COVID vaccines are between 50% and 80% effective in reducing severe illness and death. They have to be at least 50% to retain Emergency Use Authorization.

Such dramatic efficacy should be apparent in the empirical, “real-world” data. There should be very few country exceptions.

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  • I am curious, why are New Zealand and Australia not on this list? Do we not register in as being part of the world? I would find these statistics more believable if my own country was in them. We have had deaths here post vaccinations so I am curious, why aren’t we included?

  • “COVID vaccines are between 50% and 80% effective in reducing severe illness and death.”

    This “vaccine” has an “effectivity” around two months (hence the 2nd jab, and now the boosters at least every six months) and it then drops to zero. It was never intended to protect against SARS infection, and such is stated in the patents taken out by Pfizer. In those documents there is admission that this “vaccine” is intended to be a bioweapon. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • WHO do we blame this second attack in America on.
    China or just another inside job
    The reason the thing happened again is we passed on solving 911
    is it the same hands on the wheel or do they take turns at crashing our ship of state
    will the the government blame it on corporate greed or is it treason in the government.
    always with the emergency operations so they can bypass all laws that would possibly protect us
    we will ketch on eventually hopefully before they kill us all.
    who is the main target ? who lost the most in the first round of WW3 ? the US
    they have to take out the biggest opposition first. us
    the US is the base of operations for this WAR wakey wakey this is the last bell.
    when they come for us it will be sudden since they are already here in tunnels or waiting in those container ships. we asked you nicely to get your shots( and die) and now our patience has runned out. I ask that everyone pray your ammo don’t run out.


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