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  • Uhhh…I think it might be worth a bit of background checking…

    I think perhaps “The Great Work” *IS* the >>> “NWO”…Novus Ordo Seclorum

    I had to backtrack the last minute or so of the video…that circle/triangle logo with the eye in the center looks familiar.

    Some new words added around the three sides.
    Considering their fondness for symbols/logos/branding/non-verbal communications, the nice words are almost a throw-away.

    I think it was even said in the clip (paraphrased): “we don’t need to know *how* they operate (symbols), they just need us to *submit*.”

    • Be careful what one believes, you could be tearing down your own institutions by nefarious outsiders.
      Novus = New, Young, Novel
      Ordo = Order, Row, Series
      Seclorum = Ages, Generations, Centuries

      The Eye of Providence, on the Great Seal: Annuit Coeptis
      Annuit = Nod, Assent, to favor, smile upon
      Coeptis = Undertakings, endeavors, beginnings

      Providence is a word favored by our founders: Declaration of Independence of 1776
      “Our firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence”

      E Pluribus Unum: is an action
      Pluribus = Plural
      Unum = Unit
      “Many uniting into one”
      “Out of many one”

  • Reese report put it into a nutshell. The laws of nature are based on God and love, for God is love. Laws commonly go against nature where there is no God and about is about thyself. Problem acknowledged. Excellent report.


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