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The Governance Control System

Join Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and his special guest Whitney Webb, author of the sensational two-volume set, ‘One Nation Under Blackmail’.

Whitney walks us through decades of the covert power struggles in the national security state. From Roy Cohn to Jeffrey Epstein, the figures may be familiar but with her wide angle lens, she lets us see the truth behind the story!

Whether it’s CIA, NSA, DHS or organized crime, lets pull back the curtain and take a look at the real governance control system and see who is pulling the strings!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Whitney may have amazing recall but when the two of them mention “NAZI” they lose all credibility! The “NAZI’s” sure did not call themselves that. The term, the racial slur “NAZI” has a strange etiology, and if either were properly educated (as contrasted to brainwashed) they would refrain from using the word “NAZI” which obscures the truth and the history.

    Eustace Mullins provided the best explanation of the term as an amalgamation between the National Socialists (NA) and the Zionist Internationale (ZI).

    Also the term alluded to the Bavarian term for nut or fool. Moreover, it was coined AFTER WWII by a Jewish Zionist!

    • I find it interesting how people who think they know it all because they have a bunch of letters after their name, my apologies but yet I understand that it’s simply a way of thinking for them as it is for me. If we equate the brain with a computer then we easily say that not all brains are the same. Some more judgemental than others. The key might be to ask ourselves why we need to judge, what is that purpose, and I will include myself here and my answer is that one wants to be right as maybe I do but the difference is I am willing to say so. Only the person not liking what I am saying is judging me in somewhat the same manner that is being done to Whitney Webb. At my age I can tell you that almost all of what Whitney has said is true. I lived through almost all of that time and I am still living so now I can agree with all the dots being connected today with what is going on. One would have to be very unconscious not to see what is going on even with the limited information that is being put out there. So here is a conspiracy for you and that is this group in charge wants to control the whole world and they are getting there are they not. Food for thought!

  • Whitney is a blessing to the USA. So young to know and or care about the corruption and satanic infestations of our government and society.

  • She is righ, I believe.
    Both Elon and Edward Snowden are some sort of controlled opp whether willingfulky or blackmailed.
    Now look, Elon is threatened (?) to resign if anybody’s seen his poll on twitter.

    • Elon lost his poll on Twitter. 58% thought Elon should leave. Who will he chose to be at the helm of twitter?

      • It could be anybody, and it won’t likely matter much.

        Elon will likely continue to control twitter from back under guidance of somebody from one of Trump’s sons that were photographed, but in case something shady happens on twitter, he has excuse by saying he doesn’t control it.
        Sounds familiar… when Trump surrounded himself with shills.

  • Great piece, DJ. Whitney is a tiger! My take away is that we still hold power over these DS govt/corp types since blackmail is the weapon of choice. Gives me hope for a complete take over of the people who run the NWO by the citizen army

  • Alexandra, you got that one hot off the press ma’am…! I missed the memo on Thursday’s live and bounced here after rolling through it a few times… Came here for some good reads, and wouldn’t you know I’m looking at DJ again. That Roy Cohn is an enigma I hope that will be solved… he sure seems to be everywhere & not always in an apparently f’d up role. Which I suppose conjures another line of thought around infiltration by ‘white hats’ of Dark groups(with Roy Cohn not a likely candidate): curious how that works exactly in terms of internal conflict – & what these folks must have to go through to keep their cover to be in the right place to prevent things.

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