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    Politicians rush to put on masks after the broadcast begins early. It’s all theater.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Recently it was discussed in the UK London Pilgrims Parliament that the British Tories ,led by Boris did not wear masks in parliament while the Yoghurt weavers , career lefty socialists and the rest wore masks.
      This a clear light of day indicator that the Tories cognitive subconscious body language shows they do not acknowledge the virus as real.
      Studying graphene resononant frequency s , and wave modulation may give us some clue to different 5 G frequencies to deflect .
      If,….ifs and buts…the failed project ever gets near their evil dreams then the only solution ,would be a quick solution…..disable all affected mobile/ Internet radio transmitters. We would have to accept the tempory loss of our phone and net…. internationally and locally…but would cease this madness. Without the RF network,or more fundamentally,the power grid the transmitters cannot activate the quasi virus.
      Radar and tech buffs should also check the dangers of modified power surges ,if the electromagnetic bioweapon is used to create new outbreaks , selectively by phone mast ,or used to kill with massive microwave power surges.
      The patents if Dr Libere will show more intentions/ mechanism.

      • P.s.after chatting with friends who install network optics and communication masts in the UK and comparing with data , Im of the opinion that the true ‘ switch on date’ to fully activate the bio weapon will be in April2022 till July 2022.
        While millions have taken the death jab and had serious reactions to the bio weapon…………most of the death vaccine nano graphene had NOT been activated and is still dormant in the victims bodies.
        The control of the radio communications network is vital . Understand that the mRNA in the vaxxed victims body has NOT been activated yet . The victims so far are small.
        We need to acertain the switch on activation frequencies for the POG coated graphene particles. Any RF engineers out there?
        At least the UK statistics for the 2020 flu season are in….Guess What? Flu has disappeared in the UK.
        A Kristalnacht of the UK lodges is on the cards. Pfizer etc all began building the production machinery over four years ago . The Sandwich factory in Kent is clear proof of treason and fraud. Now many Scots understand why many drug companies have invested in Scotland in recent years
        Another anomaly is Data centres , especially run by IBM in the UK. Check out Alan Turnbull ‘ secret bases uk’ website . Most datacentres are known now ,despite their sleepy country village locations.
        Cable engineers also tell me about unusual high density network links connected to small housing developments in more remote rural locations. These are Royal Army Signal Corp hubs, where everyone is plain clothed. The analysis of military uniform insignia , from soldiers shopping in Amesbury,Sailsbury , and other militarised areas has been very useful.
        Remember, the deadly payload in the graphene has not been switched on yet.
        Ask, what frequency does the graphene need to be activated? A 70 MHz frequency modulated in a 4.5 to 5 G ( gigahertz) carrier wave? Techies,get busy NOW, before they pull the big switch. The reactions and deaths are nothing to what horrors could come. I do know that they are not fully ready on the tech side.April 2022 is their start date.

    • It’s always astonished me how these Gumby Doofs have no conception of the consequences of their actions. There ought to be a special intelligence classification for politicians and their sycophants.

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