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    Here it is!

    It’s the long-awaited Rod Wheeler interview with George Webb and Jason Goodman of Crowdsource the Truth.

    Rod Wheeler was a detective with the DC Metro Police for many years. He was hired by Seth Rich’s parents late last year to investigate the murder of their son. His nominal fees to do so were paid for by a third party.

    He was ordered to “Cease and Desist” in this investigation when DNC Crisis Manager, Brad Bauman appeared on the scene to become the family’s spokesperson.

    Wheeler has been a FOXNEWS pundit about criminal matters for over a dozen years but the Seth Rich case suddenly gave him the status of persona non grata.

    He speaks here candidly and refreshingly about the details of his investigation into this pivotal case. He confirms, from his FBI source, Malia Zimmerman, who also works for FOX. Zimmerman told him that another FBI investigator told her that he knew for a fact that Seth Rich’s computer had been in direct communication with Gavin MacFadyen at WikiLeaks, who died soon afterward of a galloping cancer.

    Wheeler asked Zimmerman whether this investigator were credible and she said, “Very credible” and his claims were confirmed.

    Wheeler said as much in a FOXNEWS and swiftly, soundly trounced and bounced by the Mainstream Media.

    George and Jason could easily be charging people money to see this exclusive interview and nobody else is doing this vital work.

    This is special. These are details you won’t find anywhere else. Don’t miss it.

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    • Amazing interview. It appeared to be honest and straight-forward on all the men’s parts. It was certainly interesting both to hear and watch. Mr. Wheeler’s gag order and subsequent firing said SO much even before this video. However, the criminal investigation that was/is apparently beginning to uncover the connection among the five dead men is even more interesting. It certainly points to criminal cartel activity and to the DNC’s involvement. Good investigative work on both Wheeler’s and Webb’s parts. Thanks guys and thanks Alex for keeping us up-to-date, as always.

    • Rich must be in WitSec. First of all, all the evidence we have at present suggests Rich was actually NOT killed, only that’s what we’ve been told. No autopsy is pretty damning. This means that he may have been shot, and while in the hospital, probably realized his life was in danger, even though the attack was not a hit – a real hit would be a double tap to the head – since Rich wasn’t killed on site, I doubt it was an assassin (unless Hillary is on her own now..). So, put two and two together and you get botched robbery (or intimidation/ warning attack), and his disappearance into WitSec, or perhaps it was a botched assassination, and he’s done in by CIA frozen fish oil in the hospital.

      And either WitSec or inside Hospital hit is why you have no autopsy report.

      Arrest the traitors!

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