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Young Americans Against Socialism is a nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to exposing the failures of Socialism to young Americans by creating viral educational videos for social media, like this one with Ray, who tells his story about fleeing Cuba by windsurfing for 10 hours before being caught by the US Coast Guard, just off the coast of Florida.

He says, “Socialism ruins people’s lives. I can’t believe there are Americans that want that for us. Here’s the thing: Socialism looks beautiful in a book – and it might even seem good for the first year or so, while you start implementing it, but then things start rotting…

“We hit rock bottom. There was almost nothing to go buy in Cuba. We were having 16 hours of blackout every day. So with no electricity, you don’t have a fan, just to cool off. I mean, think about the summer in Cuba! No propane to cook with, no food. An island surrounded by sea, not even table salt!

“This is one memory that sticks with me the most – the only thing we had to eat for months was potatoes. Just plain potatoes – but there was nothing to cook with – there was nothing to boil that potato with. These memories scored my brain: my mom breaking down furniture to make fire. We were destroying our own furniture to boil potatoes!

“In Cuba, eating a lobster is illegal. You go diving, you grab one lobster, you can get six years in jail! And it gets worse: If you sell it, you’re a trafficker, now! If you cook it and put it an underground restaurant, it’s even worse. But the government gets them by the boat – by the ton.

“All the policemen in Cuba were living way better than us. All the government, don’t even mention it. Way better. The elite – they live in a bubble. That’s Socialism for you.

“My family is made up of mechanical engineers, social engineers, lawyers and stuff – and we were living through that! Does that tell you something? It’s not your fault, as a family. You did the best for yourself. You educated yourself and you’re burning your own furniture!

“Trying to understand Cuba is like trying to understand Alice in Wonderland. You could not understand Wonderland, because nothing made sense!

“One day, I’d had enough. I got my windsurfing equipment, went to a very isolated side of the city, with a straight shot to the ocean, away from the bay and I took off. And I remember reaching the conclusion – and this is the messed-up part. If you want Socialism, you should wonder about this: Wonder why I reached the conclusion that dying there would be even better than to ever be back [in Cuba]; why I reached the conclusion that I would take the decision to put my head under the water and take three deep breaths of water and would die by drowning with a big smile on my face – because, I knew I was free. This is the first time in my life I [would be] free…

“I got picked up by the Coast Guard boat. They get sent me back to Cuba and I got my paperwork from the US Embassy…and it took me three years of processing the case, exchanging mail, going to the capital, Havana and submitting my paperwork.

“In September 2007, I came to the US as a political refugee. Keep in mind, this is my first flight, ever. I’d never been on a plane before – and here I am…!

“So, that very first day in 2007, after landing in New York, my friends took me to this restaurant – and you have to keep in mind – beef is also illegal in Cuba! An edible item – illegal! And I’m sitting there and I have in front of me this – maybe a pound and a half cheeseburger with a humongous side of fries and I can’t avoid – it’s a mixed feeling, because I’m feeling grateful that I’m here, able to eat a piece of meat and at the same time, I feel guilt, because people are going to prison for that! My family can’t even eat that! And I’m sitting there, sending away half of the plate because I can’t finish it…

“Bernie Sanders, this freaking guy was friends with Castro and he’s talking beautiful things about the Cuban system. I was there…why did Bernie Sanders fail to tell you that in Cuba, you can go to prison for eating something!

“I don’t like hand-outs, so I always wanted to be a part of the Service and I went to the Army. I enlisted in 2010 and I got the opportunity to serve a year in Afghanistan. I owe my life and my kids’ lives and the future that they can have to this nation and that’s why I went into the service; to feel and to be able to tell anybody that…I earned it. Nobody gave me anything. I earned it.

“I earned my right to vote, I earned my right to speak – and I earned my right to tell you right now why Socialism sucks!”

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Playing the same movie over and over again and waiting for another ending is the highth of madness, as we have seen over and over again, Socialism and Communism don´t work in this world.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Perhaps sometime you might find a video that clearly explains that HM the Queens is not some conspiratory agent plotting against the free world.

