Covid-1984 and the Agendas to Come with James Perloff

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    Spiro Skouras is joined by author, journalist, James Perloff, to reflect on our annus horribilis. I know Perloff from his extensive work on 9/11. I was interested to learn here that he started writing for the New American way back in 1985 and that he has just now retired after nearly 40 years as a Registered Nurse, so he brings his decades of experience in the healthcare industry and in parapolitical research to bear on his observations of the Scamdemic.

    As Spiro notes, the media and the governments around the world have been exploiting our normalcy bias to have us believe that all of what’s happening is by chance and that we must all obey their mandates to mitigate the “crisis”.

    The two explore what is clearly a pre-planned agenda to usher in a New World Order of social credit, transhumanism and mass depopulation, as James Perloff shares information from his new book, entitled ‘COVID-19 and the Agendas to Come, Red-Pilled’.

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    • Your guest should include the best repurposed medication called Ivermectin.

      This drug has been clinically studied and now a mountain of information, studies and research to show this drug is the most effective Covid19 Killer.

      Is 99-100% effective when given to people with mild to moderate symptoms is amazing in eradicating covid19 in 7days and stops covid19 reproduction in 48hrs.

      Can be a Prophylaxis or daily treatment prior to exposure that will ensure you will not suffer severe symptoms and ensure you do require Hospital Care.

      Ivermectin incredibly given to hospitalized patients with severe symptoms has been studied to show it reduces Deaths by up to 40%.

      Low cost and available immediately!!!

    • The Microsoft owned patent 060606 called Luciferase, a bio luminescent enzyme which lights us up so the RFID chip can be read. House Bill 6666 allows the tracking which is also a part. Since this is patented and other substances in the vaccines are patented, will Humans then be owned? We will also be totally controlled with no freedoms. Rhinehart Fullmich is a hero. Everyone is who,, like Spiro and his guest. Stay off FB, etc. Support free information. Check your APPs. Your Telephone connects your phone with your computer….IOT ..the Internet of Things. No privacy… You are not allowed to eliminate this app. No more flip phones which don’t connect to the web. Everything must be connected.

    • Human body activity will be tracked and synced w cryptocurrency system to “determine social credit scores. Micro has the approved patent for such a sensor device.

      Body area network sensors can determine much, including your diet, exercise, drug activity, alcohol consumption and more; one possible such outcome would be to limit medical coverage.

      Human biological computers that make a computing system out of a mammalian body can accomplish more more than that, including the uploading of bacteria, viruses and more. It is also how the vaccine could alter your DNA for any purpose whatsoever.

    • Just ordered 2 COVID-19 and the Agendas to come Red Pilled. I live in Canada and Indigo has banned it I think.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      For absolute clarification, I have been advised by OFOT that whilst the current vaccines on offer may not actually do one any harm, on the face of it, they do, and this is the important bit, stop your RNA from developing into a higher form of DNA!

      Bearing in mind, that humanity will need to slowly evolve into a more spiritual form, and by that, I do not mean religious; the last thing you want is to be prevented from doing so because our RNA cannot evolve!

      I was similarly advised some 6 years ago, not to worry about the passing of time for we will all live longer once the new world is ushered in.

      NOT if our RNA has been scuppered by the damned vaccines that are not needed, we WON’T!

    • I have asked the same question re Ivermectin & HCQ. Yes on messing with the DNA …so far 5000 adverse events, The change in hemoglobin decreases the oxygen delivery and Dr Zach Bush says that cyanide kits repair the hemoglobin within about 8 minutes. The lies of the vaccines pushers are so blatant (new definition of herd immunity). Microsoft owns patent 060606 or Luciferase bioluminescent enzyme which integrates with your system and can’t be removed as with other injected vaccine substances . See the ancient Sumerian transcripts. I Loved Ted Gunderson. DARPA is behind most of Gain of Function Biowarfare. Vaccines are the delivery system. Covid is the tool to herd the people. Microsoft owns the patent on “Your Phone App” which links your phone with your computer (and other computers they choose?). Privacy is going down the tubes. I was You can’t buy a non-smart phone because I like to keep both separate. TMobile didn’t know about the App!!!! But now if you have an old n-n-smartphone, you can’t buy a new battery or SIM card. Everyone has to have a smart-phone. Buy solar energy storage systems for your phone, heat, etc. After the New Year, new policies will be coming in fast. Georgia Guide Stones say there will be 500 million on Earth..where are the other 7 billion+ going to go? Think about it.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      It is as if, none of the authors you have recently linked to realise two important facts, namely:

      1. The ‘Evil’ forced upon our world is being reversed against the same ‘Evil’ by the ‘good guys’! That is why they have gone along with the pretence, namely; to fool ‘Evil’ into thinking it has won. At the same time ‘Evil’ is being ear-marked and rounded-up in readiness for the indictments.

      2. We are not alone in our universe, nor indeed here on our earth. The OFOT (Our Friends Out There) are stood with us, on our side, and cannot and thus, will not, allow ‘Evil’ to win this war.

      I accept that it is nerve-racking but by continually peddling the hype only perpetuates the fear when we should have real hope and joy in our hearts.

    • No one has realized, what I think really happened with the COVID, they never succeeded in making it as deadly as they hoped. That is why we see new strains of it now. Eventually they’ll get it right, so EVERYONE will get the POKY MAN SHOT.

    • Your talks are on all that is not relevant ? The only answer is secession or the people rising up against the totalitarian state with guns. That’s it ? No reasoning with statists or Communists/Socialists. Get real gents

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