Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and the author of Hidden in Plain Sight, Dr. Richard Sauder continue their exploration of the secret network of deep underground bases, worldwide.

In this Part 2 episode, they focus on the question of attempts from secret elements in the military to conduct re-engineering experiments with UFO technology to build a Breakaway Civilization, where a small group of government and scientific elites have access to almost unimaginable power and unknown advanced energy systems.

Beyond the “Continuity of Government” explanation for the existence for the sprawling of deep underground bases, there are fascinating reports of massive underground facilities designed specifically to test advanced and exotic UFO technology obtained by crash retrieval teams with a secrecy ranking that is higher than those set for nuclear classification.

The development of this reverse-engineered ET technologies may be largely responsible for the massive secrecy surrounding the activities of this global network of deep underground bases.

Don’t miss Part 2 of this fascinating Dark Journalist episode.

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  • OK. You connected the dots. When Occupy Wall Street was being ousted a friend was there. She followed dump trucks to ground 0. They were digging there all night. They wouldn’t say what they were doing. I betcha they were making underground base or repairing one.

  • Alexandra, great find.

    Dark Journalist (Daniel) – GREAT stuff by Dr. Sauder – How did you come across him? I’d like to know more about his provenance of some of his statements, but I certainly agree with 95% of what he said. He seems like a very cool guy – I’d love to hang with him. Where does he teach, I wonder? I’ll try to check out his book(s), but I’m currently reading 5….

  • Interesting stuff AB,
    I noticed Mr. Sauder took a dramatic turn after speaking about what he referred to as lack
    of extended consciousness within certain sectors of the science community; which may be presumptuous, due to the focus of corporate agenda’s. I would think it difficult for one to work with certain realms of physics at a high level without certain realizations and epiphanies relating toward a more spiritual philosophical perspective, though they may not be sharable in certain work environs.
    If we use Mr. Sauder’s interview as an example, we find that toward the end he drifts into the realm of psychoactive substances as a potential bridge for spiritual extension, or conscious expansion. So indirectly what I’m hearing, is that technical advancement divorced from spiritual advancement is flawed.
    Herein we also find a paradox; for if higher science can be humbled with spiritual insight and higher spiritual pursuits humbled with greater understandings of science from reductionism to expansionism, are they not two sides of the same inseparable coin?


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