Darren Beattie joins Steven Bannon to discuss the billion-dollar verdict against Alex Jones yesterday in the sandy Hook trial and says we’ve just discovered the price of Free Speech.

“That you can use, basically the feelings of grieving families to silence open discussion about tragedies, that is a very, very dangerous precedent…Should people be prohibited from being allowed to speak, for instance on the Las Vegas shooting? The biggest [mass] shooting in our nations’ history, that’s still curiously unsolved?

“Should the Regime be allowed to pick victims’ families and have them say, ‘You know what? I feel uncomfortable with people asking questions about this.’

“Anything that’s a national tragedy is going to have grieving families and the question is, ‘Should those families be entitled [through Deep State manipulation]…to silence open discussion on things?’…The family of Seth Rich started suing anyone who questions the circumstances of his death.

“So for things of national significance, is that the right precedent, to say basically, whenever there are any grieving families associated with any national event with profound political implications, that you better watch what you say about this, otherwise, we will completely destroy you economically, if not worse…

“This issue of bringing up Sandy Hook in order to destroy Alex Jones is a post-Trump phenomenon. Alex Jones was not hated by the Regime to this level prior to Trump…The chronology of it shows you how extraordinarily cynical this move is to use Sandy Hook in order to silence someone who’s been very disruptive to the Regime…

“He’s being treated as though he’s responsible for this national tragedy and again, to underscore how cynical the Regime’s use of this national tragedy is, to take out one of their most vocal and effective¬† political opponents, just months after the Sandy Hook tragedy, Alex Jones went on CNN, of all places…to talk about gun control. He sits there for a long time, a 40-minute exchange with Piers Morgan and Sandy Hook was so much on the forefront of everybody’s mind, in terms of Alex Jones’ culpability that it wasn’t mentioned once!

“My point here is that, this whole thing about ‘Alex Jones is responsible for Sandy Hook!’ and ‘We need to use Sandy Hook to destroy him and make it such that he’s not able to have a platform to communicate with anybody!’ this is a post-Trump phenomenon, it doesn’t really have to do with Sandy Hook, it’s cynical with respect to how it exploits the victims’ families and it’s cynical with respect to the spirit of the First Amendment, which should entitle all Americans to be able to speak openly about tragedies of national significance. It has a horrible chilling effect and precedent and really, if the Regime is able to get its way here, better not talk about the Las Vegas shooting, better not talk about any tragedy or question the Regime’s official narratives on any tragedy or their grieving families, because they might be exploited and used to shut you up and put you in bankruptcy…

“We’ve seen the evolution of censorship predicates to basically shut you up. First, they said, ‘Racist’ and “White Supremacist’ Then, they said you’re a ‘Disinformation Spreader’. This is about the latest censorship predicate, which is the darkest and most dangerous and that is this pseudo fancy-sounding term, ‘Stochastic Terrorism’.

“It basically means, ‘If you disagree with me, you’re trying to incite violence against me, therefore I’m justified using violence and any action against you to destroy you first.’ And this is the new favored term of the Left and surprisingly enough, it describes exactly what the Left’s been doing to go after people on the Right, including Supreme Court justices and so, we get into great detail about his term that everyone should be aware of because you’re going to start hearing it a lot.”

To read more about how this latest censorship predicate that the Regime is using to destroy us, check out Darren’s article on Revolver.News.

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  • The progressive left’s using of the children as fodder is the gift that keeps giving to themselves
    Control Alex Jones with a kangaroo court all of which is against American Constitutional law but the progressive left needs this to continue so Alex Jones and Infowars are not going to go anywhere anytime soon

    • There is no “my constitutional rights” in there courts; you mention that word, the JUDGE will probably slap a contempt of court charge on you; with the money that alex has, he could’ve hired a common law advocate and maybe learned how to establish jurisdiction in “his court”; it is all about jurisdiction; and another thing; when you’re a plaintiff or a defendant (7 levels below your creator) you are not a

  • I saw Naomi Wolf give a talk on how the Boston Bombing was a CIA false flag with crisis actors. I think a lot of these school shootings the CIA is behind one way or another. Including the Vegas shooting


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