Donald Trump Jr’s direct messages (DMs) have been leaked by an unknown Federal investigator to the press.

We are definitely seeing WikiLeaks actively avoiding the appearance of being pro-Trump and pro-Russia. Are we seeing an inadvertent confirmation from WikiLeaks that Seth Rich was the leaker of the DNC emails?

Independent investigative journalist, Tim Poole breaks it down.


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  • I think this gives more evidence that points to Wikileaks NOT being a neutral organization, but was a pro-Trump and pro-Russia propaganda group. I suspected this last year during the presidential campaign and expressed such to Alexandra in several private emails.

    As the gentleman in the video said, Don Jr. could easily have deleted any number of messages to Wikileaks, which I’m sure he did, so we’re not even getting the full transaction between them. But, enough is there, though, to show that Assange wanted Trump’s tax returns to present as if they were “leaked” and thus providing false evidence that Wikileaks was even handed. Assange alludes that this would then give him a cover to go after Hillary Clinton even more, as the public would think of Wikileaks as being “non-bias,” which in fact it wasn’t and isn’t now.

    Of course, Trump will never release those tax returns, I’m sure they contain bombshell revelations that would drive half his base away. And, they’re already falling off.

    And what was Don Jr. doing carrying on this exchange with Assange in the first place?

    Assange comes off as rather creepy. The video doesn’t mention his request to Don Jr. to try to persuade his father to appoint him(Assange) Ambassador to Australia. Assange is not a U.S. citizen, he’s Australian, so I don’t know if that would even be legal under or not.

    All in all, this exchange between Don Jr. and Assange further undermines Wikileaks credibility.

  • Speculating all over the place in this one and no real evidence of anything besides some questionable screenshots from the so-called players. Sounds like another created “rabbit hole” that many people, unfortunately, will jump into.

  • …why would an information source sporting a ten year perfect record of credibility suddenly begin publicly quacking and touting with bias? Not buyin’ this wrinkle brow presentation…

  • I’m certainly not outraged. Why would one be outraged? Confusing POV about WikiLeaks as if the site has some moral code to uphold. They leak information, guy. When has leaking information from any source in the press, mainstream or alternative, been governed by morality or ethics? Geez. Since Assange disappeared suddenly and returned after a month (was it?) I’ve been suspicious of the site and it’s leaks but not outraged. Who is running the site today? No one really knows. What happened last year? No one really knows. Why the voice change in postings? No one really knows. The Seth Rich page may be real or not. If you’ve done the research you already know that all the evidence points to toward the DNC for culpability.

    Bottom line for me–anyone who uses the phrase “conspiracy theory” to label or explain evidence these days is not worth listening to. That person has not climbed out of the CIA hole, yet. BTW, guy–Pizzagate, like the worldwide pedophilia ring IS VERY REAL. I don’t care how many public interviews the MSM holds with these creepy politically connected, glossy-paged magazine touted pedophiles of D.C. in order to help the Deep State protect themselves. Why do you think the MSM went to the mattresses, not once but TWICE, to protect Alefantis’? It was not about Clinton. It was about the Shadow Government being unveiled through them. Use your brain!


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