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Remember, back in 2019, when we pinned all of our hopes on John Durham to restore Truth, Justice and the American Way to the Federal Government?

In 2019, many of us didn’t fully understand just how completely infiltrated by Communists and just how completely destroyed our government already was.

By May of 2023, most of us had forgotten all about the Durham Report, which came out of Left Field when it was released last month and in which Durham concluded that the FBI should never have launched the Trump-Russia probe.

The release of the Durham Report prompted the House Weaponization of the Federal Government Subcommittee to ask Durham to testify publicly Wednesday, after a private briefing on Tuesday with the House Intelligence Committee to address misconduct at the FBI and during the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

In this video of the Wednesday hearing, Matt Gaetz slammed John Durham for protecting the FBI throughout his investigation, telling him, “It’s not what’s in your report that’s telling, it’s the omissions…the lack of work you did. You let the country down, you are one of the barriers to the true accountability we need.”

Matt Gaetz railed that Durham turned out to be just another protector of the Democrat Establishment, who did not charge any of the FBI criminals.

This may be true but Durham does not display the insolent affect of a traitor, as we saw for example in FBI Deputy Director Paul Abbate last week. Poor Durham looks like a good guy caught in a bad system.

The truth is that the Patriot Act had long since canceled-out any ability for Durham to make criminal referrals against Strzok and McCabe. The Patriot Act gave them carte blanche to step all over Americans’ civil liberties.

As former DIA lawyer, ECONCHICK truthed on Thursday night:

…it’s not about Durham sticking to the law. It’s about the fact the Patriot Act and other Intelligence laws as currently written give intelligence types all the cover they need. And no prosecutor can do a damn thing about it.

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  • I think that what Gaetz brought up and much more need to be answered. I’ve never seen a DC investigation that was legitimate, honest and accomplished anything useful. Why should this be different?

  • So, for the right, the democrats (Hillary) falsely accused our president with collusion with Russia? The investigator found it to be a lie. The investigator also found the FBI sided with Hillary, and pushed that lie for the entire term of Trump presidency.
    So now that all the lies have been exposed and documented, where is the punishments?
    All the cooperation of England and Australia against the president MUST BE PUNISHED!
    All the top brass in the FBI MUST BE PUNISHED
    All the collusion from congress MUST BE PUNISHED.
    All the collusion from the media MUST BE PUNISHED.

  • Lots of smoke from the Punisher but the problem here is Mr. Gaetz ass is a little too tight for the standard pressure nozzle mounted on this .gov mouthpiece . More tongue lashing from the good guys side of the uniparty as the official time clock has run out on the give a $hit meter.

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