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    I can’t vouch for all of the allegations made by “DrFreemason” here but this is certainly a great presentation of subliminal stills from Disney films, including some of a live-action real topless model in a few frames from ‘The Rescuer’ and a few frames “snatched” from a scene in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit,’ where viewers might otherwise miss the sexy character of Jessica Rabbit’s animated privates:

    All this and so much more, including an analysis of the deadly fate of many mothers of Disney characters, such as depicted in the early scenes of “Bambi” and “Dumbo,” where they are killed off. The bond between mother and child, it seems, must step aside for Disney programming.

    The the clip shows a peculiar Disney ride, where small children straddle Donald Duck in a sexually suggestive position to “ride” him…

    The clip goes on to illustrate what DrFreemason believes to be the overt Satanism and pedophilia presented in the film, ‘Narnia.’ DrFreemason claims that Walt Disney’s fascination with magic, Jinns and morphing had to do with his status as a 33rd Degree Mason.

    The Masons were a group that he says practiced “a lot of witchcraft and worship Baphomet.” Baphomet is a mythical winged demon with a goat’s face and man-boobs…

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