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    Health freedom activist, Peggy Hall has hit the wall and she confronts us in this raw video.

    She asks, “What are you doing for freedom?…I’m not pointing you out individually, unless your own conscience is now being stirred and you realize that you are not fighting for freedom.”

    Peggy does not want you to wear masks anywhere, ever.

    “Everything in your life is a choice. Everything. You choose to comply with this tyranny or you choose to fight for freedom.

    “Would you sleep with your boss, because that you would get a promotion?

    “‘I had to, because I had to get the promotion. I would

    have been fired if I didn’t sleep with my boss,’?

    “‘You know, ‘I had to embezzle from the company, because I really needed to pay my mortgage,’?

    “Is that something you’re willing to do? Do you have standards? Do you have integrity? Do you have self-respect?

    “This is a fight. It’s a full-blown war. What side are you on?”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I agree in personal rights [and know they can be abused] however realistic solutions on how to combat the existing challenge should be foremost on a platform such as this. I didn’t hear even one in the two videos. I have never made a complaint to any organisation without giving at least three solutions. In every case this approach led to positive change.

    • We just had a Assembly Meeting I begged people to do what your saying.
      We protest every Saturday since before the election.
      We want more people to show up! We are the people who spoke up Aug 29 and got arrested for this bullsh__!We who are awoke this is easy, but trying to tell the sheep is sooooo impossible. I’ve been given the finger. But I’m still fighting….. We are in World War III and people just don’t know it!!!!!!! We need to speak up like 1776 or more….

      Melody in Hawaii………speaking to you Aug29 and then arrested………..

    • Do not despair my dear Peggy! I too am fighting and will NEVER bow down. You are an inspiration to me and my two daughters! We raise your name often in awe and with love and severance. You ARE an inspiration. Fight on Sister in Christ: We stand beside you every single day.

    • To the 2nd amendment people, if you won’t make a stand for this, you won’t make a stand for that. Sick and tired of watching those 4 wheel drives with the american and trump waiving flags going to the store donning there american flag mask!!

    • I live in a mostly Jewish neighborhood, and no I am not a anti-semite, or I wouldn’t be living here in the first place. I like to see you, Peggy Hall, in all of your non grave digging glory, here where I live.
      Let me know when your coming to my zip code 21209, I’ll be waiting.

    • Peggy Hall, I’m from Missouri, the “show me state”,
      so show me how your “not complying”.

    • This article, along with the synchronicity of my viewing, thunderously hit home. While I do wear a mask many of the times that I am ‘asked’ to, I am always aware of the destructive thoughts/emotions/consequences, for myself and others, that come along with my opting out of standing in my sovereignty and choosing the less conspicuous route of ‘blending in’. Masks represent all that is Horrendously/Dangerously/Oppressively wrong with society…I know this…yet many times I have made a choice that, on a small scale, may appear as if it’s ‘causing no harm’ but on a larger scale that choice is in fact not only delaying my spiritual growth but also directly opposed to the things that I advocate. The day is fast approaching wherein the health of my conscience, my being able to look myself in the mirror with a pride (whose main Source is a derivative) of Standing In My Sovereignty will once again supersede all else.

    • Never wear a mask, never getting stabbed. YOU have been an inspiration and a source of strength to me! I mean it. Sharing your videos has helped many friends and relatives. Thank you for putting yourself out front and leading the way.

    • Thank you!! I know it’s a struggle when you put so much in the line every say and others just sit on their butts!

      I’m out getting signatures to get a state house member out of office. I’m telling people every day about our world. So many want to bury their head in the sand.

      Please keep plugging away!! I’m praying for you!

    • My own sister who was a RN has swallowed the poison pill because she always believed in conventional medicine. I got out if conventional medicine years ago because I know it’s the biggest hoax ever purported on the human race and this virus hoax and election steal is the beginning of the end unless we can win this war

    • Well, missy. That’s fine. Wondering where you live. I’m in a libtard city. I’m 65, no car. Depend on bus to get to store. Have to put the muzzle on to get on, then take it off. It’s sooooo easy to patronize us and do the righteous indignation thing when you obviously can get away with your anti-tyranny posturing. Nice house you’ve got there, I see. Bet you buy your t.p. in a boutique store too. I go to WM. The people I know are aware that I have knowledge they don’t. When they start to get sick or antsy, hopefully they’ll seek me out for what they need to know. Until then, I don’t shove my liberty schtick in their faces.

