Dr. David Janda, host of the radio show, “Operation Freedom” joins Greg Hunter to discuss what’s raging behind-the-scenes with last week’s presidential order to declassify and unredact some 28 pages of documents that were initially used to justify the ongoing zombie Russia Probe against Donald Trump.

Janda is a respected orthopedic surgeon who maintains close contacts in Washington from his time at the National Institute of Health’s Trauma Research Task Force and as a Bush appointee, on the Board of the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. Through his contacts, Janda is privy to many of the juicy details that are not being reported in what he calls the “bought-off, fake lamestream media.”

I’ve been calling the US political maelstrom a “soap opera” and although the situation is incredibly stressful, for some of us, all of this intrigue is also fiendishly entertaining. On that level, this interview definitely delivers.

I’ve set the start point to after their opening discussion about the zoo surrounding the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation. We come in as they discuss the 12 assassination attempts made against Trump and how part of the the Establishment’s fight against declassifying and unredacting relates to specific texts between Comey and McCabe, which will reveal incitements to “violence directed toward Trump,” according to Janda.

One comment of Janda’s here that I found interesting is that if there is a “Deep Throat” in this whole story, it is Lisa Page and that she may have been flipped as early as last January. I have my own source who tells me that Lisa Page is currently under guard of the US Marshals, in the Witness Protection Program (WitSec).

Janda says that after the mid-terms, a parallel investigation will be revealed that has been ongoing between DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz and US Attorney John Huber from Utah. Greg Hunter says that he’s heard that Loretta Lynch is cooperating and he asks Dave Janda if this is true. His reply is, “If she isn’t talking, she’s in huge trouble…I’ve heard from one source that she’s talking.”

As for Lynch’s meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton, he says, “It’s my understanding that there was prior arrangement between her security detail and Bill Clinton’s Secret Service detail…One of [my] concerns…when it came to Carter Page and the FISA warrant, that the initial FISA warrant never went in front of a judge and it actually went to [Lynch] on an emergency basis. She approved this surveillance, the tapping…of Carter Page – which she could do, as Attorney General…it was in place for a week and then she went back to the FISA Court and had a particular judge rubber-stamp the ongoing surveillance of Carter Page.”

Janda says the order to declassify these FISA and -related documents has put the DC Swamp into panic mode and their attempts to start a war in Syria is an indicator of the magnitude of what this declassification represents.

There are many more juicy details, like the “smoking gun” evidence that General Michael Flynn was “working for the Russians” was a photograph of him at a dinner with Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Janda says that also in that photo, seated between both men was Green Party 2016 Presidential Candidate, Jill Stein (!)

Janda says the next couple of months are going to be rough, as we see indictments rolling out on people like former CIA Director, John Brennan. Janda suggests that the cognitive dissonance will be rough for the millions of people that have bought the propaganda of the Establishment and Mainstream Media. He also discusses the economic disruptions that will result from these revelations.

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  • I’m not entirely sure why the deep state would be angry with Trump when he seems to be doubling-down on support for I.S and the White Helmets in Syria, as well as Saudi’s continued atrocities in Yemen. More children killed there last week. Is he really so different from Obama and Bush? If there is a factional war, it has nothing to do with the fake right verses the fake left – that’s just bread and circuses. If various masons are having a turf war, noble issues of principle will be quite low on their lists.

  • I think that we can count on the ‘next couple of months’ being rough. I love the quote: “Politicians are all pirates and we only get to vote for the lies we prefer to hear”. That for me is a hard pill to swallow….but I will have to admit we are all in on the ‘plot’ so to speak. Can anyone believe the absolute lunacy that is called government, now. It’s a game and it’s a dirty one. Is there any honour or justice in what’s taking place with the people that are elected to use their power to give the people they represent trust that they running the country with integrity. I’d like to believe ….but I don’t believe in ‘make believe’.

  • Pavel below could be correct and the “source” of all this is the rigmarole spewed out by Q-anon. All sorts of indictments have been predicted by various people the publisher of this site has paraded by. So far, nothing. We’ll see in the future.

