This is Part 1 of the new 5-part documentary series, ‘COVIDLAND’ by the very talented Paul Wittenberger, who I’ve been loving and supporting since I heard about his first big project, ‘The Great Culling’, back in 2011.

This is a vital film and you must watch it and tell everyone you know to please watch it, because it is absolutely a matter of life or death.


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  • 1:12:40
    “2, 4, 6 times …” MD Eric Nepute – yet, every amplification corresponds with one copy of one strand of genetic information code,


    meaning, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 etc.

    otherwise great piece of documentation – can help out as your science proof reader anytime!


  • When we get through this, every single institution that did this to us will have to be dismantled.

    We’ll need to build a lot more prisons to house the guilty and make sure they can never do anything like this again.

  • Surely, when investigating the true impact of Covid on the number of deaths, all we need to do is look at the “All cause death” numbers and see if they were any different than in previous years.

    This has been one in the UK and 2020 came 9th in the last twenty one years for numbers of total (all cause) deaths.

    The whole thing is a complete scam.

  • So true & Dr Kaufman did a great interview with Dr Samantha Bailey from NZ see it via She’s also co author for a book named Virus Mania & currently making a movie from it. Marilyn Guinnane may I copy & share what you wrote as you have summed it up really well

  • It seems to me that the fear factor is driving the whole agenda most of all people are feeling fearful and most blame something outside themselves for causing that fear. However feeling fearful is an inside job, we cause ourselves to feel fearful by our thoughts. We have over 300 thoughts wizzing around our minds every minute and our subconscious mind picks the thoughts for us to focus on. As all the media is pumping out all the fearful narrative it’s not surprising that our subconscious picks up these fearful thoughts to be the ones to focus on.
    Is there a way to transfer these thoughts to more positive ones and yes there is, first let me give my take on how this thought process works.
    These 300 thoughts a minute are constant 24/7 even when we sleep as we awake the more powerful ones to the fore, from thoughts the become self talk, then you have the choice do I become fearful and use the fight and flight response or do I choose the relaxation response. The response you choose becomes the action you take which becomes your reality, as you can see most people are taking the flight or fight response.
    My wife and I have created a technique called The Balance Procedure which uses 9 symbol cards which enables us to choose the relaxation response to our thoughts and subsequently allows anyone who uses it to instantly feel Calm, Relaxed and Positive whatever is happening in your world.
    Alan Cox http://www.the

  • This is very difficult but very honest movie. Incredible to see almost everything in one place – makes it even more powerful! Must see!

  • PHONY TONY’s wife works for Gilead, which owns the patent on remsdinvir and manufactures it. It causes renal failure after the $5,000 treatment. Ivermectin costs $10.00 for a 5 day treatment series.

  • Alexandra, I wonder if the filmmaker shies away from declaring the truth in that “covid-19” doesn’t even exist. I’m only about half way into the documentary, but thus far ‘covid’ is being treated as though real. Not one laboratory, globally, can prove it exists. Moreover, none of the corona viruses have ever been isolated. Since none have been isolated, ‘covid’ could not possibly exist. It greatly irks me that so many MDs talk about covid-19 as if it were a real virus, a real threat, when from all I can see, the common cold was given a lofty name in order to scare the bejesus out of people. The common cold can make you mighty sick; it can even kill if one is in sorry shape. So when one becomes ill with a cold it automatically becomes, in their now frightened state, the dread ‘covid’. If we don’t have some sort of solidarity in refusing to even identify the common cold as this made up ‘covid’, this is never going to end. The PCR test is useless because what they’re trying to identify doesn’t even exist !!!

  • Why no mention of the first drug given to Covid patients actually caused organ failures and was known to have a high death rate? And then Fauci, who backed it, also has his version, second most deadly medication almost put through? Why no mentions of zinc, HCQ, Vit D3, and ivermectin? This is all about population control. Those seniors were murdered because they were useless and eating up resources, in the eyes of the government.

    • Nette — Fauci ordered hospitals to administer a drug UNAPPROVED by the FDA, called remdesevir. Remdesevir SHUTS THE KIDNEYS DOWN and when that happens the lungs begin filling with fluid, at which point the patient is placed on a respirator, which kills the patient and the hospital is rewarded with $39K. I told my ins. man that I’d sooner take a bullet than go into a hospital. In fact, Dr. Lee Merritt or Merrill said in a video, “stay healthy. Don’t go into a hospital! They’re killing people !!” It’s all so appalling as to be unbelievable, except, you know, it’s all true. We’re in the 4th Reich.

  • That was incredible. Thank you.
    I have friends and family members that need to wake up. I will be sending this on to them.
    They also are fully vaccinated with the poison Covid shots. I pray for them all every day that they will be okay.
    Thank you for the truth and all you do to expose the madness.

    • Joe Doaks — Right, except they’re all going along with the “covid” b.s. There is no covid and it think it’s of paramount importance to drill that into the, by now, brainwashed heads of the public. Covid is a name given to a nothing-burger that is 99.7% survivable, so couldn’t be anything more deadly than the common cold, which I maintain it is. All these MDs, talking about covid, covid, covid—MDs who recommended to their patients that they take the vaxx because they were too damned dumb to check the insert and see that it was blank, that there were no ingredients listed. Informed consent is impossible when you don’t know what’s being injected. Of course, as schooled as MDs have been, groomed by Big Pharma all through med school, they most likely wouldn’t have thought anything of it even if they HAD checked the insert. My respect for MDs couldn’t be any lower.

