This clip is joyously, hilariously gut-busting, regardless of whether you love or hate Donald Trump.

“Emo” is a genre of weepy, emotional (hence, “Emo”) rock music, which was popular in the early 2000s.

In this video, Trump speeches are edited, lip-synched passionately by someone else, strumming a guitar, Emo-style.

The result is priceless.


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  • As much as one can disagree with Trump (or dislike the guy – basically, judging the guy based on his public persona), I have to defend Trump and agree with much of what he says, for example, how dishonest the media is, draining the swamp and so forth. I met Hillary Clinton in 2007, before she ran for pres (which I encouraged her to do!), and she spent 15 minutes speaking with our group of 2 couples, and I can testify that she was really cool and friendly to us. And I have NEVER seen this woman on TV. So Trump may be an alright guy, WHO CARES?

    What we should be talking about is NOT what he believes, or what kind of a douchebag he is (and I oughta know – I’m one, too); what we SHOULD be focusing on are the ISSUES, and the DECISIONS Trump either makes, or stakes his interest in.

    People ask, “Is Donald Trump an ethical man?” I defer to the (somewhat subjective) data for that (subjective to a megalomaniac, that is). Is Trump an honest man? I defer to the (largely hearsay) evidence. However, Is Trump a Good man? Does that even matter to the public?

    The Important questions are:
    1. Is Trump a Wise man?
    2. Is Trump a Fair man?
    3. Is Trump a Good President?

    For me, the answers are: Probably not, I doubt it, and No,
    HOWEVER, he could become one – If he’s a Moral man. Regardless of his greed, IF he can rid the government of the large criminal, perverse and psychotic elements, then he could very well make politics, and the gov’t process better, which might turn America towards a path of survival. But I’m not that much of a gambler. America is heading for the exit, and on its current path, we should expect civil war within a generation. But what Trump WILL DO, is to fuse the deranged, psychotic, and megalomaniac elements together, bringing a shitstorm of a clusterfuck to a head, culminating in a national, then global catastrophe, expediting America’s decline.

    I hope you can learn Chinese or Russian.

    • I agree with every single one of Trump’s statements in this song, which is why I ran the video.

      It’s a fascinating piece, because one’s emotional (“Emo”) state about Trump will have a tremendous effect on how one views this clip. There was no offense intended on my part to Trump or to anyone’s sensibilities. I really posted it for all the reasons I’ve stated, above.

  • Although the video is good and I never heard of the music genre–sadly, it’s not funny. All the recently released funnies about Trump and the state of the Union are too true to enjoy a good laugh.

    Remember that Woody Allen movie (forget the title) where Alan Alda is the film maker who receives all the deference and accolades while Woody’s character does not? Alda’s character is egotistical and arrogant as his life story is being filmed for posterity. Nevertheless, he continues to make the same point “comedy is tragedy plus time”. I’m thinking that applies here. Not enough time and may never be.

  • I’m not laughing. I think the song is great. But it’s time we start looking
    for someone else to taunt. If it had been Obama, you would have been shot at dawn.
    It is for that reason, this song, with different words, was not written over Obama’s reign.
    So easy to to tear down. Just like the States. We’ll all be in FEMA camps with fu…. things in our hands with2 years. OR God only knows. So stop. It’s mindless and it’s immature and it’s snowflake, with good musical taste.

    • @Randie

      Spoken like a true conservative (or do I mean Republican? The two are not the same). You really live in Waldo World, because it’s no longer about party politics, it’s about the character of a person. There’s less difference between Dems & Reps than there is between independents and the two parties. What is mindless is your doltish babbling and bad grammar.

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