I can’t get enough of Thomas Paine from American Intelligence Media and especially Thomas with Lionel as his foil. He’s back again for another permanent mind-blow, kicking off this session with a deep dive into the launch of the 5G network, the Internet of Things (IOT), Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and the 5G satellites bound for Africa that keep blowing up. Who’s in charge of these fake Silicon Valley Boy Wonders? (DoD, DARPA, In-Q-Tel).

Thomas describes 5G and the IOT as a totalitarian putsch that will attempt to bring everything under aggressive digital remote control, where everything, including humans will become nodes or “wetware” on a network. “This isn’t about surveillance anymore,” he says. However, this is an opportunity for humans to wake up.

You will be hard-pressed to be more rapt and inspired while learning about such darkness in our midst.

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  • Thanks Alexandra, great listing. I could watch Lionel for hours. I just wish the masses were aware of the drip by drip construct towards total control that is growing around them.

    Here is something for your many UK followers:-


    I have now got confirmation from my electricity supplier that they will not be installing a Smart Meter in my property. I used the download letter from Stop Smart Meters UK.

    If they had installed one against my wishes I was going to wrap it in tin foil to block it’s emmissions anyway. I just love a Faraday’s Cage.

    There is a relentless sleepwalk into total control.

  • I can see the 5g plan being put into effect all around my home city. There are roadworks everywhere. A huge crane turned up at the end of my street and installed these massive cell phone towers on both sides of a building there. They’ve been digging up the roads ever since. There are huge coils of orange plastic piping in the pits that they’re digging. Orange pipe=telecom cables.

    • I saw a girl photographing one of the roadworks in the town centre today with her phone and someone else has painted a pyramid with an eye on it on the boarding that they’ve put up nearby. Couldn’t help but chuckle to myself, people are aware! Thank god!

      • Pyramid with the eye! Well done whoever is reponcible. We need more overt action in plain sight if only to instigate discussion.

  • So, both this Tom Paine and Lionel are of the Jesuit persuasion by their own admission in this video. Huh, that’s a hueueueueueuege point to ponder.
    Ol Lionel, trying to boost donnie’s soulless antics with the ‘is there some _spiritual_ angle to donnie’? waxes a tad partisan and blindly wishful there.
    Tinyhand’s political appointment’s lands that notion in the toilet…come on Lionel, it’s why I unsubb’ed your channel months ago,
    Jus’ sayin’…

  • Tatol BS about the SECRET Space Program attaining ANYTHING close to absolute control…Because they are actually LOOSING badly on a daily basis…and even THEY Know this!
    Their False god “Lucifer” returned to “The Light” decades ago, so that all there is left is a “Elysium” style “Break-away civilization” (SSP!) that IS what is called the “Chimera Group”.
    Stasis beings that hung around from the past have awakened to discover that “Lucifer” (SET) is GONE…FOREVER.
    THEY and ALL their SSP followers are TRAPPED here around our solar system (a Maybe about That too!)
    They have trying desperately to launch a “Project-Blue-Beam” FAKED “Christ return” or “Alien Invasion, Savior” program that will NEVER be allowed to occur.
    ALL their LIES about OUR Real history will be exposed along with WHAT the SSP really is.
    Its ALL here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=RcBowjBTE_s/
    Also; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RaghqW1QWQQ/
    NASA involement exposed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c69vZyE74Zg/
    Blessing WILL truly “Return” ALL mankind once the LIES are exposed…SOONER than we think!

  • “You will be hard-pressed to be more rapt and inspired while learning about such darkness in our midst…”

    Rapt: “characterized by a state of rapture, ecstasy”
    rapture: 5. a.5.a Transport of mind, mental exaltation or absorption, ecstasy; now esp. ecstatic delight or joy.
    and then, “inspired.”
    inspire: lifted up mentally or spiritually.

    Don’t know about you, but “such darkness in our midst” doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

    Oh well, gotta hype the shows, make every daily nugget seem critical, pay the bills. Whether “alt” or lamestream, promo promo promo.


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