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An email sent to Cairns News in 2021 by Gareth Train, one of the six victims of a police shooting in Queensland last year, indicates that his family was somehow caught up in the shadowy world of MK Ultra – a social engineering experiment employing drugs and mind control run from the 1950s by US and UK intelligence operations.

The sanitised Wikipedia article on MK Ultra is sufficiently horrific for the average citizen. What is worse are the details of how this program affected individual Australians, for instance, people like Fiona Barnett, Martin Bryant, members of the Anne Hamilton Byrne cult, the victims of the Chelmsford “hospital” experiments and others.

MK Ultra was a joint operation involving British Commonwealth and American intel agencies, foundations, think tanks, universities and drug companies that conducted a massive social engineering experiment involving drugging of selected people and broader populations with hallucinogenic LSD and other drugs.

Wikipedia notes it “also involved people being subjected to electro-shocks, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, and verbal and sexual abuse, in addition to other forms of torture.” What Wikipedia’s entry failed to mention was satanic ritual abuse (SRA), which includes all those forms of abuse and torture, but which horrifically, is conducted on innocent children.

The objective of this sinister experiment is not only control of individuals but entire populations. Related to this are the multiple mass shootings over decades by disturbed – but controlled – individuals with multiple personality disorder who can be “triggered” to do certain things. A key institution in this is Britain’s Tavistock Institute that studies “social psychiatry” and brainwashing. The CIA also plays major roles.

A 1997 investigative report by Executive Intelligence Review notes that Tavistock’s “theory of turbulence” holds that entire populations may be driven into infantile regression by repeated terrorist shocks such as mass shootings. “Tavistock’s strategic mission is to replace a civilization of self-ruling, industrial nation-states with a ‘post-industrial’, globalized world ruled by a tiny oligarchy,” the report states. We can see, post the Covid plandemic, that this idea is far from a wild conspiracy theory.

The report noted the Tavistock-linked Australian psychiatrist, Dr Eric Cunningham Dax, first examined Martin Bryant in 1983-84, and “set the parameters for all his future ‘treatment’.” “In early 1994,on one of his trips to the United Kingdom, he (Bryant) checked into a hotel in Hereford, the super-sensitive home of Britain’s elite Special Air Services (SAS). Bryant started acting so strangely, that the hotel management notified the police, who notified Interpol, which in tum put in inquiries to the police in Tasmania, who replied that his slate was clean,” EIR reported.

The significance of the Train email suddenly came starkly evident after the Weiambilla shooting, which involved a strange series of events involving NSW and Queensland police – already noted by Cairns News. We have to ask the question as to whether the Trains knew too many names of those involved in the Australian arm of this program.

“You need to understand that I believe nothing is going to stop the cabal from their Luciferian MK agenda that is coming to fruition……..My MK program story starts in my early childhood in Sydney and ends with the attempt to take and off me (sic) at the age of 6 and the death of my grandfather after I asked him what his involvement was,” Gareth Train’s email states.

“This is when I went silent or quiet and chose to just get on with my life….I could write a book like Fiona or Brice but it would be short and pointy although I did find these women’s experiences interesting besides who would that serve? Who even believes truth when Hollywood has prostituted the MK story to death and placed it in the science fiction horror or action category.”

Fiona is obviously the Australian SRA survivor Fiona Barnett and Brice, Brice Taylor, an American woman who, like Barnett, went through the satanic ritual abuse horrors of MK Ultra and the related Project Monarch. Both have written books detailing their unbelievably horrific experiences as children born into families that submit themselves to the abuse and “rewards” of a network of prominent, influential people compromised initially by sexual acts and then a spiral of regression into satanic ritual abuse and murder of children and others.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • This post IS about the Ohio train derailment…

    Video of Dr Lee Merritt, from yesterday, saying we don’t have good info, mostly panic and speculation intended to generate more panic (ie terrorism, basically).

    She has questions about “motives and goals”…land grab, Amish farming practices as a target, damage to trade for Ohio farmers and their products,etc.
    She’s recommending skepticism about parties who ” never let a crisis go to waste”.
    Admittedly, she’s doing some speculation of her own.

    Monday FEB 20,2023
    “Ohio Chemical Spill–It’s not what you think” …about 16min video…

  • Train? Which train?
    The one in Ohio?

    Sorry. Bad timing for humans.

    Right on time for the language-bending,
    mindf*ckery death eaters.

    • I had that same thought, play on words/names. I had seen it as well with Bishop O’Connell in California that was just shot to death. He happened to be from Cork, Ireland where the Ottoman Turks & Algerians emptied out an entire village in 1631. So, in todays time they’re back in Ireland to finish off the Irish with more African migration. Too bad for Bishop O’Connell thinking he can make a difference with one group, while he betrays his own.

      • Jay said:

        “Too bad for Bishop O’Connell thinking he can make a difference with one group, while he betrays his own.”

        A whole ‘nuther ball of yarn in this post,Jay.

        Was the bishop betraying “his own” …
        Citizens of Cork?

        A quick web search showing the bishop was shot one day ago in his California home…

        Was the bishop involved in mass immigration for big money?

        In the US?
        In Ireland?

        • Bishop O’Connell was noted for helping migrants here in the U.S. for decades, from the Southern border. In that way, yes, to betrayal on Americans.
          While uprise continues in Ireland today with violent African decent migration, I found it ironic that the Bishop was born in the same town in Ireland, notable for “Sack of Baltimore” in 1631, when these same decent from the same place enslaved the entire Cork village. So yes, his betrayal on his people, the Irish as well as the Catholic church in Ireland. Ireland for century’s has been noted for being “Irish Catholic.”
          So where is the “Church” Now when Ireland needs them the most?? Giving away 8th Century Franciscans Order building, home to the Friar’s, to house migrants wanting to harm Irish boys & girls on the streets.

          • Thanks for the reply,Jay.

            Kalergi Plan>Cloward-Piven>Barbra Lerner-Spectre>Bishop O’Connell

            Don’t know if that’s an accurate progression, but I don’t see another pattern emerging to refute it.

    • This is a story from Australia that a friend there begged me to post here, so I did.

      It’s hella confusing, because the surname is “Train” and we’re talking about all these derailments…

      • Thanks for the backstory, Alexandra.

        I don’t need to tell you how “line breaks”
        in headlines can strike readers…


        Given the recent Ohio train derailment and fears about other potential train sabotage,
        I know I wasn’t expecting a story from Australia with a multi-year, even multi- generational development curve.

        I can’t help wonder if publishing this story
        with different timing would have gotten it a better hearing.

        Not a criticism!

        On another topic:
        When do you sleep?

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