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Deadliest Vax Lots: Vials Went to All 50 States, Still in Circulation

Last week, Dr Jane Ruby broke the story that a huge percentage of side effects recorded in the CDC’s VAERS database are linked to just a small percentage of the vaccine batches produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

This information came from a group calling itself “Team Enigma”, a group of independent researchers fro the fields of medical R&D, statistics and data analytics that publishes HowBad.Info

Although Team Enigma is mostly anonymous, one of their members, Sasha Latypova, a retired pharmaceutical executive is willing to speak publicly and she joined Stew Peters to discuss her shock and horror at the “total breakdown of the FDA, CDC.”

She says for example that the VAERS data shows that just one batch of Moderna vials caused over 5,000 adverse events but nothing is being done to shut down the vaxx, let alone to take that batch off the market.

Not that there’s any “safe” lots or batches, she says. It’s just that some lots are deadlier than others.

She says, “Imagine this. If you have a bag of candies with 100 candies in it, two of them contain cyanide. Are you saying the bag is safe? No! The whole bag is poison. This is how pharmaceutical research and development and how pharmaceutical surveillance and safety surveillance works.

“If you identify a couple of products that somehow don’t meet the standards, you have to deem the entire lot, the entire production line, the entire everything contaminated…

“What we found is the the manufacturing process is completely uncontrollable and uncontrolled and so it can be interfered with at any step of the manufacturing process…

“If you have a broken-down and uncontrollable manufacturing process, it’s a perfect cover for any nefarious activity. If you wanted to execute this crime, you would want to have no surveillance and no quality control and no checks, because if you did have them, you would be caught.”

She urges people not to get the vaxx and to please not to vaxxinate their children.

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