Last September, the so-called “Media Shield” Bill was introduced into Congress by New York Senator, Chuck Schumer, ostensibly, to protect journalists from having to reveal their sources. This, in a bid to “balance the need for national security with that of a free press.”

The Bill passed into law – but not without significant arguments. Senator John Cornyn of Texas acknowledged that, “This bill was called for because of abuses by the Justice Department,” due to the unrelenting overreach of Attorney General, Eric H. Holder. Cornyn went on to accurately state that the Obama Administration has “been the most abusive to the press in modern times, but a new law is not what we need.” Cornyn was one of five Republicans who opposed the Bill.

For his part, Schumer, argued that putting the guidelines into law would prevent the Obama administration and future administrations from overstepping their authority.

But the kicker came on September 12, 3014, when California Senator, Diane Feinstein insisted on limiting such legal protections to “real reporters” and not, she said, to “a 17-year-old with his own website.”

She introduced an amendment to the Bill, defining a “covered journalist” as someone who gathers and reports news for “an entity or service that disseminates news and information.” The definition includes freelancers, part-timers and student journalists, and it permits a judge to go further [sic] and extend the protections to any “legitimate news-gathering activities.”

Oh – I get it, let’s protect to those “legitimate” “entities” that are owned by 6 – count ’em – mega-conglomerates, which control 90% of ALL media in the United States!

Feinstein was hell-bent on trying to ensure that only these criminal, “Mainstream” propaganda boxes should enjoy such protections – not REAL truth-tellers, like the Chelsea Mannings of the world – not the millions of Americans – not the millions of people, worldwide, who, thanks to 17-year-olds with their own websites – and many others, with websites of their own, who are becoming wise to the racketeering and genocidal ways of world governments.

We can’t be having that, can we?

Quoth Feinstein: “I can’t support it, if everyone who has a blog has a special privilege.”

Predictable, right? But who knew that this Congressional Kabuki Dance appears to have been part of a larger, coordinated effort with our “Special Relationship” creep du jour, UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, who only 12 days after the “Media Shield” Law’s passing addressed the UN General Assembly about coming together to defend against Islamic Extremism by conflating that phenomenon with people who question the official government narratives of 9/11 and the the 7/7 London attacks, while calling for “a new Special Representative on Extremism.”

Google is also getting in on the Orwellian act, by creating an algorithm in its search engine called the “Knowledge Vault”, which would make alternative views and news appear way down on the 20th page of search results, based on their divergence from mainstream propaganda.

Meanwhile, there was nary a whisper in the Anglo- and NATO-spheric Mainstream News of the jaw-dropping and profoundly telling event, which occurred on February 24th, when two UK supply planes, laden with weapons earmarked for ISIS were shot down by the Iraqi Army, as reported by Iran’s Fars News Agency.

Thank goodness for companies, like Maidsafe, which are working to decentralize the Internet – and for the country of Brazil, which is building an entirely new Internet, separate from the US Department of Defense’s DARPAnet, which we use today, which spoonfeeds spooks with every detail of our online lives. The clip above is an excerpt from Cameron’s speech, in which YouTuber, Dolores Flores has done us the favor of creating a tongue-in-cheek translation in “real English” subtitles, to decode his sneaky politician-speak.

“Hope it helps! ;-)” she adds.

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