    It’s obvious that the person and family really in “panic mode,” is Trump and family, The whole declassification is being done to detract from Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen flipping and giving hours of secret testimony to the Mueller team. Wow, do they know the inside skinny on Trump’s relationships to the Russian oligarchs and his past shady business dealings.

    At some point we’ll hopefully find out what Trump is hiding by refusing to disclose his IRA tax filings.

  • The cognitive dissonance for some people in the coming months is certain to be rough, that’s for sure. The question is who are going to be the people dealing with the rough ride. My guess is that it’s going to be about 90% of Americans. If you sincerely believe there are any good people anywhere in your government, you are going to be sorely disappointed. I include your president, of course.

  • …so I’ve read the five comments here so far, along with many from the mostly deluded ‘drain the swamp’ cohort.
    The most paihful point of concern for me is the harsh ‘us n them’ meme (seeded and nurtered by the swamp things) which dominates the thinking of all critiques and critics.
    Everyone thinks and talks like they have the answer when in fact we are ALL being played through our emotional attachments to our beliefs.
    Divide and conquer – Hegalian dialectic – msm domination – decade uipon decade of famous institutional ‘big brains’ seeking fame and forture by serving research spawned by nefasrious elements of the alphabets and corpses.
    ‘IT’ is in no way partisan, and has not been since at least late raygun era. Mohey and power rule, see the stained and treasonous coup d’etat by SCOTUS, the sacrosanct and hallowed jibbering old stentorian ego’s on the bench in 2000…’we can’t harm the reputation of GWB’ as legal basis fort APPOINTING the presidehcy!!
    as one truth teller stated, ‘it’s a great big club n you ain’t innit’.
    Infected wounds must be cleansed harshly, and not through the hands of those who created and maintain the infection.
    Carefully read the Declaration of Independence for a _complete_ road map of remedy.

  • Like the so-called RIGHT winger’s Never LIE themselves?!?! GIVE ME A BREAK!….PLEASE?
    And STOP trying to sell US on a “White Savior” called Donald Trump.
    He is just ONE piece of the SWAMP called Washington DC.
    By the way the SP court Turd wants to make the Office of President IMMUNE to “Prosecution” if wrongful or criminal conduct is discovered.
    IF anyone is NOT too STUPID realizes WHAT that means…They know there should be NO SUCH THING AS A “PUBLIC OFFICE” BEING IMMUNE TO PROSECUTION.
    Am I the Only one here that SEES this???

  • The left is nothing but the worst people in this Country. They do violence, lies and hate everything that stand for freedom. There are double standards. Crucified President Trump, let Hillary off for all her crimes. Our new Supreme Court Judge is being accused of sexual violence where the jerk who accused him, doesn’t know where it happened, what day, it’s made up and nothing did happen. Just another lie for the Far left to get Trump

  • I will be blunt, no honorable men in power live or are found in the Western World = EU + US + UK Common Wealth.
    What I do know if it ever comes to a WW again many countries the Western World are at odds with will be very motivated to defend their borders and rightly so and they will defend the honorable men who lead them to victory to defend land and culture.

    You can’t motivate cannon fodder to be anything else but cannon fodder. The important things that constitute life are already stripped in the Western World most of the Western citizens have already embraced anti-life.

    It would bear more fruit for Western men to look in the mirror and make oneself honorable again and in that, I agree that Catherine Austin Fitts knows a great deal about she simply ouses honorability.

    Waiting that someone/thing is going to drain a swamp! Not so much.

    • AMEN!!! There is no such thing as “Honorable” in ANY Form of Government…PERIOD!
      Remember WHAT Government means; GOVERN-MIND???
      The WAY rulers act today, to become part of “The CLUB” you Must be CRIMINAL in the first place….REMEMBER???
      This is WHY the Fake Jews love to use “Entrapment” tactics to get their way from so-called “Elected” officials…Donald Trump is ON THEIR LIST…”BEFORE” HE RAN FOR THE OFFICE.
      The PROOF is all over the Internet.

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