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    Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes Scientist Dr. Nick Begich of with the most pragmatic analysis on the coronavirus pandemic I’ve seen so far.

    He goes deep into the challenges of 2020 from the COVID-19 virus to the advent of destructive 5G Technology and an out-of-control surveillance state. This information-filled breakthrough interview features cutting-edge analysis from Dr. Begich on the huge battle taking place for centralizing control and the Deep State Orwellian vision that is being revealed by corporate, political and media powers.

    Dr. Begich has previously informed the public on the dangers of HAARP in his best-selling book ‘Angels Don’t Play This HAARP’ and the ionizing of the atmosphere years before it was even on the radar. Now he’s delivering a powerful call to humanity to wake up and stop the cascading backslide into a creeping fascism through media censorship, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and digital currency. His message is one of self empowerment and he shares the tools to achieve solid momentum on the road back to awareness and constitutional government.

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    • Once you have heard the concept that this is ALL caused by the combination of geoengineering and 5G electro-magnetic radiation, it is infuriating to hear about how badly our government handled the entry of these people into the country. IF THEY KNEW IT WAS 5G, IT DOESN’T MATTER as it is NOT A CONTAGION. Dr. Begich, if he is an expert on HAARP, etc. should know this, too. Jon Rappoport continually repeats that the CDC does not have a reliable test and, if it is true that the “virus”, or DNA being expelled by the cells when poisoned by the EMF, then everyone should be testing positive, at least anyone living within a city or near a tower with 5G emitters. The test for body temperature is also BS as I always have a slightly lower body temperature and one of my employees radiates heat like she is a solar body. It is called METABOLISM.

      He IS right about the supply lines which is why we need to get everything back up and running and quit stressing about hand sanitizer and toilet paper. This has been a PLANDEMIC to make Trump look bad, like he didn’t react fast enough (Begich is on that boat and he is foolish for taking up that oar). I for one am furious about what the Globalists have done to our economy and to the thousands of people who are taking a huge financial, if not just political, hit.

      Quit listening to this crap about a virus and demand they turn off 5G, smart meters, HAARP, and geoengineering aerial spraying.

    • You mentioned Fox News along with CNN as if both are bad and irresponsible. I agree the media and news are totally irresponsible and never held accountable but Fox is an exception and reports the news in the most honest and real way.

    • the AI God Plan
      Etheric whisperings, higher viral ride
      remote satellite, brave police warrior biocide
      construct complete inside

      sometimes hacking through it, I
      glimpse still reality
      like the memory of the day they made
      JFK blown away

      after the hack scolding,
      deteriorating flesh molding
      placed back into cage
      AI preference: correct speech without rage

      awaiting deception’s big day
      5G’s universal way
      no so targeted as today
      freedom’s final stage
      birds and bees dead away

      AI God assures all is okay
      “it’s all still afloat
      in the boat”
      no more seagull shit anyway
      the GMO food plan
      ain’t life grand
      on the man-made-AI God plan?

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