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BREAKING NEWS: Pfizer and the FDA sued in the New York Supreme Court. The claim is based in lieu of the pending criminal charges filed by Pascal Najadi against Swiss President Alain Berset in Switzerland for Abuse of Public Office in connection with the Covid vaccination policy.

The New York Supreme Court also ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to protect Pascal Najadi, his wife, his mother and his attorney handling the case with 24/7 detailed protection in Switzerland.

The Bioweapon “Covid Vaccines” have been injected in 5 billion people using 12.7 billion bioweapon poison vials. The whole Pandemic was declared in order to inject the world with these Bioweapon injections.

The World Health Organization is the main entity that pushed these bioweapons on the world. Bill Gates and Tedros are the main criminals behind this global crime. The WHO has become a dictatorship by one man.

Insider intel information reveals Bill Gates and Tedros have been directing the World Council for Church weekly on how all church leaders should respond to the Pandemic response and vaccination policy.

Bill Gates and the WHO are using mRNA genome editing technology to change the genome in humans which is not repairable and the next generation children will die.

Autopsies from the deceased Covid Vaccinated show very strange plastic like string things growing in the vessels and arteries of the Covid Vaccinated killing the person with strokes, blood clots and heart attacks.

The plan of Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab and others is Transhumanism to change what it means to be human through genetic mRNA gene editing. Ana Mihalcea MD, PhD states “The mRNA injections, is a cover story for an Artificial Intelligence frequency based gene modification system that is self learning and can decide how to edit that human.” They are using digital technology and AI to control people.

They are planning to use Covid to scare people for the next 10 years to achieve their goals. We cannot allow them to continue, what they are doing is illegal and the World Health Organization has no right to exist. Do you want them to inject poison into your children? What’s going on is unfathomable, these are crimes against humanity.

Pascal Najadi’s mother, age 81 has thrombosis from being triple Pfizer vaccinated, her leg is blue. The World Health Organization is a criminal organization and Tedros is a disgrace. Pascal is very angry and will get justice. Think if your mother would call you crying because she is dying from the injection. I will stop all this with everything I have through justice.

WHO whistleblower, Dr Astrid Stuckelberger explains how the injection sterilizes men and women, that is why they are after children and babies, they want to stop humanity. They are destroying the family and hiding the death. They are telling children before puberty that they can change their sex. They want to destroy the family.

No injection is safe today, no injection. You have to be very careful. The vaccinated should have their blood tested so that they can be helped. We have another problem, we have toxic poisonous blood reserves circulating in blood banks. Sixty percent of the world’s population have been poisoned with this bioweapon, the blood is now poisonous and toxic.

All politicians, justices and lawmakers need to do their job and bring justice to humanity. Millions of people have died from the mRNA injections. I have police protection in this apartment ordered by the U.S. Justice. Why do I need protection in Switzerland? Because they have already killed so many people knowingly.

Pascal Najadi “I’m angry because my mother has been diagnosed with a thrombosis attack. I will do everything I can to rip apart Pfizer Inc. with justice in New York where they are. I hope they are watching this program, I’m not afraid of you.”

MRNA INJECTION CRIMES: Criminal Charges filed against 2 Doctors in Switzerland who put the needle into Pascal’s body of a known toxic untested clinically experimental Nuremberg-violating substance without informing him about the potential risks. We are dealing with a mass murder.

Pfizer and the FDA have violated U.S. Federal and State laws. Lawsuit holds Pfizer and the FDA accountable. It is a criminal case pending in Switzerland and in the New York Supreme Court. No one was given informed consent, therefore this case could lead to a tort-law case for millions of people claiming damages.

They (Pfizer FDA DOD) knew that the packaging of the mRNA lipid nanoparticles are classified as toxic. So how can you inject into humanity knowingly a clinically untested experimental toxic substance that was declared as safe, effective and tested? This is a crime against humanity.

MIT Professor declares it (mRNA Vaccines) kills, it has to be stopped. The WHO is responsible for this. They all should be arrested tomorrow and cross examined asking who knew what and when and who gave which instructions to whom?

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Recent new revelations coming from England with the Lockdown Files. If we take all the evidence together we know that there has never been a Pandemic. It is a Plandemic.

The Lockdown files with the internal conversations with Matt Hancock the UK Health Secretary involving Bill Gates reveal in great detail that they knew there was no Pandemic, so there was no necessity for any vaccines. But they wanted the Pandemic because they wanted to vaccinate people. This is part of their population reduction program.

Brook Jackson’s Federal Criminal Complaint Case against Pfizer also proves the Pfizer mRNA injections were not tested for safety. A health scare was used to create the Pandemic so the U.S. Department of Defense could go through with its biological warfare on America and the world.

See my post “Criminal Indictments” posted February 20th for more information on the U.S. Department of Defense vaccine military operation and the FDA fraud.

Pfizer Covid Vaccine vial contents exposed by WHO whistleblower. It contains graphene oxide, parasites, RFID, metals and nano circuitry. DARPA and Bill Gates developed these non biological synthetic injections to control the minds and bodies of the population.

Professor states in front of lawyers, anyone who administers these Pfizer mRNA Covid Vaccines is committing crimes against humanity and is a criminal.

Dr. Charles Morgan formerly with the CIA in a 2018 DARPA meeting talking to the U.S. Military about mRNA CRISPR gene editing technology says they can engineer a “unique thing” to kill only one person in the world. In this case they used this mRNA technology to kill millions of innocent people in the world.

This is why through the PCR test they took everyone’s DNA and put it in a database in order to target specific people and races in the future, not only to kill them, but to control their thoughts and actions.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprised of two components: tags and readers. This RFID is in the Pfizer mRNA injections which are found in dead bodies and in the cemeteries. Scientists through autopsies show there is a parasite in the vaccine that lays an egg that bursts out and something comes out with tentacles.

Experts through evidence confirm the mRNA injections are synthetic injection nano circuits that work with 5G. It’s beyond what doctors know and what normal scientists know. We have to get every engineer and every military veteran who knows about nanoparticles, nanotechnology to help us understand this, because we have to know how to detach this from the body.

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  • STOP even mentioning Mihalcea, an apparent PhD who can’t distinguish DNA from RNA, or protein from a hydrogels, a apparent MD, who had no idea that hydrogels are being dissolved by EDTA, only after talking to others…
    It is laughable to try to even listen to that woman who is STEALING knowledge from others and putting her own name under statements of others.. YES, there is LOT of synthetics, AND that includes SYNTHETIC GENETIC material hybridizing with HUMAN DNA.


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