    • Me either I’ve been attacked and I’m disabled told to leave, so I do then start fighting with higher ups! Friends are going why can’t you just do it so we can whatever? NO! THIS IS WAR! I’m fighting for us all and they don’t care. Grocery stores have backed down one small casino wouldn’t so, they don’t get my business. I received a document from you to file lawsuit although it was from California and I’m in Nevada wasn’t able to apply it to my situation. I cook at home stay home basically sign and send letters petitions. I am Gods child and they are full of control and ugliness. I won’t bow down either. Lost friends and I don’t care. Now can’t even go around them because the shedding, most proclaim to be freedom fighters, loving God. It’s trying to say the least, give me liberty or give me death! People in other countries are fighting harder than U.S. as they have nothing to lose, everything to gain. We have lost so much and no one realizes it, infuriating to me I fight with all I have, only making 1 000 a month and still fighting with what I have. We have everything to loose, I can’t rap my head around why people won’t fight, your angry patriot in arms.

    • In my own quiet way – I try to “plant the seed” among those who appear to be “on the fence'” … for there is no way I would have any effect on the brainwashed and gullible .. I’ve already tried multiple times to reach them .. and it is of no use …. then I remember “neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample on them and turn again and rend you”….

      So — at this point, I think for me, the most important thing to do (even if it is miniscule) is to ‘talk to people’ one-to-one … face – to- face … and disclose facts to them … but only if I see I may have a shot at reaching them — those are the ones who may still have a chance at saving themselves.

      I’ve given up on legislators … they are only in it for themselves — Dr. Shiva told us and maintains his motto as … “let them go” …. “let them all go … for they don’t care about any of us …. they are only in it for themselves” …. the only way we are going to effect ANY change is if WE STAND UP AND FIGHT for our selves!

      I don’t know what more to do — sadly the only solutions that I see actually working will be EXTREME ACTION – and I won’t go into any of that here – but – that seems to be the path upon which we are moving.

      I couldn’t agree more when you say “we are at war” … unfortunately, most are not recoginzing what form that term is actually taking at our present point in time. ….. They don’t understand that this is the “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars’ …. this is the “Iron Mountain Report” in real time, real life — but how many have even heard of those? — When most hear the term war, they only think of tangible weaponry that point and shoot and go “rumble- rumble, boom-boom”. For them, it is inconceivable that there would be any other way, form or shape of war actually declared up on us. —- But here we have it – manifest before us.

      I know you are frazzled – and frustrated and rightfully so…. but .. even still, … your efforts have not been in vain, for you have set forth a chain of events and thoughts to reach so many of us … I am here on the east coast where the “brainwashed-spellbound undead, woke” are all-pervasive immense! Yet I have taken your words and have translated them into what could help me here in Mask-a-2-$$$its … downloanding our state Executive orders, printing out, highlighting excerpts under “exemptions” .. and handing out to friends to use when they are out in public. ….

      I I have been thinking about secretively going ‘door-to-door’ in the silence of the wee hours of the night to place notices and facts into people’s mailboxes.

      I will continue to watch your messages and news reports in my own personal fight. Your efforts are serving as the roots to our survival and they are not going unnoticed.

      May God bless you and all you do … and may God save us all.

    • Yes, I think the main point is summed up on one word… “sacrifice” …. one commentator (it may have been Dr. Sherri Tenpenny) who mentioned that – “Americans have never been INCONVENIENCED” ….

      She has asked … “how would we be willing to alter the very essence and core of our God-given divine and independent sovereignty” just to be able to “get on a plane” or … “go to a concert” … or … “go to a sports game” ….

      You are absolutely 100% right on target and I commend you for “repremanding your audience” and reminding them/us about this.

      Here in Mask-a-2-$$$hits (which is the land of the walking dead zombies) … I and a couple of friends of mine attended our first “Truth Freedom & Heatlh” rally hosted by Dr. Shiva Ayadurai ….

      I don’t know what actual effect it will have to alter and bring anything back to what we would consider acceptable … I know there is “strength in numbers” – but – I am seeing so many around me … almost everyone I have always known – accepting and complying with all of these restrictions and mandates —- and WE will be the ones who will feel the effect most of all.

