This is as good of an assessment of what’s happening in US Presidential politics at this moment, as anything I’m seeing out there. It’s not clear whether Trump is an “insider” or if he’ll be forced to capitulate into being one. As the presenter says here, if he gets assassinated, then well know for sure that he was not an insider.

It can seem like a confusing maze but it’s really very simple: the Central Bankers control the Deep State and pretty much everything and everyone that uses money and that is connected to systems of credit. That means virtually everybody in the developed and in the developing worlds.


The more sophisticated the financial system that you live within, the more reliant upon it for your every need, the more at-risk you are in the face of a systemic, global financial collapse.

There is only one palpable enemy of humanity on this planet, which has pitted us against each other for centuries. It is the Central Banking System, the force behind all wars in our lifetimes.

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  • Very informative. I hope the illuminati fail again. I mean illuminati has been wanting to start world war 3 for a long time. I want peace. Always have wanted peace. I am with Korea on that.

  • I see someone else thinks the Deep State will attempt to replace Trump with Pence, their Deep Stater. Called this one in Fall before the election. I hope Clif High is correct in his emotional predictive language assessment and not me. What a big feaking mess the Deep Staters are causing for everyone. They are so predictable. I suppose:

    “When you’re a hammer the whole world looks like a nail.”–nothing more true

    I looked to find any link on the search engines for the “evacuation routes” from big cities for those who can pay. Like to see where he got his information on that point. Came off as a little fear-pornish.

    • As this guy says, there are unique “Evacuation Services” that charge high net-worth individuals $90k/yr to be ready to tell them how to get out of “Dodge”, be it from NYC, Long Island (specialized boats often involved) or Dallas.

      I know, from having serviced the oligarchs out here on the East End of Long Island and others who have even more intimate views of their homes, that the housekeeping staffs of some of these banksters are all assassin-trained. The chef can throw knives at you like a ninja and/or take you out with martial arts. The kids each have 2 bodyguards at all times…

      • The knife throwing thing reminds me of the movie the “Long Kiss Goodnight” when Geena Davis’ character is waking up to her real training and thinks she’s a chef. “Look! I’m a chef!” She throws a huge butcher knife across the room to hit the opposite wall of the kitchen “Chefs to that, you know?”

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