Our trust in virtually every public institution has been broken during this brutal and disgusting information war.

At a time when almost all of the information being deployed at us is propaganda designed to demoralize us, what we need is situational awareness that can help find the stillness in the storm.

Jeffrey Prather provides updates on the election fraud, the forensic examination of the 22 Dominion voting machines in Michigan, Arizona’s call for a forensic examination of their voting machines, the resignation of Attorney General Barr, the SolarWinds hack, the CCP members list leak, the the seven states now contesting the election results, Mitch McConnell’s official acknowledgement of Joe Biden as President – and how he sees all of this playing out.

To watch the Mainstream Media, one would not know that the Election remains heavily contested and that the media is waging information war against the people. Jeffrey Prather gives us the kind of situational awareness that is so vital during this hideous information war in which we are living.

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  • Everything’s a psy op
    Dancing to the right; lookin left
    Divided as a blight
    No more fighting
    We’re canceling your culture
    Even if it’s just a virtual reality TV show

    The sky’s on fire in ‘Fornia
    And the corn can’t be grown on a family farm
    I’m just here to warn ya
    That war is hell and we’ll all be harmed

    Donkey jaw is insane
    And it’s all down the drain
    And it plugs up the swamp
    Votes stolen; it’s time to romp

    It’s a lose, lose affair
    Don’t forget to wear your mask
    I’ll have a pint of Jack
    If I get shot I won’t be back

    The solstice portal is opening
    I wonder if anyone will notice
    In any regards
    It won’t bring your vote back


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