On Friday, I joined Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and special guest Grant Cameron who is a human encyclopedia and the author of over a dozen books on the UFO phenomenon/cover-up to discuss the US’ bizarre cat ‘n mouse strategy of UFO-ET acclimatization.

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  • Not acknowledging an historical background for the entire UFO phenomenon is equal to deleting the history. If there is no acknowledged history repeated by the “experts/insiders” a new version can be constructed. The actors put in play here are attempting to change the collective evidence about UFOs. What is the first thing a conquering army does to a conquered land? Always, always, always they destroy the culture’s history–Machiavellian. The actors involved appear to me to be participating in the same game. Shut out any historical evidence as well as all questions that relate to intelligent piloting of the crafts. If they succeed they will change any historical data and, in this case, relegate the old history to the CIA conspiracy theory category. If they can do this it will make the Shadow Gov not responsible for the last 70-yrs of secrecy and they can keep ET secret. Right now they are simply running it up the flag pole bit by bit. The lie will be continually modified until they find a combination that sticks to the public mind like the proverbial pasta on the frig. We see this everyday with the MSM.

    Bottom line: Repeat lies/half truths until the sleeping masses forget their lived history and believe/remember a different version. It’s a go-to response for the Shadow Gov (SG) through the Deep State (DS) mechanism.

    Who was it? Greer. In a conversation with a long time ranking politico he was told that the big deal about Disclosure was not the presence of ETs or intelligently operated craft but rather the fallout that will definitely occur from telling the truth. The politico said it would be a stupendous mess with which no one wants to deal. Consequently, those on the inside hope Disclosure doesn’t happening on their watch. Even UFO adjacent personnel protect the status quo to avoid dealing with the eventual national fallout.

  • Oh and let me add, I completely agree with Cameron about the closed-mindedness of the scientific community. They have spent their lives learning and teaching a paradigm for the way things are that is far, far below the level of understanding that they believe it to be. They are in the same position as the Church before the enlightenment: they must defend a system of belief which has been disproven by the facts. So, in order to keep the facts consistent with their beliefs, they deny reality.
    It will be shattered, but not for many years,

  • Thank you for this. DJ and Cameron and A. Bruce round up important points about the Elizondo disclosure. Just a few things. Leslie Kean does not talk in terms of aliens, because there is no real proof of their existence. Proof is evidence submitted to the scientific community and public, openly examined and debated. We do not have that. What we have is testimony which is completely unfalsifiable. Even on this interview, the three participants use language to the effect that “we know” this or that. We absolutely do not know anything other than this: that the UFOs are actual objects, capable of maneuvers which defy our current understanding of the laws of physics. EVERYTHING ELSE is speculation. Yes, many witnesses are convincing. But we absolutely have no idea of the agenda of any of them. Yes, something is going on. But we cannot say we know anything because we have not experienced it ourselves. And those who have, cannot offer any verifiable proof as to the nature of their experiences. Leslie Kean does not deal in anything that cannot be checked, except the claim of Bigelow that he is in possession of materials from a crashed UFO.

    We just don’t know. We don’t know what the government knows, we don’t know what it possesses. We know that the Government has intended to use the phenomenon for psy-ops. We know people like Richard Doty have deliberately put out false information. We don’t know how many others have done the same. No doubt many of our trusted witnesses are misinformed, or spreading disinformation, or both.
    It’s extremely important to keep this in mind, or as you say on this interview, you go down a rabbit hole of insane speculation, based on claims that cannot be cross checked.

  • It is the DNA controlling the own DNA, where the RNA is neglected. The DNA is an intellectual affair, where the RNA is all concerning intelligence.
    So “human” beings are controling their own mind, with the result they are controlling the minds of others. Here I know there is a collective identy for controlling intellect and an individual identity for the individual intelligence.
    Individual intelligence finds way out of war and ways into love.

    Money exists by the monopoly game, where a monopol of control is active.
    This is the collective monopole of war, which appear by any kind of sensations.
    There is an individual monopole of love, which is present without sensations, moreover inside Feeling.
    “God” is not a sensation. “God” is feeling.
    Any sensation happens in time.
    Feeling is timeless.

    In order to get out of the controle system, there is a need for feeling from the inner most core.
    So how is it possible to find this inner most core?
    Mediation is the path.

  • The REAL problem with the so-called SECRET Space Program is the fact that is “SECRET”….The destiny of all mankind is about RETURNING to WHAT We Are “Divine Beings” (Sons of God)
    The fact that this program is SECRET belies it’s true purpose…and it’s NOT for mankind’s benefit…Period!
    It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep “Secrecy” in OUR destiny of returning to WHAT WE ARE…WHY all the secrecy NOW.
    God is about LOVE…where SECRECY cannot exist…So it makes one wonder about the whole so-called “Disclosure program” and it’s REAL purpose.
    The evidence is getting clearer by the day that this SSP is “Satanic” and and needs MONEY??? to operate?
    Divine providence has NO need for money what so ever…Understand???
    Evidence also shows this program is actually is actually operating MUCH like the one pictured in the Movie “Hollywood” made called “Elysium” (Go View this movie!)
    It’s also OBVIOUS that this program actually the one Cobra calls “The Chimera Group”…Check out THEIR Logo ( The Goat of Mendez–The Dragons–and RIGHT in the middle is “The Lion (False God King, VATICAN?)…THAT appears to be a case of “Hiding-in-Plain-Sight” …Understand?
    There also is a blatant program of LYING about OUT true origins….I believe this whole program WILL be EXPOSED as being just that…EVIL.

      • Yes.
        However it will take much time for this exposure, becausse the mass of humanity has no intelligence, survives just intellectual.

  • I am only about 10 minutes into this, so far, and there is this question of why “who it is” that seems to be out of limits to discuss … It strikes me then that maybe the PTB know who it is and that our thinking about that may allow us to experience, at least psychically, a “love connection”, that surely exists, and which would dispel the Fear that they want us to have so that we would demand funding at any cost to “protect us” from “the evil” … which in the end really is the PTB who already have enough ships to fly by and scare us into thinking it is the “evil others” that we need protection from.

    What is that old slogan that they use so effectively on us all of the time … Problem, Reaction, Solution!?

  • Liszt really needs to get his sound engineering together. All of these echos are really unprofessional. Otherwise, wonderful show. I never new about Grant Cameron before. What an eye opening discussion for me. Thank you!

    • Yes, Grant Cameron is someone that I’d heard of but who I’d never seen on video until a couple of months ago and I was really impressed with the breadth of his knowledge and also of where his head is at.

      The echoing is not Daniel’s fault. He’s actually an accomplished sound engineer and recording artist. The echos are an artifact of livestreaming with multiple feeds. We tried to abate problems by buying me a headset, to no avail.

  • Interesting to consider that disclosure under their terms goes hand in hand with resetting to a global monetary system. They ARE trying to manoeuvre us away from the petro dollar and on to something else aren’t they? Imagine the profitability of free energy thats passed off as something that is still costly to produce. New monetary and energy paradigms but under their terms! Btw surveillance down to the dna level suggests that they want to know who’s human and who isn’t. Not just who is susceptible to cancer and who isn’t. So what does that mean?

    • DNA is the physical expression of an organized consciousness or being. It is cymatic and reflective of the nonphysical aspect of that being as it penetrates and exists the physical realm.

      DNA manipulation and surveillance are ultimate methods of thought control. The ultimate goal of controllers is to control mass consciousness.

      • so, no sovereignty even of your own perception? That will mean a living death…sorry to be so dark but it will. Is there any way do you think that a dialogue can be opened up with these people? Some kind of armistice? Daft question??


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