Going back many years, Clif High’s Asymmetric Language Trend Analysis (ALTA) Reports from his web bots have contained large datasets referring to a temporal marker that he labeled “Secrets Revealed” and alternately, “SciFi World”. He believes that we’ve now entered this time period.

He says, “We’re seeing the secrets of Hunter Biden’s laptop come out, we’re seeing the secrets about the election theft come out, about all of the corrupt politicians, about all of the corrupt teachers’ unions and all of this kind of stuff, right?”

Within this larger “Secrets Revealed” dataset, there are smaller subsets, such as “Planes falling out of the sky”, which he thinks refers to the hundreds of pilots who have died from the death shot and also, something we just saw happen last week, when a commercial airliner in China nosedived from 29,000 feet at a 90º angle. It was reportedly carrying Rep Eric Swallwell’s Chinese spy ex-girlfriend, Fang Fang.

Another subset of “Secrets Revealed” was named the “Israeli mistake”, which Clif believes refers to the 85% vaxxination rate of the Israeli population. Interestingly, he says this subset has always been linked with Iran, although the Iranian component of the temporal marker has not yet revealed itself.

Clif describes the theocratic regime in Iran as not Islamic but “Khazarian”, which Clif equates here with “Sabbatean”, referring to the 18th century heretical antinomian Jewish cult of Sabbatean Frankism.

“Government desperation” is another subset of “Secrets Revealed” dataset, as is “Crack-up boom”, the latter of which refers to the failing banking system.

“Disney” was another long-running temporal marker, that referred to a backlash against – and the eventual collapse of that corporation.

We saw what may be the beginnings of this last week, when Disney became hysterical over Florida’s passing of legislation that prevents sex education of children in Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. Disney vowed to do everything in their power to have the law repealed, prompting Governor DeSantis to announce that he would study removing Disney’s special privileges in the state.

Clif says that as the Secrets Revealed temporal marker unfolds, we’ll move beyond revelations of corruption in government coming out through the new Trump lawsuit, the Durham probe, the election lawsuits and the banking system [he forgot to mention the Hunter Biden Grand Jury] but we’ll also be getting into revelations about history, which has been distorted by the Khazarian Mafia, who will now be on the ropes.

He says, “This leads us to Antarctica, where a ton of our true human history is buried and hidden from us. And so, as we keep moving through this, we keep getting into space and anti-gravity stuff, all kinds of things…now, this is a multi-decadal, it may even be multiple hundreds of years.

“My datasets were not capable of…predicting, forecasting much beyond a space of, like 20 years,” although the vast majority was focused on the near term of 2-3 years.

He says that basically, history is an edifice of lies and that it will take years to reconcile and rectify; entire industries will be spawned to do this task.

Although hampered by a bad internet connection and his recent de-platforming from Twitter, where he was mining some of his information (removed reportedly over his pinned tweet about supplements to take if you have been vaxxed), Clif strongly suspects that “Space Aliens” will become a topic of discussion this August.

“It might be that we get anti-gravity stuff showing up, it might be that there’s some kind of history stuff showing up, that says, ‘space aliens are here,’ something that brings space aliens out in a way that is not denigrated; that is not depreciated, that is not swept away.

“While it may not be accepted, the discussion of it is accepted,” which we don’t have now.

However, prior to that, his emotional reduction engine has predicted rising emotional tension language between May 19-27th, that pegs out at a maximum level for 7 days straight. He doesn’t know if it’s positive or negative but whatever it is, it’s big. He says these dates are within an error range of three days in either direction.

He says that for himself, getting to live and experience these events is such a reward, as he had a near death experience a few years ago and he had never expected to be witness to this long-prophesied unfoldment in history. We are living Revelation.

He says, “This is a reward to everybody, because when the secrets are out, you don’t have that toxic environment, anymore.”

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  • Great as usual, a lot to digest. Clif is a true genius. The floods are here upon us and we all need to keep paddling to keep our heads above water. It all will be worth it in the end.

  • “Times are Hard”, but I’m wondering if Clif High has added the “Hello Humans!” cap to his Merch line. If not, he ought to.

  • The Angel of Death, Victoria Nuland is heading to France, Turkey, Greece and Germany April 4-9 to shake up NATO members into war with Russia. Turkey managed to stay Neutral throughout this adventure…
    Very suspicious that Finland and Sweden are willing to join NATO now…

  • Cliff… A great description of current and upcoming events! My wife follows “Star-Seed Astrology” and your description based upon your word algorithm software really helps to confirm events!!! Thanks for your passion on this and the time spent continually working out the “wrinkles”…..I will continue to remain updated by your work

  • Hi ,
    Today’s article even though I am a subscriber has led me to believe Cliff is just like Alex Jones.
    The airplane for example was Shot down because of a certain passenger on board that had lots of dirt on Alot of Elites in United States.
    This was in an article by Natural News . Com within last week or 10 days ago.
    The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor Mcbean Written in 1957 , Lots of details about the History and Dangers of Vaccines and Details about How the public was tricked into accepting and believing that vaccines are okay when in fact nothing but bad and dangerous can come from vaccines.

    • You are referring, of course, to CEO and Eric Swallwell associate Fang Fang, who chose the wrong day to “Fly the Friendly Skies”.
      Evidently, the DC Deep State has quite a long reach.
      RIP (Rest In Pieces), Fang Fang.

    • I think you are correct. I wonder how many of these alternative media people are actually controlled opposition. We can just do our own research and determine for ourselves what the real truth is.

  • Woo keeps babbling on about Satellites and Solar flares and is making claims of “our true human history being buried in Antarctica.” As long as Woo speaks of Satellites and Solar flares and Antarctica and not the Antarctica Wall itself, he than is being deceptive. The powers that be are still trying to conceal the true natural cycle of Climate Change that has to do with the Antarctica Wall.
    We live in a Celestial Clock above us. The Stars above us are an integral function of our realm. Polaris, the North Star, is fixed at the central and highest point of a crystalized dome and the North Pole is the source of magnetism here on Earth Plane. It takes 2,160 years to complete a Celestial cycle, called an Arc. We entered the cusp of a new Arc September 2020, so the transition has begun. This is why you have clowns talking about “climate change.” Our realm goes through its natural climate change every 2,160 years. This is why the powers that be heavily guard the Antartica Wall and the true North Pole. They don’t want the peasants to figure out our realm. They plan on keeping all of us in a daze of confusion floating around space on their blue marble ball.
    The map is changing as it always has every 2,160 years. That is what the mythology story is about with Moses and the Arc.

  • Years ago there was a small movement about invoicing, using silver as a method of payment, for redress of grievances about deprivation of rights. If I remember right they were using UCC types of filings. Does anyone remember this group?


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