Filipino YouTuber Allec Joshua Ibay has created a successful channel by reconstructing famous aircraft incidents using Microsoft Flight Simulator, including Federal Express Flight 705, which went totally viral on this site a couple of years ago.

Many reading this were alive in 1999 when the “Rogue Learjet” of golf champion Payne Stewart lost cabin pressure shortly after takeoff from Orlando and flew 1,800 miles on autopilot until it ran out of fuel.

Early in the flight, the lack of response from the cabin to air traffic control raised immediate concern and when the plane failed to make its designated turn toward Dallas, a US Air Force F-16 was scrambled to intercept it within minutes. The trajectory of the Ghost Plane dominated the news that day and four F-16s from various bases escorted it to its final descent and impact near Aberdeen, South Dakota. The two crew members and four passengers had succumbed to hypoxia several hours before the plane pancaked into the ground.

This incident was at the forefront of my mind two years later during 9/11, when at one point, 7 commercial jets were reported to have been hijacked yet no fighter jets were reported to have been scrambled to escort them.

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  • It could be interesting for a researcher to explore Stewart’s family connections (as well as the other passengers). Might be a Kabal Konnection.

  • I wonder if Payne Stewart had inside information on the PGA, it’s policies, and their cash cow Woods? If so, another 4 suicided for ‘the greater good’. When it comes to the kakistocracy, I am never surprised by anything done.


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