This montage of early 1990s television specials was curated by the JFK Assassination Forum. It features interviews with Rachel Oswald Porter and June Oswald Porter, the daughters of Marina and Lee Harvey Oswald, who were raised by their mother and their adoptive father, Kenneth Jess Porter.

The two girls grew up in a small Texas town, sheltered by their parents and grandparents from the truth of their father’s identity but came to understand its implications when they were young adults. Rachel discusses the psychological impact of her realization that her father was accused and seen by many as the killer of one of the most beloved leaders in US History. She then describes having researched the events to the extent that she was convinced that her father was innocent of the assassination.

In June’s interview with Today Show host, Bryant Gumbel, she says that she was coming forward on the show, due to the publication of Gerald Posner’s 1993  book, ‘Case Closed’. June diplomatically states that while she welcomed Posner and others investigating the case, that the case was far from “closed” and that more documents and testimonies existed, which needed to be studied before any such conclusion could be reached.

June’s poise in this interview is impressive, as she discusses a letter to the-President Clinton for non-essential personal effects, which had been seized by the US Government from her home as an infant, including her birth certificate, the lack of which had prevented her from getting a passport. Her request had so far been ignored.

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  • These ladies should not be being oppressed by this communist government. Their dad did not kill JFK. High ranking officials in our government were responsible for the murder of JFK. The government has lied and covered up, and the media is complicit in this.

  • These girls were NOT part of anything. Not part of their dad’s business, the gov’t business or any other business. They were little girls so why is it that they can’t get their personal papers and ID’s back from the dictatorship gov’t ? What does the gov’t have against them? Just more coverup and taking it out on the girls. Shame, shame, shame!

  • It’s high time the “real truth” be forthcoming by the media, although I don’t expect that to happen. The lies have prevailed for too long.
    It’s a HUGE coverup by the feds once again!

  • Rachel and June should be assured that their father did not kill JFK. He was right in his last words: “I was just a patsy.” He was clearly set up to be the fall guy. The job was done by
    professional assassins and behind them were major figures in our government, most of whom are already dead of natural causes. The forensic evidence was altered–corrupted to hide the truth and protect those who had a vested interest in removing JFK for several reasons including his plan to shut down the cash cow Viet Nam war which was enriching many of our psychopathic “leaders” and continues today in the middle east with a new generation of beneficiaries: We citizens are kept uninformed: We’re “bad for bidness.” Oswald was the only figure who told the truth in the JFK Affair of 1963.


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