ReasonTV comedian Andrew Heaton applies his weird whimsy to the topic of surviving the eternal juggernaut of technological innovation that forever obviates and replaces industries. This is known as “creative destruction”, a term coined by Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter.

So, while the “halcyon days of burning rocks [coal] are rapidly winding down” and shopping malls have become places “where you go to stock up on tumbleweeds or feral wolves” and the relentless march of automation appears to portend human obsolescence, we dare not be afraid.

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  • The ‘juggernaut of technology’ is an out of control train loaded with sulphur-ic acid, and society rolls over to some whack-o idea it’s drinkable and just a dandy effort saver…such profound delusion can only come from Crowley minded fools n ghouls lost in their own self importance bhecause they can do math…profound megalomaniacal delusion.
    Wake the hell up humanity, NOTHING IS INEVITABLE!! The geeks must needs to be throttled back into our reality which they are so industriously trying to ruin…births down six hundred thousand, and the drooling continues…WHAT? Me Worry??

  • Yes, love destroys any separation, any splitting, where the universal soul can appear in spiritual ingularity.
    Besides: there is NO falling in love. Love urprises by the attraction force of a “godly” organism.

    Where love is a massive impact of feeling, now it is possible to become attracted home into this feeling organism OUT of the old know destruction, duality.
    Any creativity has nothing to do with falling.
    Even this word should disappear out of any dictionary.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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