Reports of “10,000 sealed indictments to take down the Khazarian mob,”  and the US base at Guantanamo being readied to incarcerate the greater part of the US Government and the GPS monitoring boots being sported by Hillary Clinton and John McCain are but the latest iterations of an established genre of “hope p0rn” that pervades the clickbait culture of the alternative media. Much of it has sprung from the fertile imagination of Benjamin Fulford but lately, a figure known as Q Anon has saturated the space with a special brand of what Joseph Farrell calls “Trump messianism”.

Farrell joins Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt with an excellent analysis of the Q Anon phenomenon. The message seems to be so perfectly tailored to press the buttons of pro-Trump Evangelical consumers of alternative media that it appears to be a sophisticated marketing scheme. The two speculate on who these marketers might be. The ultimate message also seems to be that Trump is a superhero who’s been anointed by God, that he will handle all of the world’s most intractable problems and we need not worry. We can sit back, relax and watch Trump’s 4D chess zoom into hyperspace.

Q Anon has overwhelmed the field to such an extent, that when people do Internet searches using common terms from the alternative media, they will be directed to the Q material. Farrell opines that “This is controlled opposition. It’s the Hegelian antithesis to the to the Mainstream Media synthesis.”

Daniel Liszt concludes, From the release of the JFK files to the fire at the Fed to the potential indictment of the Clintons over their foundation activities, there are many real facts on the ground that will make 2018 really powerful without the hope p0rn. So, no elites at Gitmo, no cabal arrests – let’s stick to what is actually happening here, there’s plenty to work with and to report on. We have the exciting work of Catherine Austin Fitts and Professor Mark Skidmore on the missing trillions, that’s a news story that’s on the ground, that’s something we can get behind.”

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  • It’s the laziness an entitlement of people living in this Nazi pedophile country with false promises called USA. There is no respect for human life. Everything is commerce even people. The more people stop using buying , listening to there controlled media, fake economy, fake ownership (morgage) debt , credit scores drugs legal an ilegal ,the less power they have.I’m thankful I’m Intuit impath they will never and cannot distroy my knowledge and immune system with there gmo food, vaccines etc. F$#@ the elite s and the law enforcement agencies helping them!

    Jesus Martinez
    Anaheim CA

  • With all due respect , u are right about Tom Delonge etc and are a joy to watch , all of u , but u haven’t sorted the UFO situation at all , what proof do u have , probably billions of people around the world have had sightings , n for Joseph Pharrell n Dark Journalist n the rest of u to say u need proof , when there isn’t any documented proof , is really outrageous , the proof is already there , over centuries , so don’t try n control the narrative , as it is proven beyond a doubt that they exist —– best

  • I would say that you two people are taking whatever negatives into some extreme form that supposedly backs up your own preferred take on it. Basically a negative fear based scheme.

    Could it not be just certain people, lately called the “white hats” or the “Alliance” which could very well made up people within the Deep State that have “seen the light” and want to get on the right side. To deny that possibility is to not support it to the degree that it never is allowed to happen for lack of support. Such support will never come from the “normal” (sleeping side) faction of society and your views seem to disregard the Spiritual component to it all.

    There is surely (absolutely as you two call it, without a doubt) a Spiritual aspect, actually a much more powerful potential at least for those of it that have personal relationships to the esoteric truth.

    Your fears as to the value of the Q material just may reflect more your non-beliefs in that. Warnings are good and thinking of the mentioned potentials as just that, potentials, should leave the material possible for the rest of us. A little hope is in order if there is any chance that it might turn out “our way” …

    IMnsHO and E.

  • I called out Fulford many months ago as a disinfo spec causing confusion on the internet. That is the objective, control by confusion.

    At the surface level things are not what the seem. There are currents and cross currents like the Gulf stream and the Jet stream. As example, a very clever, high quality clip was published on You Tube in December, called Overcast I think. It began looking like another expose’ of chem trails, but as it turned out, it wasn’t. Neither did it outright debunk chem trail claims, it just muddied the water so at the end the viewers don’t know what to think. It’s purpose was to undermine, confuse and disarm the awakening public, causing them to drift off course like a hardly noticeable undercurrent.

    Q is psy-op of another kind and if one will analyze the political storm now taking place and realize it’s covert warfare then you know who to look at. Their butts are sticking out from behnd the curtain already. Competing interests. Competing steering currents. Sometimes those
    currents merge to achieve mutual objectives, but the mergers are only temporary.

    Theater, politics is theater. The current Broadway attraction is Superman vs. the Empire of Darkness. A-I is mostly smoke, but not entirely, it may be somehow connected with Bit coin through the gaming industry which in turn is related to central banking interests. Everything gets back to the money and government bill collectors.

    Evangelicals especially are being played by their old bow-masters the political Zionists and it’s not a military secret that Trump is a Zionist zealot with deep Zionist connections. Neither is it a secret that globalist elements in the CIA who are opposed to Trump, cook up schemes to undermine him, so what covert experts does he look to for counter covert political warfare? The answer is obvious.

    There may be as claimed a small cadre of covert operators making up Q, but it’s much larger than that. It’s purpose is to counter the CIA globalist control of the MSM and confuse them not unlike the way they have confused Americans.

    Farrell is right, it’s a marketing strategy, that’s what politicians do. He is right to question it, we ought to question everything politicians do and we haven’t been doing enough of it until we got the bejabbers scared out of us. Now Trump’s job is to awaken the rest of lethargic Americans to the dangers of global totalitarianism and he has to bypass MSM which is in bed with the Marxian totalitarians.

    He’s got to sufficiently arouse the electorate to overcome the inertia, the dead weight in DC and the communications hub in NYC. Call it hope p0rn, anything as long as it works.

    The Clintons cleaned out the Justice Department in mere days. After a year under Sessions the Trump Justice Department, which is really the Obama Clinton Justice Department, dithers and dallies, and finally decides to do something spectacularly dumb, make a big deal out of weed. Sessions is a potted plant, the real AG is Mueller. One more year of this unconstitutional confusion and Trump’s term will be half over. Or maybe this is just a side show to keep everyone aroused in suspense.

  • you guys are a bunch of condescending babies trying to sound so rational but the real problem is your not at the center of the stage so you pour cold water all over the play.
    Why don’t you just be thankful the tide is turning even if you didn’t do a dam thing to help.

  • I was NEVER fooled for a second about WHAT “Q”/Anon/MegaAnon really ARE…When someone cannot come clean about WHO they are can NEVER be trusted (COBRA Included!)
    Its all just PART of the the “Deep-State” or the “Elysium style” SECRET Space Program…REALLY the so-called “Chimera Group”.
    Just LOOK at the ID photo of them depicting the “Goat of mendez (Satanic)…Dragon Faced(Dragon Families)…and right in the middle the “Lion Face” (Vatican)…Folks the SSP IS the Chimera Group!

  • Fascinating, thank you for this. Great to get some understanding of how the misinformation is designed to work.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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