  • I am going to be watching this video shortly. I read comments first. As I was reading these comments I noticed that Alex Jones’ name was mentioned and his credibility. I don’t watch Alex Jones too much, but I have watched his videos. He seems to be showing/talking about what other truth influencers have also been showing/talking about. However, if any of you know who Phil Godlewski is, I have just recently become acquainted with him on Telegram. Phil Godlewski is another truth influencer. He has an October 8 video called Rapid Fire 2. I watched it on October 8. It is a question/answer theme whereby he answers “yes”/”no” questions people ask from one of his platforms. Alex Jones’ name came up in one of those questions. Phil doesn’t watch Alex Jones, nor does he trust him. What Phil said was that he knows for a fact that Alex Jones took money from the DS. Anyone that takes money from the DS could be compromised. Is Alex? I don’t know. Only Alex knows that. But, I wouldn’t put much faith in someone that takes money from the DS. I would, however, look up Phil Godlewski Rapid Fire videos. There is a #1 done end of September and the #2 done October 8. You will learn many things. Phil describes who he is as in a funnel. The information comes in from the top and it’s alot of information. It then gets disciphered to truths and untruths as it goes down the funnel. Phil is at the end of the funnel. He gets the information after it’s been deciphered. There’s always going to be something that may fall thru the cracks, however, I would tend to believe that the majority of the information is going to be accurate. But, don’t dwell on dates. Dates can change. But events will still happen. Pray for our country and the entire world population that is fighting for their lives against this evil, satanic entity. Believe and pray. God will win and so will we! Stand strong and keep the faith.

  • I’m 74 years old. I don’t know why God gave me the discretion to trust my common sense. I haven’t had the shot nor do I intend to take it because God gave me free will. Not man. I don’t hate anyone, shot or no shot. We are free to experience God in whatever form it takes. I choose man’s heart and code of ethics. I like the saying: “I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” One by one we can save humanity.

  • My Dad died in 2019. My Mom died in 2020. She died in a nursing home in a small town. I was kept from being with my Mom when she died because of Covid lockdown restrictions . I didn’t have Covid, my mom didn’t have Covid, no one in that small town had Covid. They kindly ‘allowed’ me to watch her die on Zoom.
    The abuse being inflicted on the population s of the globe is unbelievable. We are at a dangerous crossroads. Time to stand up.

  • My brother was murdered by Fauci protocol of ventilator and Remdesivir

    My dear friend murdered by Fauci protocol

    When will Fauci, Gates, etc be rounded up and charged!?

        • Anna and Jeff A and Bob,
          All these villains are playing a part, the bad guy part. I’m as angry as an entire nest of agitated hornets myself, and I think they need to be taken out, yes, but we’re not going to stoop to their level and administer torture. Uh-uh. But we need to keep in mind that we’re in a play, and we’re playing for keeps with the good vs. the bad, a spiritual show down, heading for the final curtain. But maybe we should consider viewing them with compassion. Can you even imagine being that evil? These entities don’t like themselves. And look at Trump, would you? He can never worm out of the harm he did in giving Pfizer $2bn to warp speed a kill vaxx when even a freshman in H.S. knows that you don’t fast track a vaxx. Donald “take the vaccine” Trump. Looks like he’s guilty of crimes against humanity along with Rat Fauci, Rat Gates, et al. What a pity. He started out so well-intentioned, unless that was to make us trust him, unless he was working with the Dark Side all along. We don’t know.

      • A quick hanging is too good for them….. they should be put through the horror that they’ve caused humanity for last year leave them chained to a post to rot in the desert with nothing… I film it for the whole world to see so they never forget what kind of evil people exist on our planet.

  • Nurses never should’ve gone along,look what what they’re doing TO YOU now, these people are nuts they don’t care if you were silent😑ABC123 it’s all a numbers game to them,but,secret is WE have the numbers but October will be rough..hang in there because,PEOPLE KNOW NOW.

  • I know of a person, whose friend went to take the test for Covid and left before taking it , and they sent her a letter saying that she tested positive for Covid

    • I’ve heard stories like that too. I 1,000% believe that they inflated the number so badly. I know of a few people that were absolutely healthy and died of covid this was after order mobile accidents and there was a couple of cancer patients that did not have covid but all the death certificates said covid.

      It’s frightening really there’s no good news ever anymore. The big question to me is ” is this so-called vaccine is so SAFE as they claim it is, then WHY are they mandating and forcing it on us? I’m actually afraid to get my vitamin B12 shots every month for sure that it won’t be B12

  • You should check out what Ryan Dawson says about Alex Jones, he has serious dents in his credibility.

    • I’m not a fan of Alex.
      But ya can’t argue with documentation
      Del Bigtree has documentation
      David E Martin has documentation

      A broken watch is correct twice a day.

      Alex is correct on this one.

    • I can believe that about Alex Jones very easily. In the very very beginning I thought maybe he was being straightforward but after a while I began to see that he probably has some sort of mental disability.

    • You Sir, should get a grip on reality. After viewing this presemtation, you come out with some facile distraction like you di on Alex Jones. Please leave humanity and planet Earth for you Heart is tremendously skewed and spreading poisonous thought in this time of dire trepedation.

  • Really hard to watch after going through it / some things still left unsaid/ all in all great compilation..Thank You so much..
    Needs to be archived for individuals History folders..

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