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    The Globalists are relentlessly flooding the zone with the trans agenda for Pride Month.

    The June issue of British Glamour magazine features Logan Brown, a female-to-male trans. In the interview, Logan describes their pregnancy journey as a “transgender man”.

    The baby’s father is Baily J Mills, a biological male and “legendary non-binary drag performer” in the UK.

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    • Yep, it’s PriDEMONth! They are conjoined as one: PriDEMONth — there it is in the middle of the word! Can you see it? Right in the middle of it! The core of this plague of paganism! If someone wants to see the Truth, It will reveal Itself! If someone doesn’t, It remains hidden. Seek, see, and ye shall find! And the middle letter is “m” which stands for the murderous, marauding, manipulating, mammon-mad Satan! There it is! Right in the world’s face!

      • June is Fathers Month.
        Happy Father’s Day to those who kept the Holy Sacrament of Marriage.
        We Celebrate Family.
        P.S. All Religion is derived from Paganism.

    • The thing about Magazines/ Newspapers, Movies/TV Sows, News Media, they don’t & will not prove what they are showing you is actual fact.
      Treat everything as if it is an illusion.
      Judge what is in front of you, what you can prove.

        • I judge you today, johnnie, as being one of the ignorant who I reached out to, to be careful what is real.
          Truth has to have facts to back up the reality that is being displayed, in any case.

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