In this most important concluding interview of the 3-part series between Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt and Project Avalon’s Bill Ryan, they continue to untangle the web of mind control entertainment memes that are being propagated by Corey Goode and David Wilcock about the Secret Space Program.

This controversial series has drawn a lot of responses from people who support Corey Goode. It originates from Ryan’s article “The Truth About Corey Goode”, which asks legitimate questions, like: Are we looking at a psyop being perpetrated by intelligence groups to take the attention away from legitimate UFO research by replacing it with storylines that won’t hold up under scrutiny? Will celebrity whistleblowers eventually be discredited by entertainment companies that seek to profit from the confusion around the entire topic of the Secret Space Program?

Daniel Liszt opines, “The cartoonish narratives and unvetted claims of blue avian aliens selecting Goode to be a time traveling astronaut have strained even the open-minded UFO research community and the latest developments of Goode’s tale being launched as a comic book appears to sacrifice the final shred of investigative value to a case that has called into question the rationale and integrity of the New Age media production company Gaia TV.”

Myself, as someone who has been interviewing self-described survivors of Black Budget time travel experiments and trips to Mars since 1996, during the course of researching for this book, multiple levels of disinformational mind control programming are evident in the more credible interviewees (i.e., in the proponents who aren’t delusional or else straight-up disinformants).

Therefore, it is my opinion that one has to take everything that a self-described subject of such projects says with a grain of salt, as more often than not, they are spewing disinformational yarns. The foundational narrative that has spawned so many others goes back to the 1992 book, ‘The Montauk Project’ by Preston Nichols and Peter Moon. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so I’m inclined to believe that at least some of this information is true, however, because disinformational mind control is a basic component of this topic, it becomes difficult to disentangle where the MK Ultra ends and the Secret Space Project begins.

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  • I think Daniel’s closing summary on the state of play shows a lot of insight, understanding and integrity. I am always sceptical of the charactors that pop up from nowhere with amazing claims that appear to constructed to attract the largest possible number of YouTube hits.
    I’m afraid that I have always been sceptical of David Wilcock so Bill Ryan’s observations reinforce my faith that deep down it is best to follow our inherrent natural intuitions when it comes to identifying truth. I have always worried that there are individuals who see the ‘conspiracy’ community as a money making oppurtunity on the speakers circuit or to sell books. Without doubt there are also plants who’s task is to spread disinfo and attract ridicule to suit the agenda of The Powers That Be especially as The Mainstream Media is losing it’s hold on the growing body of doubters. Question everything.

    • “Question everything.” Good advice.

      And I’d add, listen to and research anything and everything that comes into your circle of awareness, even when it goes against a gut reaction. Pedogate has taken over 30-yrs to come into our consciousness and sustain real investigation because no one wanted to think the horrible truths that have been uncovered. Like the pedo-priest revelations and subsequent investigations of the 80’s, it was just too creepy.

      • The worrying thing is how the Piedos were able to exist and practice their vile actions in plain site because they were protected by ruling elite in places of authority. I am 99.999% sure that members of the British Royal Family and their coherts including The Mainstream Media have stopped investigations.
        The other worrying thing is how it appears that its people in positions of authority and power that get off on abusing children.
        I am strongly against capital punishment but when it comes to child abuse I would be willing to support castration because the protection of children comes before any human rights that I believe the Piedos have forfeiteted by their actions.

  • I’ve been skeptical about people who were supposedly been forced into employment by the secret space program who say they were taken back in time to when they were children after being age regressed with anti-aging technology. The anti-aging part is even now being tested in corporate labs on humans even now, up to a 20 year age regression similar time regression that Cory Goode was talking about. Its the time travel I’m skeptical about. Maybe I’m wrong but probably not. But most of Cory Goode’s message fits with the well Dr. Salla’s book on The Navy Secret Space Fleet about a Navy intelligence officer Tompkins. Tompkins is legit with 3 Admirals of the Navy saying that he was legit thus the Navy apparently approving of their space secrets being published. An Air Force website had subsequently said that a 3 Star General has been appointed to the Space military “platform”. The Air Force is letting out a wee bit of info. Even NBS news said that project Aurora pulsed magnetic propulsion ships will be revealed in a few years. So much about the secret space service is accurate.