    Nothing could be further from the truth. As I have explained before, whilst HM has, in theory, the statutory powers to appoint her own Knights by way of example, HM rarely, if ever, does. They are mostly appointed by others, usually as a back-hander for services rendered. There is a committee that appoints on merit, and resigning Prime Minister’s dish out numerous gongs. When Cameron resigned, everybody including virtually the dog-walker got some form of gong! Theresa May promised to clamp down on the practice, but was as guilty as sin, producing one of the longest lists ever!

    Likewise, Privy Counsellors, whilst they each are members of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council, that doesn’t mean that HM gets to choose members. They are chosen by an independent committee for their public service instead of their aristocratic background. A legend persists that Edward III was dancing with a woman when her garter fell to the floor. As courtiers around him laughed, the King picked up the garter and replaced it, uttering the Order’s motto: “Honit soit qui mal y pense” – “Shame on him who thinks this evil”.

    Take for instance our Inland Revenue, whom would rob us blind given half the chance whilst letting large corporations off with a nod. The correct title for the organisation is Her Majesty’s Revenue and Custom’s, but HM has absolutely nothing to do with the organisation, and, most certainly does not benefit from the revenue garnered.

    All high office and Government institutions in this country carry the title of Her Majesty’s etc, although in reality HM the Queens has absolutely no involvement with them whatsoever.

    So, please, find the means to explain to your readers that HM the Queen is not some form of crown-wearing Clara Deville, beset on executing her ‘Evil’ way on the world. HM is in fact on the opposing side to the Globalists as I pointed out recently on my critique of the naive if not bizarre friendship that Duke of York had with Epstein.

    For HM the Queen, her son’s friendship with Epstein could be likened to your daughter having a close friendship with a Madam of a string of world-wide brothels!

    In a letter dated 24th April 2017 to my Ancient Brother, HM the Queen wrote: “For the first time in a long while I feel heartened things are not as dark as one has been constantly led to believe.”

    I repeat, your readers should not confuse the title of “Her Majesty’s” and the “Crown” with Queen Elizabeth II, the most patriotic, peace-loving, truly unpolitical Queen, devoted to her constitutional duty, this country has ever been blessed!

  • So called “socialism” under a communist rule. As Ray said: It looks good on paper.
    And that’s where it ends.
    You need a dictator that is not self centered, that in itself is a joke.
    Look at the past, see it for what it is. Ten million starved to death in Russia, and these were the people growing the crops.
    And the Demon Craps want US to believe it will be better HERE?
    Socialism is a control mechanism, and a death sentence to Freedom!
    Now demon craps want to buy back our guns again, and of course use taxpayer dollars to do it.
    Gee, I wonder what could be next, the UN coming in to save the United State from its self?
    Open your eyes sheep.
    China is invading, and we still don’t see it.
    WE have been paying their way since the 1980s
    Well, That, Is, My Point O View!
    You are entitled to have your own, now, but google and f book are attempting to change that as well.
    Sorry if I seem a little harsh.
    Happy Friday the 13th! LOL
    We keep walking under ladders and expecting nothing to fall on us…..

  • I’m sure the sanctions and blockades didn’t help either…Socialism is not an answer…Anarchy! Read Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos, beef should be illegal everywhere and screw the military!

  • I’m sure blockades and sanctions didn’t help either…still Socialism is not an answer…Anarchy is the answer…read Anarchy Works by Peter Gelderloos…keep an open mind! Beef should be illegal everywhere! Fuck the military!

  • Rothschild created Cuba as an uprising against America from his Moscow pawn’s nest.

    Since it’s the Queen of England and her knights who also put this losing game of overthrowing a US President into motion, I’ll comment on all of the above, between the lines, of a spiritual rock-n-roll tune written during the Vietnam War,

    which was written noting Chess game strategy as his message…

    I’ve Seen All Good People – Jon Anderson & Yes

    Take a straight and stronger course
    To the corner of your life
    Make the white queen run so fast
    She hasn’t got time to make you a wife

    ‘Cause it’s time, it’s time in time with your time
    And its news is captured
    For the queen to use!

