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Dark Journalist: Linda Moulton Howe: Alien Resurrection Technology

In an interview described as being “As edgy as they come,” Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt hosts Linda Moulton Howe about so-called alien resurrection technology and the psycho-spiritual dimensions of the contact cases that she’s studied.

Over the decades, Linda has received the weird testimonies of hundreds of people, many of which have very eerily matched each other. Linda has repeatedly been told by several experiencers about an alien “resurrection” technology.

In many cases, the aliens involved with this were described as 8-foot-tall insectoid beings that resembled praying mantises. These were also described as profoundly intelligent, very ancient and sometimes very sad. Like the greys, the mantises were said to have communicated telepathically, using images.

Linda tells a story here that is shockingly reminiscent of the claims of Duncan Cameron, Al Bielek, Stewart Swerdlow and other self-described survivors of the Montauk Project, of having their souls put into different bodies or of their original bodies being age-regressed by the Greys.

In one fantastical story retold by Linda, a woman reported being told by aliens very clearly, in telepathically-projected pictures of a man in the Midwest who was going to die but that, “…they can’t let that happen…it is vital that the entity…remain in the particular body/container for a very specific period of time…[we] must take out his entity and we are putting it into a younger clone of his body,’ and then she saw the man on the table – but about ten years younger…

“Then, the Grey being tells her…’Come right to the table,’ and she said the Grey being took its hand and just seemed to motion down to the man’s chest…and came up with…a full heart – no blood…a perfect heart and he holds it up in front of her and says, ‘He will die from problems with his heart and we cannot allow this, so we are going to have his entity continue life here,'” the woman received the impression of Australia, where nobody knew him.

“People in the United States would never meet him again but he would be alive in Australia. Then, the Grey being does something else with his hands and coming out of this man…this yellow-orange-white-gold light…and she was very specific that the light came…[from] right here, at the top of your spine, where the neck comes on to the shoulder blades…she was very specific in saying, ‘This light left him as a piece and moved across the room and that being had somehow become the man who was in the tube…[and] was now standing outside. And the light entered and went…into the same place [at the nape of the neck]…and then she watched this man come alive.

“The Grey being said, ‘This is what we’re going to do for you because you had rheumatic fever when you were a young teenager and it has damaged your heart and it is necessary that your entity remain in your body for a specific length of time, as we have showed you and this is what we’re going to do.'”

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