    As far as the ‘Blue Avians’ their appearance is the same as a yellow feathered ET species except for different colored short feathers in the book ‘On A Slant Of Light” that was a small print book from decades ago by a lady I found very credible. This humanoid Avian species was from Andromeda Galaxy here to try to help.

    I don’t think Cory Goode is a conscious agent of the Cabal or evil ET but he admits to have been mind controlled in the past and even recently. So take what he says with a grain of salt. I think that Bill Ryan could have been critical in a milder way. Though I don’t think Bill Ryan is a Cabal agent I’m sure that he hasn’t been right about everything either.

  • Can’t disagree on the movement of the SSP Corey Goode/David Wilcock (DW/CG) story. It has morphed as it has progressed. There is something wrong here.

    I’ve not told anyone, except family, however….I was on Gaia for a few months early in the SSP discussion before cancelling in disgust. During that time, I can say, without a doubt, that I had one of my comments repeated by DW as his own while on the site. It’s absolutely true and was very hard for me to believe at the time. I respect his research skills and have read all his books. However, I know the information originated with me because there was no mention of the subject matter anywhere on the net prior to my comment. Approximately 7-10-days after I posted DW began saying he’d not told anyone this “thing” but he was going to tell it now. I thought at the time it had to be a coincidence. Truthfully, I really didn’t want to believe I’d been plagiarized by such an excellent writer. When he restated my comment it lit up the CG/DW worshippers like a bulb, while the original posting attracted only a couple of questions. No one on that site even noticed the information had been posted, in detail, earlier. Consequently, believing it was coincidental I let it go. Later, after I left Gaia, another of my comments was repeated in an open online discussion section, again by DW as if his own. As before, no mention of the subject existed prior. I did not think this was a coincidence. The second occurrence made me know that someone/something was carefully monitoring posts for any new information or thoughts that could stick to followers like the pasta on a frig. For me, it went to the bottom line of the changing story which has taken place over the last three years. Most importantly, if I had not been monitoring both the story and the comments closely on various alt sites I’d not have known, just like none of the Gaia worshippers knew.

    So the CD/DW camp hitching their wagon to the Antarctica story makes complete sense to me as part of an ongoing moveable feast of SSP stories. Michael Salla is, apparently, involved in the feast. His personal comment to Ryan was quite telling. But that was not what sent me over the edge with Salla and his writing about the CG/DW SSP story. I stopped listening when his latest book cover emerged with the skinny, skin-tight silver clad, big-boobed, blonde, ALIEN female pictured on the front with the uniformed male Navy officer–OMG. I will not repeat what I thought when I saw that image–unsuited for general consumption. On the lighter side–can anyone say “We are going Hollywood.”? I’ve read Salla’s books, but he’s lost me. I, like anyone, can be stupid on some days but not every day. All these happenings made for a big eye-opener to me. Too many pieces that didn’t fit the puzzle began to pile up on the table’s edge.

    I find the need for DJ to approach this whole interview subject as sad, sad, sad because doing so does effect solid research into the SSP, the shadow government and their networks–which I certainly know exists and from which legitimate whistleblowers emerge.

    • I was so glad to hear this interview; it’s pretty much what I thought and I’m glad an experienced and insightful researcher like Bill Ryan is willing to talk about it. This Mars-comic book story sounded like a team effort, incorporating popular memes as they trended, such as Antarctica mysteries, using sci-fi leaps of imagination (gone for 40 years but only 6 minutes; yeah right), super fighters who got limbs blown off and replaced poste haste. Anything you can imagine, they’ll dish it up. It rang so false. When Wilcock (whose voice I can’t stand) was talking on Antarctica I knew he was the ringleader of this 3 ring circus. Got the same feeling I get when certain politicians like Obama or the Bushes or Clintons talk. Just sickening. Yet there is human activity on Mars, I think, in the past few decades. Probably Goode and Kramer and Wilcock were hired as distractors from the truth, so that real researchers will seem absurd too, tarring them with the same brush.
      It’s too bad Michael Salla got sucked into this. He is too good for Goode. I hope he gets away.


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