    Move me on to any black square
    Use me anytime you want
    Just remember that the goal
    Is for us all to capture all we want

    Don’t surround yourself with yourself
    Move on back two squares
    Send an instant karma to me
    Initial it with loving care

    ‘Cause it’s time, it’s time in time with your time
    And its news is captured
    For the queen to use!

    “As far as I can tell, it’s about chess tactics. I think the lyrics are told from the perspective of a black bishop, since there’s reference to making the “White Queen run so fast” and also “Move me onto any black square”. ‘He’ is singing to either the Black King or Queen, because he sings “Don’t surround yourself with yourself” – the second ‘yourself’ being the army of pawns or the body politic. I think it’s more likely the Queen, since it’s the Queen’s mobility that is her greatest strength. If she were surrounded by pawns, she would be hampered, whereas the King needs all the protection he can get. That’s my best guess…” – Bojan –

  • Communism in Cuba’s case. Funny, years later Russia admitted their mistake was giving more to the government than that which the people have. Their client state still hasn’t learned.

    Bernie Sanders is mad-ass, gone, crazy. With no need for ELFs, mind control, etc. He looks like Einstein without the requisite brains.

    The fix is in for Pocahontas v. Trump…with Trump beating her by a witch’s nose hair.

    I would vote for Tulsi if she believed in market economics.

    • I would vote for Tulsi in 2024 if she weren’t a Globalist. Before it was possible to have a non-Globalist president, I was loving her but now, I only want to know about the next MAGA candidate.

      I think Tulsi’s experience at the hands of the DNC might have remedied her Globalistic tendencies, though.

      She may still be president yet, but not in 2020.

  • Come on Ms Bruce. You very well know that it is the capitalist that put those sanctions on Cuba that contributes to their economic and social problems. Socialism is the best form of government policy. The problem being, there has never been a MetaEthicist, like me, in charged. It has been tyrants in the past, using socialism for their own benefit, that gave socialism a bad name.

    • I interjected zero of my opinion into that piece. I stated who produced it (an anti-Socialist youth group) and I transcribed his words.

      This doesn’t mean that I’d rather die than live with an authoritarian central government, with or without sanctions.

      Seriously, would you?

      I’d never heard that Cubans could do hard time for lobster and beef!

      It reminded me of last week’s “Climate Crisis Townhall” on CNN, where all the Dems pushed the Green New Deal, advocated abolishing fossil fuels, cars, airplanes and the eating of meat.

      Club of Rome Agenda 2030 assholes!

    • And it’s financial capitalism that underpins and supports so many of the woes that the world is experiencing. We are deprived of prosperity and sanity by the current money system that creates money out of nothing but with interest as our perpetually increasing but preposterous ‘debt’ to the banksters. No political system operating with the people in mind can fight against such corruption as the banksters revel in unless it tackles this problem at the deepest level by issuing its own *interest-free* sovereign currency.

      Take a look at the problem globally by inspecting National Debt clocks.

      • Yes but what you described is NOT market capitalism, it is crony “capitalism” by too big to fail fascists. No market economics there to blame on capitalism except a small investment via SBA in starter loan packages for entrepreneurs.

        Otherwise dwarfed by huge payouts to big pharma, big oil and other reptilian enterprises.

        True market capitalism hasn’t existed in most of the world since the early 1900s. So don’t blame capitalism, blame its two opponents, fascism and communism (along with their softer socialism starter society which later morphs into socialism HELL, which is where we are now.

        ps: did you know that Mark Zuckerberg’s real name is Mark Greenberg, whose two grandfathers are… Hank Greenberg of AIG and David Rockefeller. Look it up. That fact qualified Mark to steal the Facebook idea but CIA In-Q-Tel financing. Buckle up for socialism. It’s still but a teenager in the good ol USA.

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