • Can’t you just be happy that God is helping Dr. Carrie heal? This back and forth nattering at each other isn’t helping at all. It’s what the dark ones want. I pray that you, George, find peace and acceptance in your life. Blessings.

    • Yeshua is what his Mama & step father called him. Also His Father did as well.
      The letter ‘J’ did not come into existence until the 1600s. The original & more ancient texts before the letter ‘J’ came to be called our Messiah Zeus. By no means would I EVER call my Messiah Zeus!
      Should we travel to another country with another language the countrymen would use your name as said in your language out of respect.

  • I am not religious, but I am not against her testimony either.

    I am just glad that she is recovering.

    Folks, whatever you know it may work for you, just go for it, because it may actually save your lives.

    • Blessings to you John!!! There is only one way to get set free from darkness and His name is Jesus. As a child I was a fearful, timid child and after I met Jesus I got set free. Jesus saved my life multiple times. Jesus gives me hope, strength and He is my all and all!!! I pray for people and I see healngs, miracles and all kinds of wonderful things only because of His power! I pray that you meet Him and you will feel love you never knew possible. The only way is by asking God to forgive us of our sin and turn away from it and make Jesus our savior. That means we live for Him and not ourselves anymore. John I pray that God with bless you with His goodness beyond measure and you would have an encounter with Him in which you could not deny Him. I pray the Lord would shine on you and bless you and your family!!! Amen!


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