From the JFK assassination to the Las Vegas Shootings, witnesses to these events have been suicided, Arkancided and died under suspicious circumstances.

Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt and I take a look at the many cases of witness elimination, past and present.

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  • It’s interesting about a point that Miss Bruce brought up about “what’s happening to our culture/arts in our country today.” And even the “pacification and inactivity” of the masses I’ve also detected. And I’ve often discussed this very thing with my son recently. Does it have to do with the GMO’s that they are putting in our food (I read the back label on a “Nature Valley”, Granola Bar (thinking that it’s healthy), that I like to eat. And it stated that some of the contents are Genetically Modified). So, I ask myself, why? What are they adding, or modifying? What are they modifying and how can that affect a person.

  • Just picking up on something Alexandra said…It would be great if fktv had posts about art and music! There’s some really great contemporary art out there that gets overlooked by the institutions. For the most part you only know about it if you know about it, so it’s kind of like a speakeasy system. The art establishment is a bit one dimensional and very sexist. And they don’t help the public understand the entirety of artistic endeavour. The reality is that the modernist idea of artists speaking above people’s heads to an ideal utopian audience is losing its grip. The politics of the art world is an interesting subject and an increasing number of artists are starting to re-engage with it. It’s important I think because it’s supposed to be the aim of art to help us understand what reality is. (Which is of course exactly what alt media is doing!) That’s been it’s essential function since cave painting. Anyone with an art school education will have that waft into their psyche. But its a struggle for artists to remain relevant when they are only showing their work to each other!

  • Lol Daniel, I was wondering about that. If it’s true, Daniel is a lucky guy, eh? Beauty and brains, what a killer combination!


  • wow, did you say the flat earth is a psy op? Use your intelligence, your eyes and investigate before making stupid remarks! We live in a holographic matrix, a 3d game and its flat! We are the creators, we create everything with our thoughts from a quantum perspective. Jfk planned his own death. He was part owner of a movie company, its deep. But yep, earth is flat. Look at the evidence!

    • So, your Earth is flat. Does that mean you live in a 1 D world? My holographic world has round objects that can be seen at night in the sky, does your 1 D world have a sky? What holds it down? Oh, that’s right a dumb, I mean dome.

    • Since we never went further in space than “near earth orbit” we really can’t be sure what our earth looks like because they’ve never taken a picture of it without using a “fish eye lense.” I’ve been kicking around the “flat earth” scenario’s postulated on line, and it makes sense to me that the earth doesn’t appear to be round based on the math and the newer photographic lenses they have on cameras. I know how hard it is for people to get their heads around how we’ve been lied to (by the media and our government) about just about everything that affects our everyday lives. In order for people to come around to finding the “real truth” about the nature of things, you may want to tone down your rhetoric about how people are stupid because they don’t believe what you believe, right now. Even if what you believe is true. Sometimes people have to be spoon fed the truth, and even then, they still may not want to believe it. Go easy, that’s all I’m saying.

  • All you have to do is listen to the interviews with the “heroes” and “victims” of Las Vegas to know they are incredible, absurd and unworthy of belief.


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