The JFK Assassination was one of the most significant of all the incremental death blows to the US and to the Constitution. It was a coup d’état by the 1947 National Security State against the Republic. So much about the strange state of our current cryptocracy has its roots in that infamous event.

One small piece of legislation that seeks to fight this coup is the 1992 JFK Records Act, which directs the National Archives to release all government records relating to the assassination of John F. Kennedy within 25 years, to be viewable by the public at Building II in College Park, Maryland. (That is, all that are “safe” to be released, natch).

That anniversary is this Thursday, October 26th and the Donald has decided to uphold the Act, over the protestations of many in the Intelligence Community.

One of the most eagerly-awaited documents researchers are hoping to see is the never-before-released transcript “Volume 5” of testimony on Lee Harvey Oswald given by James Angleton, the CIA’s legendary chief of counterintelligence from 1954 to 1975. The CIA has maintained that this document doesn’t exist, despite records indicating they were partially released to an archivist in the ’70s. By 1997, Volume 5 had “disappeared”.

It will be interesting, among other things to see if Volume 5 is among the final set of documents to be released tomorrow.

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  • I don’t expect any bombshells or “smoking guns.” The CIA has had these files for fifty years or so, plenty of time for them to destroy or hide away any incriminating documents that disprove the discredited Warren Commission Report.

    I was in my last semester of high school when JFK was assassinated. I’ve studied this for decades. It unclear who led the way, but the Mafia, in the form of Carlos Marcello and Santos Trufficante, elements of the CIA and certain Cuban exiles angry over the Bay of Pigs, were all involved.

  • Johnson, Hoover, Nixon,the CIA and the FBI , were the main slimeballs that conspired to kill JFK .Johnson’s mistress said it all.So did E Howard Hunt on his deathbed confession to his son.Half the Warren Report were JFK enemies.A fraud, cover up ,report.

  • I agreed this is just a big time distraction. Look here, while they screw you again over there. The big drama bull again. Everybody knows the FBI, CIA did it = bush + his bubbies, = bankers, end of story.

  • Personally, I have no expectations that the deep state is going to permit it’s dirty laundry to be hung out in fresh air.

  • It’s a joke. Just more stuff to distract and distort. The video narrator’s assessment was basically correct. Why not just release the findings on Lincoln’s assassination while they’re at it? LOL

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