      Everyday I pray about this – for God is the only one who can save us from this – even if we take the most aggressive measures to fight for ourselves. Eventually, it will come to resorting to taking the most aggressive measures we can imagine … and there will be bloodshed. A friend of mine who lives in Texas, while we were in a “deep spiritual conversation on chat” described it to me as “what we are witnessing is the beginning of Revelation”. … which to me, …. is terrifying.

      So for us … regarding the “sacrifice” I mentioned earlier, …. it could very will mean the “ultimate sacrifice”. ….. tragically.

      • Hello, I love your version of Massachusetts, it’s where I am also. The insidious circumstances that have been foisted upon us have (in my situation) pit family member against family member, husband against wife, son/daughter against mother and so on and on and on it goes. We are in fact in a war, a battle unto the death, that so far appears as if it’s going to get worse before it gets better, but one that imho we have (our higher selves) chosen to incarnate amongst. IMO The ultimate moral and karmic ramifications of that choice will resonate within us for eons….A more worthy cause (to at all times stand in our convictions) I have never seen.
        I myself have had difficulties where making the choice to not wear the mask is concerned. I’ve been confronted with and by those whom I love the most and are the closest to me, to the end that I now don the horrendous thing just to avoid the fight that would inevitably ensue. But it does not , ever, escape me that I, when choosing to wear a mask, am causing what could likely be irreparable damage to the very foundation that I myself stand upon. Needless to say its a daily and at times hourly struggle. When I read you are from Mass. I was happily shocked as their (seemingly) aren’t many who are aware of all that is currently happening, but then again the opposite could also be true, we have no way to know or to discern….the isolation of quarantine and social distancing has ensured that ‘divided so conquerable’ state of mind….IMO that may be one of the hoped for unfortunate effects ‘they’ are counting on. Along with all the other one time outlandish theories surrounding this hoax the above mentioned effect of isolation/distancing being a behind the scenes encouraged and cultivated outcome has more basis in reality that what the ‘officially recognized reality’ does at this point imo.
        My apologies for the lengthy rant. I wish you a good rest of your day.

    • I do not wear a mask! I speak my mind and have lost people who I thought were my friends.
      I do without in order to make payments. My Stinky is the same way…anyone raises their voice and he’s between you. I’ve had him since he was 3 months old and is 12 years young now. No JABS for him just good raw food and I supplement him with freeze-dried garlic, beets, blueberries and apples ( because I can, we built a pharmaceutical grade freeze-drying facility on our farm). diatomatious earth with spirulina. I am a widow and my son passed away. These are scary times HOWEVER i choose to FIGHT not ROLL OVER! THANK YOU PEGGY, I am a Canadian living in rural Ontario. Your words inspire me. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Much love your way
      I do the best I can with this despicable situation! I help the seniors in my area!

    • I love your spirited approach Peggy. I’ve been on the outside for nearly 20 years and paid a price but I sleep well.

    • If you will, please, post this video at the top of your website. I always give your website when the discussion arises, but to post this video, it will no doubt be “flagged” but I will post it, anyway. But in case Facebook and Twitter remove it, I can post your website wherever I can, then they will see this first and get the message, which is awesome, by the way!
      I also have not given into tyranny and cannot for the life of me understand how others do so easily. In my mind, I guess they just don’t realize how serious it is. I even had to tell my pets’ doctor, “I am not sick, and I know you aren’t, either, so you can remove the mask. You know it’s worthless AND dangerous, so why are you wearing one? But I shouldn’t have to tell you! You’re the doctor!” It’s sad, Peggy. So many people I previously held in high regard have lost all my respect. A dear friend even lost her life due to the mask. She had difficulties breathing (bronchial pneumonia), checked into the hospital, was intubated (?) and her lungs were destroyed.

    • It is amazing how many times I’ve walked in to places that post masks are required without wearing one myself, and no one says anything to me. Once a McDonald’s cashier tried to get me to put a mask on and I just said no. They don’t know how to respond. Sales have really been bad for all types of business and they want your money. Don’t be afraid. Be bold. It’s an awesome feeling. It’s exciting when I see a least one other not wearing a mask.

    • Thank You, Peggy!
      Every day my fight is strong, No Jab/Avoid the Slab
      I write letters every day
      I donate money to the lawyers who are seeing my state!
      And I never wear a mask!!!
      And I use my voice!

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