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Barack Obama’s private chef, 45-year old Tafari Campbell drowned in an apparent paddleboarding accident in the shallow lagoon right in front of the former President’s $12 million Martha’s Vineyard estate.

Divers found Campbell’s body 100 feet from the shore of Obama’s private beach in 8 feet of water. There was a witness to his death who called police to the Obama residence but as of yet, this person has not been publicly identified.

Barack and Michelle were reportedly not staying at the house, which is one of four luxury estates they own in Hawaii, Chicago, Washington DC and Martha’s Vineyard.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Looks like Hussein is doing his own backyard wetwork , some things are best left to the professionals. Bet this blows up in his face like a birthday surprise from big mike and washes him and the paddle board surfing wookie off the puppet pedestal . So no free ride no HOPE for a BigMike / Kamelhoe ticket and the prospects of a demoncrat dream team gets deepsixed .

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